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  1. joannetz

    What have you broken from being obese?

    I paid heaps for a really sturdy (supposedly) outdoor chair, canvas and aluminium, had a rating that I was just under, used it 3 times then took it to the local pool with the kids and sure enough, one of the sturdy legs started to bend and then it gave way I called it my "fat ass chair" luckily I was on grass but I was in my swimmers and I felt like a beached whale lol. one of my goals is to buy another one when I'm below 100 kg's, take it to the pool and actually sit on it comfortably, not just sit there too scared to move incase it breaks lol
  2. joannetz

    Hi From Southern Tas

    Hi there, welcome to the lapband club I was done by Dr Wilkinson on the 27th May this year, I know what you mean about the liquid stage, when I first came on here I couldn't believe that so many dr's give such different instructions, lucky us hey to get the 4 weeks on liquids lol. anyways good luck with everything, regards Joanne (in George Town)
  3. joannetz

    Tight restriction???

    I'm 10 weeks banded and 2 weeks since my first fill of 2mls in a 10 ml band, I'm wondering if I have good restriction or something stuck?? when I had my fill done I went back onto fluids for a couple of days, then mushies for 4 days then a week after my fill started normal food but always have this really full feeling half way back up my throat, I don't vomit and water, coffee, fluids go down okay, slowly but okay. I'm wondering if this is what having a good restriction feels like?? all I've had today is a small tin of tuna (at 1pm) and I still have that feeling in my throat, I feel so full. at first when I eat it feels fine then gradually over an hour or 2 the full throat feeling starts? still learning what the band is all about but would love to know if this is how it shoud feel, I'm also worried that not eating much cause of this feeling is going to slow down my weight loss?
  4. joannetz

    Lap banding in the public health system in Tasmania

    This is my Tassie experience, I first bought the lapband option up with my GP, he wrote a letter to the surgeon, had an appt then didn't hear anything for ages, apart from the hospital sending out the usual "do you still want/require this surgery? Eventually I went back to my GP and he wrote another letter, then had another appt with the surgeon, he put me in category one but it still took another 3 years, all up 7 years :But apart from the usual ailments that come with being overweight I had no other medical condition, maybe you will have better luck. I do know that a man who lives in my same town had chronic back problems and he had his op done with 6 months and that was on the public system, so everyone's different. good luck, if you can afford the option of Private Cover then it's by far the best option.
  5. joannetz

    unblocking a blockage?

    I talked to my dr's receptionist yesterday and she said to go on liquids for the weekend and give them a call on monday if I still have this feeling. It's strange, even my coffee this morning wanted to come back up but it didn't I have heard people have had food stuck for ages but still able to get fluids through, I'm confused as to if it's a blockage or just restriction, suppose either way I need to maybe get the fill out, see if I feel better and have it re-done.
  6. joannetz

    unblocking a blockage?

    Hi there, I'm getting drinks down, take ages but am constantly sipping on water and managing a couple of cups of coffee, I'll ring the dr tomorrow morning and try to push my way into an appt as soon as I can.
  7. joannetz

    unblocking a blockage?

    Hi everyone, does anyone have any suggestions on unblocking a suspected blockage?? I had my first fill nearly 2 weeks ago of 2mls in a 10 ml band, to be truthful for over a week I've had a full feeling almost constantly, halfway up my throat. some food (mushed) has been going down and most fluids but the awful feeling won't go away. I can't see my dr for another week so I'm after any advice on helping myself.
  8. joannetz

    De Gas

    I haven't had any shoulder pain since the first week of my op, not sure why it came back today, but it's annoying the **** out of me so to speak lol. And nearly as soon as I typed my last post in I had a big rush of wind pain coming out (the old fashioned way lol) still sore but no where near as bad, it's been approx. 2 and a half hours since I took the De Gas so will definately be using it again. Hope your pain goes away soon, it's so annoying grrrr
  9. joannetz

    De Gas

    I'm 9 weeks banded and this morning for the first time I woke up with the most horrible wind pains, even have shoulder tip pain, I ended up going to the chemist and getting some De-Gas after reading about it on here, my question which I can't find the answer to via the box or company is, does it absorb the gas back into your body or does it help it to come out the old fashioned way lol??
  10. joannetz


    Mine's very unexciting, Joanne from tassie, shortened to Joannetz, hmmm maybe I should have been more inventive lol
  11. joannetz

    Birthday boy and the best ever present

    Happy Birthday and big congrats, hope you enjoy/enjoyed the icecream
  12. joannetz

    emotional eating

    Emotional eating?? I've eaten to make myself feel better in the past when I'm down, what now?? I'm exercising but it's not really making me feel better, I don't feel like eating but I feel a void, maybe I need a hobby lol
  13. joannetz

    eating after my first fill ??

    Hi there, congrats on having your bands done, together hey, hope that you are both able to help each other, sounds like your hubby is having a bit of a fight with willpower, I hope he handles it okay Did your hubby think the fill was as bad as he thought? I was probably more scared of the fill than the actual op, but was all good in the end. Good luck with everything
  14. joannetz

    eating after my first fill ??

    Hi, my band is 10ml, I think my prob must have been swelling cause things seem to be settling down, even had some chicken and veg for tea last night, good luck with your band. thanks
  15. joannetz

    eating after my first fill ??

    Thanks, luckily I'm keeping liquids down and had some homemade soup for tea which went down okay ( took half an hour) although I still feel really full right up to my throat (4 hours later) I might see how I go over the next 2 days cause my dr is over 3 hours away and only has his clinics on Fridays anyways. I'll give them a call on thursday morn if it's still playing up. I'm not sure if 3 mls is a bit much for my first fill, but all the dr's are different