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  1. fijay

    Can literally feel band!

    I raised this with my doc as I can feel both the port and the band - seems everyone is different!
  2. fijay

    October Bandits 2011

    Great work everyone! I've had a couple of tough moments but I just keep going back to why I made the choice in the first place. Makes things not seem so bad 6 days post op and still feeling knackered but getting there. Looking forward to a bowl of oats in the morning - my first real food for over a week! Take care sending lots of good vibes Fi x
  3. fijay

    October Bandits 2011

    Hi all from sunny Cairns. I'm now day one post op and feeling great! I went into surgery yesterday at 8am was in recovery by 10am and back on ward by 10.30. Initially on waking I felt like I'd been hit by a truck but 5 hours of drug induced dosing and I was fine. Have been up walking around ever since and am now home to a little light housework and hoping for a short 15min walk later in the afternoon when it cools off. I think the walking has helped with the gas and therefore kept the shoulder pain to a minimum so if you are up for it it might be worth it. I had no problems with the barium swallow and only minimal shoulder pain - probably the worst for me is the bloating and the port scar that is a little uncomfortable but all in all its pretty good so far (touch wood!) Honestly the most painful part so far was making the decision to do it and all the doubting and questioning beforehand. I hope you all have similar painless journeys. Thinking of everyone as they prepare for and undertake this momentus change in lifestyle. Good luck Fi PS If anyone has a smart phone try the 'myfitnesspal' app its great!
  4. fijay

    October Bandits 2011

    Hi Kay welcome to the October Bandits. Although I am having my surgery close to home I am in a similar position as I have only told my husband (who doesn't support my decision to have the band and a neigbour who is a nurse and will be on duty at the hospital when I have it done. Its tough not having support but in the end I guess we are doing this for us -ot for others so maybe its a personal journey we need to make with other like minded people? Like the girls have said above - you'll get plenty of support here. Hang in there Hazjay not long now. I'm 8 hours pre op and counting! Take care all and see you on the flip side! Fi
  5. fijay

    October Bandits 2011

    Getting all nervous now only two more sleeps! I've been shocking on the Optifast which makes me doubt my committment to a new way of life despite the fact I am desperate for it - God knows! The waiting really sucks and after reading other posts I'm starting to get concerned about the level of pain. I never imagined it would be anything like a c-section - I certainly hope it isn't! I love hearing everyones up dates though - it helps me to prepare for whats ahead. So keep them coming! Will check in again in hospital. Fi
  6. fijay

    Cairns meet and greet

    Lunch late October sounds great! I just hope I can eat something by then! Any ideas? Where? When? Fi
  7. fijay

    Cairns meet and greet

    Sorry for such a late reply but I would be keen to catch up with others for sure. I'm being banded by Dr Knott at CPH on 11 October. Cheers Fi
  8. fijay

    October Bandits 2011

    Hi guys. I'm being banded on Tuesday 11 October at Cairns Private Hospital. As with everyone else I am very nervous but I'm also looking forward to it. My greatest concern is lack of support. I've only shared my decision with my husband who is very opposed to the surgery (he thinks I should just suck it up and stop eating and exercise more - oh really??? I never thought of that!). I haven't decided to tell anyone else yet as the few times I floated it with friends they thought it was to 'extreme'. Because I am feeling a little isolated this website is great. I started Optifast today (I only arrived back in Oz yesterday) and I can not belive I've cheated on the first day! Not only did I have half a potatoe I also had a glass of wine! However, I've been through this forum tonight and after reading a number of posts I know I have to just have to focus. So I'm 100% committed from here on in. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone elses journey. Good luck everyone Fi
  9. fijay


    Hi Guys, Had my first appointment with Dr Knott today and have been scheduled for 19th July at Cairns Private. Am absolutely shitting myself but am also excited. Having all the pre surgery jitters - am I being self indulgent by having it done? Will I succeed? WIll I ever get to eat steak again??? (all the important questions of course!). Would love to hear more about how everyone progresses before surgery and after. Fi
  10. HI guys, Thanks Jona, KayBee, Lossie, Tracey, Adasiyn, Shorty, Julie and aiming for summer, for all your wonderful replies - they were all very supportive and helpful! I hadn't thought of trying to 'educate' my husband about the lapband but I will certainly do that now. Oh and thanks for the tip about the Dr OBrien YouTube series - they are really helpful. Hearing from all of you makes me more comfortable with my decision and more prepared to 'own' it so that I do what is right for me - not what others think I should do. I also happened to catch up with someone from this forum who was able to give me lots of honest and meaningful answers (thanks Linny). Most importantly I realised that there is a whole world of support right here! Thanks again guys and all the best for your individual journeys. Fi
  11. fijay

    Painful issues

    Hi Leanne, No judgements from me at all. I struggled with both anorexia and binge eating disorder for over 20 years and the one thing I have learnt is that it will always be there (a little like once and alcoholic always an alcoholic). By working with two wonderful eating disorder specialists (one a psychologist the other a dietitian) I have been managing my eating for over 7 months now. It was really important for me to get a handle on this before I decided to go through with the banding and I feel I'm now in a good place to go through with it. So quiet apart from seeing the surgeon, can I suggest that you ask around (your doctor might even know) and see if you can find a good dietitian and psychologist who specialise in disordered eating. I know it sounds daunting but I can guarantee you - until you learn how to manage all the thoughts and feeling that lead to disordered eating you will continue to 'fight' with yourself and your body. Its a horrid place to be - I know Ive been there. And like everyone on this forum, I am here for any support you may need in taking that step towards being free of the power of food. Fijay
  12. Hi all, I'm 39, 165cm tall and 96.6 kg's with a BMI of 36. I have my first appointment with the surgeon to consider lap banding on the 20th June 2011. After making the appointment to explore my options I told my husband that I was considering banding. Unfortunatly I was shocked by his lack of support and rather caustic response that it was a 'cop out'. Sadly he even went as far as to suggest I was a bad role model for our son as it sent a message to him that its "ok to take the easy road". Given my husband is a genetically gifted personal trainer and PE teacher, who has never had any trouble with his weight, he just doesn't understand the struggle. I've told one other friend who is reasonably supportive but she lives a 2 hour flight away! I don't plan on telling anyone else - so thats the limit of my support. I'm now concerned that I won't have the necessary support if I go ahead. Is the support of your partner, post surgery, absolutely necessary to ensure the transition to a new lifestyle? Did anyone else have a similar issue? Fi PS I know any self respecting woman will be thinking "dump his ass"! Don't think I haven't thought it!
  13. Thank you so much for your honest assesment. Its great to have differing opinions in order to make the right decision for me. Thanks again for sharing. Fiona
  14. fijay

    My thoughts

    Sorry if this post doesn't make much sense I just wanted to put my thoughts out there...
  15. fijay

    In Need Of Desperate Help!

    Crystal, Be kind to yourself and just remember that whilst your dream wedding dress might be a size 10 the man who loves you and the children you have won't care - you alone and the love you give is what matters to them. Fi