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  1. thesweetestsin

    A picture of me last year

    Just posting this picture as a bit of motivation for myself. This was me after my most successful attempt to lose weight. I managed to lose 15kgs off my 89kg weight at the time. I put on another 30kgs following the diet. (i know literally understand the meaning of a yoyo diet) 74kgs is also now my surgeons goal weight for me. Was also the weight i was when i first met my boyfriend.
  2. thesweetestsin

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Karen, I know this may sound a bit obvious but when it comes down to it, yourself, Emily and your husband are the only 3 people who know the efforts Emily has made to try and lose the weight on her own terms and can decide whether it's been enough. I think it's amazing the fact that you and your husband are being so supportive of such a life changing decision and I can say from experience, that your parents are two of the most important people when it comes to making and fulfilling a decision like this. I'm 19 years old and my parents are the ones who had initially suggested the lapband procedure to me (i had been thinking about it but didn't want to say anything out of fear that i was going to sound like a failure) and to be honest, it was the biggest breath of fresh air i had ever experienced. I stand by my judgement that no psychologist can comprehend or know the amount of previous effort you have all put in to help Emily with her weight loss regardless of what they might think. If you all believe in her maturity to make sensible decisions about the surgery and her lifestyle habits from here on in, then by all means do it. Your support is what's going to get her through in the end and she is at the age now where you both will have the most influence helping her develop a healthy lifestyle following the operation. For me it was harder, due to the fact that i'm at university and do go out a fair bit with my friends to enjoy a coffee or a meal. I know what it's like to have little or no confidence in myself and low self esteem, as im sure many more of the bandits on this forum do as well and it's something none of us would want to see anyone go through. Emily is at the age now where she should out exploring friendships and meeting new people and not feeling the pressure of what everyone else is going to think about her or how they'll judge her. In the end, your family are going to be the biggest support network for Emily no matter what is decided, it will be a struggle if you go ahead with it, but the long term benefits to Emily's physical and mental health far outweigh the hardships along the way. Bare in mind again that this is a reversible procedure,which does make it a fair bit more appealing than any other surgical measures. Good luck with whatever decision is made and know that you and Emily always have us here on the forum for support!
  3. thesweetestsin

    well this sucks

    Im at about 5 weeks post op with my first fill scheduled in for next wednesday (just realised that i have an exam on that day and now need to call up and reschedule haha) .. ok make that monday now... Things are still hectic what with exams this week as well as a few hiccups in my relationship but whats of main concern with me is the fact that I dont seem to be getting anywhere... I was 101kgs on my first appointment with the surgeon and got myself down to 92kgs on surgery day. Since then i put on another two kgs and upon returning to the gym last week went back down to 92kgs. I'm starting to freak out that any minor mistake i make on this journey is a set-back to my overall goal. While it was only a 2kg weight gain and that i did lose it again, it makes it obvious that putting the weight on is way too easy a task and that idea frightens me to death.. So here i am, about 2 hours until the first exam of the semester and all i have running through my head is how im going to ensure that i move forward instead of backwards, making myself exercise and meal plans as a way of making sure i dont fall off the bandwagon again and handicap myself like ive done so many times before.... i will not let myself fail at this!
  4. Out of curiousity, did anyone experience a delay in their periods after surgery? I was supposed to be on mine last week and ive had spotting but havent yet had my period and wondering whether this has to do with anasthetic or what..
  5. The full restricting feeling people are asking others tondescribe can be different for anyone... For me, i know ive eaten too much when my stomach starts to feel really uncomfortable and feels like its pushing against the back of my throat.. Usually if yu eat too fast this feeling comes a lot quicker an yu find yurself getting hungry again shortly after... My advice is slow down with the meal and take the time to actually enjoy it.. A good trick for me is to use teaspoons and smaller forks so that i pik up less food per mouthfull and take time to chew my food as well as possible... This should also give the stomach enough time to recognise that it id full instead of being overloaded with food at once and experiencing a delayed reaction.. Yu end up feeling worse and less satisfied after
  6. thesweetestsin

    Beth's first NSV

    Wow Beth you look amazing! Also that dress is extremely classy and looks fantastic on you! I look forward to the day when i can actually go out and ENJOY shopping for new clothes and have the normal dilemmas of not knowing what to wear because i have too many clothes.
  7. thesweetestsin

    Please God can I not be a wuss for my first fill 2morrow

    you made me want to watch the procedure on youtube now.... Didn't realise THAT was how it was done... >.< excuse me while i go have a panic attack somewhere
  8. thesweetestsin

    Can someone amputate my arms please?

    out of curiousity, how long after surgery did it take you to get to the gym?
  9. thesweetestsin

    Really upset with myself.

    One thing no one warns about when you go on this forum, people let you know it's ok to cheat every once in a while... I cheated a fair bit at pre-op diet but they still performed the surgery. It is a good way to get everything on track and started but at the same time its not easy. Was a bitch for me considering i only had a week between my appt with my surgeon and surgery date so i had to start pretty much as soon as i left the clinic and didn't get a chance to mentally prepare myself. I think that was my downfall. However the cheating pre-op has made things a bit harder post-op i have to admit. Sometimes i forget that there are risks involved if i do slip up in the liquid diet and will eat something I shouldn't be, because i got used to cheating on the pre-op diet. definately not a good habit to get into. Try from scratch again, they taste like shit i know but the important thing is to think about the outcome when its all over. It should act as some kind of motivation =]
  10. Im just more tired overall.. I physically cldnt wake up this morning.. Literally had to force myself out of bed n have multivitamins and iron...
  11. thesweetestsin

    Back pain?

    I put it down to different posture after the op like yu said... Being fearful of hurting the incisions combined with the fact that a hadnt worn a bra in a while n wasnt getting the back support needed
  12. Has anyone noticed that they can barely eat in the morning? Not too sure whether its just because i never used to have breakfast..,
  13. thesweetestsin

    Taking the Pill and the band???

    That's interesting... my doctor put me on mycrogynon when i was at one of my bigger weights to help out with hormone issues. it was 3 weeks before surgery and he asked me to stop as it does increase the risk of blood clots. I guess its also a personal decision but at the bottom lining of it... if there is a slight risk that it may affect your health when surgery time comes, why would you take it? It's more just to ensure the best possible outcome of the surgery and to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible, which realistically is what we all want when the time comes.
  14. just today i bought the weight watchers creme caramel as well as their chocolate mousse and fruche yoghurt.. should be set for a good variety of sweets
  15. thesweetestsin

    Taking the Pill and the band???

    I was strongly advised by my specialist to stop the pill for the months before and after surgery as it increases the risk of blood clotting during and after surgery.