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  1. Puffin

    throwing up

    Do most of you still have a severely changed diet? I have been banded for almost 12 months. I have lost 41 kilos and have 16 to go to perfect BMI. I still often vomit but though I have dramatically reduced portions sizes and obviously removed bread, rice, pasta, fast food, from my diet I pretty much am eating small amounts of ordinary things but am getting really bad reflux at night, it can be quite scary as I can wake up thinking Im about to vomit. Does anyone else have this problem. I have a CPAP machine and at times this is the only thing that makes me feel okay to go to sleep.
  2. Puffin

    Gall bladder issues after banding

    I am currently having gall bladder problems and even though I have now lost 41 kilos I am having reflux at night and gall stone pain at irregular moments. Does the reflux get worse once you have your gall bladder comes out from what I can figure the gall ladder controlls bile production and haivng it out may increase your chance of stomach cancer. Did people who have had their gall bladder out find it reduced acid reflux at night or did it get worse?