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  1. Crystal

    2 years plus members

    I been banded for almost 6 yrs this year and I too have put on all of my weight , I have found it really hard to get back on track! I did have a fill done and I lost about 2 kilos but I think I am falling off the band wagon. I just don't know what to do anymore!!
  2. Crystal

    Forum For Failures

    Please don't feel like you are alone I too have gained weight and I have been banded for 5 yrs and I STILL can't get it right... I did so well in the first 6 months I dropped 30 kilos all on my own... I ate smaller , Drank water , cut out my incredibly bad coke habit...I was really happy with myself. I have plateaued quite badly.... I am nearly at my starting weight when I got banded which is quite depressing... I did go to the doc and had my band tightened and I told him everything and I broke down... He was really supportive of me. Since then I have gone back and I have lost 4 kilos in a month , It's a small start but I am happy to start the journey over again and be healthy! If you need to talk , I would gladly offer any questions or just a general chat I am here
  3. Crystal

    Gall bladder issues after banding

    I had mine removed after a year.... Mine was infected.... and FULL of Gall Stones.... I was in hospital for 5 days just before Christmas. I don't have any kids but the pain I had gone through would of been right up there with child birth.
  4. Since my band fill on 13th May I have lost 5 kilos!! Though not in a good way , Having this horrible flu hasn't been good!

    1. Chocolate


      Congrats on the weightloss!!

      Hope you are feeling better soon tho :-)

  5. Crystal

    Foods I dislike

    * Brussel Sprouts * Spinach * Brocolli * Seafood ( I only will eat Prawns , Fish and Crab meat ) * Steak ( Even before I was a bandit I was never a fan )
  6. Crystal


    Thought I would share mine... * Having lighter periods on a regular basis ( I have PCOS ) * Being able to cut my own toe nails when I can't afford a pedicure * Kicking my Maccas (Mcdonald's) habit and not craving it! * Sleeping better at night and not tossing and turning * Saying no to food
  7. Crystal

    soft drink??

    The bubbles in Soft Drink make me instantly want to throw up! Best way which I don't encourage is if you really love your zero coke / pepsi max is to drink it flat
  8. Crystal


    I had my Band fill last Friday , I weighed in at 109. My starting weight before my surgery was 111kg. So very disappointed in myself. But the doctor was very supportive and understanding and told me that I can do it. I have been eating my 1 Cup of foods and I can say that I am not feeling hungry after. I already feel somewhat lighter
  9. Crystal

    I can hear my food! :-s lol

    HAHAHA! My bf likes to make a joke out of it. We could be watching a movie and it's quiet and then out of nowhere my stomach starts gurguling and makes a lot of noise and he will say "Hello stomach"
  10. Crystal

    Today is the big op day

    Wishing you all the best today! Hope you have a speedy recovery
  11. Crystal

    Clothing suprise!

    Fantastic news! Bet you were ecstatic
  12. Crystal

    Overdue Band Fill Tomorrow!

    Thank You ladies , Will do
  13. Ok so for all those who don't know I have been banded for close to 6 years , And when I was banded I lost 30 kg in 6 months , Went through bad break ups , Depression and other life problems and I had gained all my weight back and have been unable to get the weight back off. My eyes are still thinking big portions and I am having difficulty in trying to kick that habit! ( I received my portion control plates Tuesday ) I go for my band fill tomorrow which I am extremely excited and nervous about. I know that I am expecting a huge lecture, Not that I don't deserve it because I do. But I can see myself ending up in tears.. On the upside I am excited to start the journey again and I am VERY determined to get to my size 10 goal! Wish me luck!
  14. Crystal

    I can hear my food! :-s lol

    No you are normal! I have been banded for almost 6 yrs and my stomach does it. More so after I have eaten. I can hear it digesting and gurguling. Nothing to worry about it is normal! All the best on your journey
  15. Crystal

    Things I won't miss about being obese

    That is my biggest peeve! People giving you a funny look when they see lots of healthy foods in your trolley. I have been close to wanting to say something but have bit my tongue. Yes I know that I am fat but I AM doing something about it!!