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  1. sunty

    Sharing a positive thought

    I love learning to take.compliments! Waking up feeling so full of energy and being 24 kgs lighter
  2. My best mate has had her band for 10 years. No probs
  3. sunty

    What a difference 1mL can make!

    Please excuse spelling mistakes writing on a phone lol
  4. sunty

    What a difference 1mL can make!

    Hi there I also have 5mls in a ten ml band eith my last fill cannot seem to eat anything only soup. I can also hear everything as it is going down. I have not told any one at.work so feel embarrassed when my body makes is on noises. I have lost 16kgs since being banded in Marchx
  5. sunty

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Hi was banded in March and live in North West of Tassie. I have lost 15 kgs but havent told many people.