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  1. luvmyself


    I am going in to have my gall bladder removed in April and the doc mentioned that he will remove the fill before hand and then put it back in after surgery..hope this helps
  2. Dr Yong Banded a good friend of mine last Wednesday at Joondalup Hospital and she is over the moon, she was up and about a day later and 10 days on she feels fantastic and has lost 4kg! She couldn't be happier...so good luck
  3. luvmyself


    Hi Dave, Dr D banded me in July 2011. He is a great surgeon and tells it like it is!!!!! Good luck
  4. luvmyself

    Thankyou For Your Support!!!

    Hi Domonic I was very moved by your post and very saddened too... I have had a similar experience on this site and so have been quietly reading helpful interesting posts from positive banders.....you are doing a wonderful job and don't take any notice of the person/persons who shot you down, they clearly have mental health issues that need to be addressed. Keep on moving forward, we are all the same in this banding journey. Kindest Regards
  5. luvmyself

    Dr Dolan

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  6. luvmyself

    Shoulder Pain

    Hi Kel Invest in some panadeine forte it was the only thing that helped me as I was in agony! All great now 4 weeks in!
  7. luvmyself

    Help so much pain

    I have excrutiating wind pain for about 8 days...I kept taking panadeine forte when it was really bad and it did pass by about day 10, lots of luck!
  8. luvmyself

    2Wks OFF work - not ready to tell

    I told everyone it was for gallstones (which it should have been but I decided to get banded first and then have the gall bladder removed in about 6months);.....it is a delicious secret and I am on my second week back at work and already people are saying you look like you have lost weight! I say yes I am watching what I eat and trying to stay healthy!!!! Lots of luck and enjoy your "secret"
  9. luvmyself

    August Bandits

  10. luvmyself

    A motto we should all live by on BandingTogether!

    Very well said Dave, as a mental health professional I have been dismayed by the content written over the past few weeks and decided that I would do without "support" if this was to be the norm. Support means positive encouragement, no advice giving and non-judgement.
  11. luvmyself

    Laughed at by GP

    Hi Charlies Mum I had the exact same experience....the doctor told me to exercise and eat less!!!!!! My BMI was 32 also and it has been a lot less and a lot more for more years than I can remember! That is the whole point!!!!! I never went back to the surgery and eventually got a doctor with a brain to give me a referral.....unfortunately medical practitioners are not trained in psychology or mental issues so don't have clue about the mental and emotional issues involved in weight problems....as yes they are more interested in getting kickbacks from drug companies!!!!! Lots of luck with your appointment and well done for perservering
  12. luvmyself

    4rd August

    Hi Kel I was banded on 11th July at Joondalup and I had terrible trouble with optifast! It made me want to gag!!!! So I swapped it for Chemist own brand meal replacements. I checked this with the dietician at Joondalup and she said that was fine as it has practically the same content as optifast. All the very best for next week and look forward to hearing your progress.
  13. luvmyself

    Gall bladder issues after banding

    I have been having gall bladdeer attacks for over a year and thiis was diagnosed when I had an ultrasound prior to lapbanding.... Dr Dolan recommnended that I have the band and then see how I am in six months and if I am still in pain then he will remove the gall bladder....can't bear the thought of another anasthaetic however gall bladder attacks are sooooooo painful that I will have to have it done....I am really happy to hear that the pain goes away after removing it! Not sure I would rather have a baby though@!!!!!!!!! A doctor once said to me the 5 "f's" are in indicator for gall stones..... 1. fair 2. fat. 3. forty (or over) 4. fertile (have had children) 5. female didn't do much for my self esteem when I realised I fit all five lol!!!!!!
  14. luvmyself

    Got the band on Monday and miserable

    I felt exactly the same until about day 9 when the pain lessened. I invested in mersyndol for night time pain and panadeine forte during the day if it got too bad, I just cut them in half and swallowed! I went back to work after two weeks off and haven't looked back. All the very best for a speedy recovery and remember to take it easy rest as much as possible.
  15. Hello Hides I was banded on 11th July by Dr D but at Joondalup......good luck with everything I hope all goes well and look forward to seeing your progress.