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  1. Hi all just wondering if anyone has experienced pregnancy after having the sleeve and then also having gall bladder removal? I had the sleeve 4 years ago and lost 45kgs then 12months after the sleeve had my gall bladder removed. I am now 23 weeks pregnant with baby no3 and this pregnancy has been horrific so far. I have severe reflux/ heart burn which no medication under the sun seems to be helping. I am vomiting mostly bile 3-4times a day and have a lot of fatigue. The only plus side to being so sick is I have only gained 4kgs to date. hoping someone out there might have some advice and or experienced pregnancy after sleeve & gall bladder removal???
  2. chubbymummy

    Any last minute advice?.

    So I've got 3 days till I'm booked into have the sleeve and I'm really looking forward to the change. I've got a few challenges ahead of me ATM. Both my boys came home from Childcare with gastro & 1 has conjunctivitis. I'm just praying to the immunity fairies/gods that I too don't come down sick pre surgery. I'm ready for surgery & wish I had done this years ago.... I'm packing my hospital bag and I'm curious apart from the usual toiletries, clothes, iPad & charger are there any other items you would pack?
  3. chubbymummy

    Pregnancy with the sleeve

    I asked my surgeon also and he said it was fine to fall pregnant after having the sleeve he just recommended waiting till most weightloss was achieved eg.12months. He did say he had a pt fall pregnant 1month after having the sleeve done and although it wasn't ideal timing she & baby are doing fine. He also pointed out that it is far healthier for mum and baby post sleeve pregnancy than to fall pregnant and be obese.
  4. chubbymummy

    July Sleevers

    Ok so I'm getting sleeved on the 3rd of July. So far I've lost 6kgs on optifast (I have had the sneaky bite of real food here and there) I've found it hard to cook for my family and not taste test the food first.... Anyway I'm excited it's sooo close now, can't wait to be post op & in recovery. Anyone else getting sleeved at the Mater Hospital this week???
  5. chubbymummy

    Being banded JULY 2014

    Hi I'm getting the sleeve on 3rd of July, less than a month after initial consult. I initially thought I would get banded but after much discussion with dr Craig Taylor I am confident the sleeve is the best option for. How exciting everyone in a few weeks time our lives will be changed for the better. Ps I am dreading the 2weeks of optifast pre surgery