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  1. Xtine79

    Sydney Catch up in September

    Hey guys, I too am not going to be able to make it to the meet up. It's 1:30 am and I'm just making it home after an extremely long day. I'm really sorry but hopefully next time. Have a great lunch!
  2. Xtine79

    Being FAT is Comfortable

    Wow. I just, hm wow. Very very nice. That whole thing just kinda hit home, made me open my eyes a little and realise that I've probably been doing the same thing my whole life. I guess now is a great time to make a change, to find that confidence within myself as I work towards my goal weight.
  3. Xtine79

    Sydney Catch up in September

    Hey Everyone, Hello S, thanks for getting things organized. I've been MIA for a bit trying to get things settled and organized since moving to Sydney. I'll definitely be there on the 17th. I haven't been into the city in almost 2 years so no idea as to where to meet up. Hi Gee, this will be my first meet up as well so you won't be the only one! Cheers! See ya then!
  4. Xtine79

    West Sydney Bandits

    Hey Dom, Cool, thanks! I know a bit about the area. Lived in Quakers Hill for the first 6 months after I came to Australia and a year in Erskine Park. But I am curious what Dr you see for check ups and/or fills. I'll need to find one soon, should be back in Aussie in 8 days and back to Erskine Park in 3 weeks.
  5. Xtine79

    Sydney siders...

    Hello everyone! I became a bandit this past Thursday 2nd of June at University of Malaya Specialist Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hoping to be discharged today (I think I'd said that about a million times and its only 8:39am) and to be heading back to Australia on the 16th. I currently have a residence in east Melbourne but very soon will be relocating to West Sydney. Probably be in Erskine Park with my in-laws for a short while until we find our own place. Anyone looking for renters?
  6. Xtine79

    Sydney Catch up in September

    I'd love to come. I'm pretty sure I can be free whatever weekend its finalized for.
  7. Xtine79

    West Sydney Bandits

    Not too sure at the moment.. somewhere between St. Mary's and Parramatta! That's where we're looking for places. We'll be staying with my in-laws in Erskine Park until we find something.
  8. Xtine79

    West Sydney Bandits

    I'm sure there has been a post like this before but I'm curious if there are any bandits in West Sydney. I'm relocating there soon so just wondering. *edit* I just realized there was a local forum thread. I think I'll ask there!
  9. Xtine79

    Really angry with myself..

    Julia is totally right. Most successful dieters have one 'cheat' day a week or a month anyway so its totally normal to 'jump' off the wagon on occasion. I'm only at the very beginning of my adventure but I've tried to prepare myself for not 'being perfect' and not letting those (hopefully few) moments of weakness get me down and unmotivated. Tomorrow is always a new day!
  10. Really hope I get discharged today!

    1. julie.


      What? Have u had your surgery? :-0

  11. Xtine79

    Introducing myself

    Wow Columbia, that's quite a story. Sorry to hear you've had such a difficult time getting to today but you sound like you have the determination and willpower to really make it work this time. I too had a not so serious similar situation. My Dr found a gastrointestinal stomach tumor prior to my banding and I had it removed. Its very likely without the banding, the tumor won't have been found until it was too late and had become malignant. Everything happens for a reason!! I wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope you keep smiling!
  12. Hey Trix, I have to agree with you on some points. I didn't have a huge amount of stomach pain, mostly just large amounts of discomfort, which can almost be as bad. I did have pretty bad shoulder pain for 2 days and had a swollen throat for about 3 days which was really a pain. I haven't been able to sleep more than 2 hours at a time due to a rather uncomfortable bed and having to lay on my back. I laid on my side a bit last night, lasted for about 4 hours but very very sore right now and couldn't sleep anymore. One night I woke up rather nauseous and miserable, questioning everything (although I would have had to have the surgery regardless of the band due to a stomach tumor) and very upset. I called my husband at 5:30 crying, but I got over it the next day. I have also had to be very diligent about drinking water since I was taken off my IV drip after 2 days due to a very painful IV. Yesterday I had a gastric scan and they made me drink this very nasty stuff, I had to drink a good amount of it in a very short time which was surprisingly not a problem for me. Unfortunately since then I've had severe diarrhea and have had to step it up on the water intake. I'm hoping to be discharged today! But Surgery is surgery, it isn't meant to be a cake walk. My #1 advice would be to bring your own pillow and personally butt massages, oi is my arse sore after being in this bed! Haha Regardless of how easy or hard surgery is, health recovery and life recovery for the future is the main goal and if you can remember that through the hard times it makes you that much more motivated and prepared to face the world.
  13. Xtine79

    June Bandits

    Hello June-rs! Well things got pushed up for me. Last Thursday, 2/6, I had the GIST removed and had my lap-band put in. So I'm in the hospital, 3rd day post op. I'm not sure if my experience will be overly helpful since I had a double surgery and I'm not quite sure which was causing what, but I'm doing pretty good today. Yesterday I was able to sit up and move around quite a bit with very little pain, mostly just a stiffness and being swollen. I haven't have any food yet, just 30mL of water every hour and I haven't felt hungry. The most painful part for me has been a swollen bit in my throat from the endoscope tube and my second IV drip. Oh and they have had to ground up my medication (pain killers and my hypertension meds) into a powder and mixing that with a lil bit of water is quite nasty. I've had a bit of difficulty sleeping since I'm a stomach sleeper and I haven't felt comfortable 'enough' to even lay on my side. I've only been nauseous once, but that just seemed random since I woke up feeling that way, wasn't caused by anything I did. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a x-ray to make sure everything is in its proper place then I'll be put on the liquid food and hopefully discharged soon. When I checking in on Thursday, after 8 days of liquid diet, I had lost 2.4 kgs! Wishing everyone the best of luck and a speedy recovery!
  14. Xtine79

    Bumps in the road

    Thanks for the support, and you're all right, it is a 'good' delay. I'll definitely read Dorrie's post. And yes, Shelli, I have 2 really close friends here to rely on. One of them was there for my scoping. Thanks again! ~Xtine
  15. Xtine79


    Congrats! Keep up the hard work!