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  1. Time4menow


    I had one bag of the marshmallow eggs and one small choc egg. Didn't eat all day so in my calories
  2. Time4menow

    Coffee Group Swan Area

    Hopefully we will get some more interest
  3. Time4menow

    it coming out

    Allozz dd you have to pay to have it removed as he wasn't the surgeon who put it in? Which hospital are you at? How you feeling?
  4. Time4menow

    Big big thanks to my band

    how did you go with flying and food? did you have any fill out?
  5. Time4menow

    Starting weight - Current weight

    Start weight: 113kg Surgery date: March 2008 Surgeon Goal: 80kg My Goal: 77kg Current Weight: 83.5kg Got to 81.5kg - so close Height 176cm
  6. Time4menow

    it coming out

    Up & down. Still haven't reached goal I'm seriously thinking of having my band removed. I keep getting bloated which hurts and my port hurts at times
  7. Time4menow

    Coffee Group Swan Area

    I'm happy with the 7th as I work Saturdays, unless its after 2.
  8. Time4menow


    I've always added hot water to my weetbix even pre band
  9. Time4menow

    Coffee Group Swan Area

    Bumping this post to see if there is any interest
  10. Time4menow

    Tummy tuck with Dolan post band

    Hi Missbloggsy, from what I've read on other posts you are looking at $3000
  11. Time4menow

    it coming out

    Hi CsM82 just wondering if you have seen your Dr yet?
  12. Time4menow

    it coming out

    Hi Dolores, just wondering who your surgeons?
  13. Time4menow

    Next Support Meeting

    I'm there. Cannot wait.
  14. Time4menow

    Hysterectomy and band

    I can't help you there but I'm very interested in hearing if this is a cause.
  15. Time4menow

    Next Support Meeting

    I'm going to ring and see if I still get in. Really need it at the moment