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  1. Catapult

    Beware of Bunnings!

    I just lost a hotdog at Westfield yesterday Luckily made it to the loos.
  2. Catapult

    metamucial vs benefiber

    My clinic's nurse told me not to use MEtamucil as it can form a plug above the band. She recommended Benefibre. You can buy it orange flavoured or flavourless. Cat.
  3. Catapult

    When salt isn't salt

    I'm thinking of writing to the cafetaria management asking to reinstate the regular salt. Cat.
  4. Catapult

    When salt isn't salt

    I got a sachet of salt and one of pepper today in the cafetaria. The salt was in a new format and listed the ingredients so I had a look: sodium silicoaluminate, dextrose, sodium bicarbonate, potassium iodide, yellow prussiate of soda Blow me down! Dextrose is just glucose and the other stuff just sounds gross. There was not a sign of table salt = sodium chloride. I didn't use the sachet, didn't dare to. Cat.
  5. Catapult

    dicky ticker after banding

    Forgot to add, SVT = supraventricular tachycardia. Also there is medication that can help like atenolol (a beta blocker) and I tried calcium channel blockers too but they didn't help, only the atrial ablation worked in the end. Cat.
  6. Catapult

    dicky ticker after banding

    I was also diagnosed with SVT - the first time it happened in the middle of the night I had bad chest pains and the ambulance came and did an ECG - my heart rate was 235 bpm. THe hospital gave me 4-5 drugs to calm it down and then I went into atrial fibrillation (AF). I eventually was taught how to stop it with the valsalver maneouvre (sp) which is kind of like breathing out hard while holding your nose. I continued to have SVT attacks out of nowhere and sometimes the valsalver maneouvre didnt' work, so I had to have an atrial ablation. This is where they thread a catheter through your groin artery/vein into your heart, and burn the short-circuiting part. I woke in the middle of the procedure! A burning heart does not feel good! But the SVT is now cured. Cat.
  7. Catapult

    Post operative Haematoma

    I didn't get a haematoma from getting my band but have had a 100 ml haematoma from a car accident. It was also the size of a tennis ball on my calf. It took about 8 weeks to clear. Cat.
  8. Catapult

    slime & phlegm - sounds gruesome

    When I get stuck I also slime from my nose! And tears stream down my face. Can't see how these try to help unstick the food. Cat.
  9. Catapult

    Sugar in foods and Bananas

    Plain yoghurt shouldn't have added sugar but it does have carb in it - due to the lactose from the milk. Diet yoghurt has artificial sweetener but still has the natural lactose of plain yoghurt. A nestle diet yoghurt tub (90-100g yoghurt) has around 9-10g carb from the lactose. Forme (freen tub) is much the same as Nestle Diet (yellow tub). Coles has both brands. Bananas, well one of them suckers is around 25-30 g carb for a big banana. That is natural fructose and sucrose. Cat.
  10. Catapult

    Optifast pre surgery...hungry?

    I had chicken broth (from a stock cube + boiling water), black coffee, black tea, diet jellies, and was allowed up to 2 cups of carb-free vegies per day. Cat.
  11. Catapult

    Embarassing PB Stories

    ONe day soon after a fill I tried a sandwich at the work cafetaria. After a few bites it suddenly hit me and I had to dump the rest of the sandwich in a bin and run out the cafetaria. I didn't make it to the toilets and had a huge PB on the ground outside another building. To make it worse the ground was pure asphalt and no dirt or leaves to cover the PB with. So I just had to leave it and hope nobody saw me. The next day the PB was gone so don't know if ants or wild cats ate it, or some poor sod (gardener most likely) cleaned it up. Cat.
  12. Catapult

    Who determines the goal weight?

    I think both. My dietitian actually set my goal weight of 80 kg. I want to be under 70 kg to give me a BMI less than 25. Cat.
  13. Catapult

    Who determines the goal weight?

    I think both. My dietitian actually set my goal weight of 80 kg. I want to be under 70 kg to give me a BMI less than 25. Cat.
  14. Catapult

    November Bandits 2011

    Hey Junior the GP can prescribe a liquid SSRI that you can substitute for your current tablets.That way you can taper your dose down very gradualy and avoid the SSRI withdrawal, which can be really horrible. Cat.
  15. Catapult

    Anyone had this problem?

    I get the 'hungry' feeling when I have reflux too. If I am already on Nexium I find that food settles the reflux for about 30 mins. Mylanta does nothing for reflux. Cat.