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  1. Helen

    There is NO cure

    Penny thank you for replying what you did. It makes total sense to me what you are saying about triggers. I will do a google search and see if I can do some self counselling. I have been doing really well since posting this, it's like I get motivated and inspired after reading everyones advice. So hopefully, after using Penny's ideas also, things will go well for a while. The weight has gone down each day for the past four days and I am feeling really positive again.
  2. Helen

    There is NO cure

    Thanks everyone. I will keep on trying.
  3. Helen

    Lap band versus Sleeve advice

    I am banded 7 months, I wish I could turn back time and have the sleeve. My advice would be DON'T get banded, get the sleeve.
  4. Helen

    There is NO cure

    Thanks everyone, obviously I kept the secret of my struggle with bulimia from my surgeon and lied when asked the question 'have you ever had an eating disorder'. Some people say that if you break one addiction you just replace it with another. What could I replace it with that is acceptable and that would satisfy my addictive personality?
  5. Helen

    There is NO cure

    I thought that getting my lapband on 1st June, 2011 would finally be the 'cure' to my 30 year off and on battle with bulimia. 8 months out I realise, it's not. There is no cure. Now, when I over eat, there is no way of vomiting the excess food as it can't get back up past the band. I lost 23kgs in the first 5 months. I have regained 10kg of that to date. Telling me I self sabotage my band falls on deaf ears. Telling me to count calories is like telling a meth addict to 'just have a little bit'. There is no spare money to go and see a counsellor. Telling me to "follow the golden rules of lapband" is like telling a heroin addict to just not pick up the needle.
  6. Helen

    Who doesn't like being banded?

    Kirsty, would you give me a sample of what you eat in a day? An average of a few days. Just curious how it is a success for you and what you can eat.
  7. Helen

    Who doesn't like being banded?

    When I logged back in to read the replies and the first one I read was negative, I was nervous to read the others. But to my relief they were not all like the first jerk. Thanks to the others for the honest feedback, they actually helped a lot and put my thoughts into a new direction. xx
  8. Is there anyone in this forum who actually DOES NOT like being banded and would be willing to talk about that?
  9. Helen

    Controlling our fills?

    Well I did ask you all what you thought of it and I appreciate those of you who took the time to answer. Unfortunately, I didn't like any of your replys. I still think it is a good idea and I think it will work for me and my food issues. I am going to ask my surgeon to do it for me. Thanks again and wish me luck if nothing else. H.x
  10. What do fellow bandits think of this? When my band is tight I can really only have Optifast Shakes and Smoothies, my vitamins, and very little else and I lose weight fast. I don't mind only being able to consume liquids. Makes food NOT the focus of my day. Then when it is looser I eat more high calorie foods and put a couple of kg back on. I was thinking if I had it tight for 3 months, then had it loosened for 6 weeks, to enjoy different foods and enjoy chewing etc. I would probably gain 3 kgs again, but then have it tightened again and lose another 9kg or so for the 3 months it's tight. I think that would allow me to control my weight loss, but still allow me to have some food enjoyment throughout this banding journey. Do you think my surgeon would allow me to control the fills and unfills like this and has anyone else tried this method or think it would be successful?
  11. Helen

    Flipping port

    Good luck to you girls with the ports flipped. I am 7 weeks banded and reading these stories about flipping make me very nervous. I am seeing my surgeon this Friday for 2nd fill and I am definately going to ask lots of questions about ports flipping and costs involved if it does. Sorry to those going through this now. xx
  12. Helen

    Being banded tomorrow Yeh!!!

    Good luck Sue, look forward to reading your updates. xx
  13. Helen

    7 weeks Banded

    thanks for the encouragement in the first photo I was almost 110kg, probably was after a big day of eating. In the after photo taken a few days ago I am 93kg. So about 17kg. OMG.
  14. Helen

    7 weeks Banded

    All my complaining and negativatity in the first few weeks turned out to be a bit premature. Band working well, love it.
  15. Helen


    There are ways you can do it that will not even hurt your incisions. Come on girls, you all know that. I say two days but just don't hang off the chandelier.