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  1. Jewel2B

    Deleting account

    Jemabel I read that nasty comment and I am sorry it happened to you. I wouldn't leave over a petty small minded person. If this forum is helpful for you, maybe just block her? Congratulations on your weight loss!!!!!!!! You are doing amazing and must be on top of the world so far!!
  2. Jewel2B

    I'm going to do it!!

    Congrats on your decision! My first advice is to allow yourself plenty of time to recover to get back to work. Don't rush your recovery. My second advice is to have the sleeve. I don't want to sound like a downer however I actually do not know one person who has been successful with the band. If I answered this question years ago, I could have told you several success stories. Over the yrs though these same people have had to go back into surgery for repairs or removal of the band. I personally want mine out asap as it really negatively affects my life and I'm heavier now then pre-banding due to not knowing one day to the next if I can eat (and my band is empty atm). Third advice, if you have a partner, talk to them before surgery. I would tell that person you may be a bit frustrating at times during your recovery. Give yourself some breathing room
  3. Ive had barium swallow done and report says no slip or pouch. I'm due to go back to the surgeon next week to find out where to from here. My band is completely empty atm and I am still getting reflux and stuck moments! Has anyone had an eroded band? I don't know what else it could be.
  4. I went back today and seen a surgeon from my clinic. He read my email and sending me off for another barium swallow and he is talking solutions so I am very happy. I wont know much for another 2 weeks but progress
  5. Jewel2B

    Band removal weight gain

    You can do this, you already know all about portion control! Stay away from excess calories and watch your serving size. Also, take it a bit easy at the same time. Good luck with your sleeve
  6. Ive just sent them an email. I think as Ive been banded so long and had an awful lot of appointments, the vital information gets missed when I go in. Wait and see
  7. Hey everyone, I'm hoping for some info from banders who may have had issues like I have now. I need answers and I'm getting nowhere with my surgeons office. I was banded in 2012 and everything was perfect, I lost weight, I was in the green zone, no issues. 12 months later I started having problems with either No restriction, or way too much restriction and not being able to keep down fluids. This problem would vary from day to day. I thought back then my band had slipped. The docs would take out fill, put in fill, take out etc and this cycled. I kept asking for investigation and kept getting told its just a matter of getting the fill level right. I gained all of my weight back over the years. Early last year I demanded a barium swallow and the results came back the band was too loose but nothing wrong! I continued to gain weight, had small fills and unfills still not knowing if I could eat a whole pizza one day to not drinking any fluids the next. September last year I had enough and had all the fill taken out. At this stage I was heavier than I was when originally banded. I gained more weight after all of the fill was removed. Last Monday, I went back to docs to start again. I had 2ml put in. I went back again last Thursday and had another 2ml put in. I have had no restriction at all with the 4ml. Last night when going to bed I gagged a bit from coughing (this is normal for me) and it turned it really heavy dry reaching. I had sudden and severe chest pain which lasted about 2 minutes. It stopped and I went to bed. I hadn't eaten for about 6 hours before bed but had been drinking fine since eating last, no restriction at all. First thing this morning I started coughing and again had severe chest pain and some pain in my right shoulder. I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink at that stage. I went to emergency as I thought I was having a heart attack. ECG normal. The emergency Doc thinks the pain was related to lapband. I grabbed a drink and went to surgeons office straight from there. Now, I cant get any fluids down as I have huge restriction all of a sudden, The docs took 3ml of fill out of my band as that is all there was (I had 4ml just last week). She said I have food stuck. So now I have all fill removed and it takes ages for a sip of water to go down. She sent me home, no need to investigate..... Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going on? I have known since 2013 this band is not right but they keep brushing me off. I'm adamant my band slipped last night but I could be wrong however it has been impossible since mid 2013 and I'm 10kgs heavier now than when banded in 2012.
  8. Jewel2B

    Banded yesterday! Please help!

    I had all of those issues after banding. You are one day post op and your likely to be a bit battered and knocked around. Take is easy and rest. Congratulations on your band!
  9. Jewel2B

    Hello and hoping this can help some of you

    Thanks Neisje, I have the same story as you, can eat way too much or not at all, all the while increasing weight. Had all fill removed, waited a few months and now I'm getting it put back in. I'm going to have a look at the fb group and download the app, thanks!
  10. Jewel2B

    Band removed

    Glad to hear you have minimal pain and all went well. Was everything ok with the band, no slips etc?
  11. Jewel2B

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    Yes I had 2ml put in and I go back tomorrow for another little fill. So far no restriction at all but that's ok and to be expected with a very small fill. I am however eating small portions and practising chewing, putting fork down, slowing my eating down. How are you going Band?
  12. Jewel2B

    Revision- Alfred

    Ladies can I ask why you were on the public list? My reason for asking, I was banded with PHI in 2012 and had trouble with it since 2013. I cancelled my PHI before the issues arose with the band. Ive had no fill for 4-5 months and getting my 1st fill to start all over again, tomorrow. I have always thought something is wrong with my band and whilst I am hoping for the best - I wouldn't be surprised if I need revision or removal and I now have no PHI.
  13. Jewel2B

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    So an update from the original post. Last yr, maybe Oct? I had all of my fill removed. I could no longer live starving from not being able to eat to the next day being able to eat a huge meal and still be hungry. The docs and I discussed removing all of the fill to try to reset my body as it is super sensitive to the band. Now I'm 8kgs heavier than when I was banded originally in 2012. The heaviest I have ever been. I have my first fill scheduled for Monday. I shouldn't have waited so long but it is what it is. I'm hoping I can be successful again this time around.
  14. Jewel2B

    Back to Basics!

    I am back to basics as well and I am focusing on portion size. I'm only on mushies atm due to a fill but when I can eat solids I am planning on 1/2-1 cup per meal depending on what food it is.
  15. Jewel2B

    Banded 4 yrs and heavier now.

    Well I went back to Doc the other day and we had a good talk. I am one of those people who is sensitive to the band, however, my own eating patterns are also contributing to my issues eating. From now on I am concentrating on chewing longer, eating only small bites, resting between each bite etc. I had .5ml fill and I am going to try really hard to follow the rules correctly now I have had a refresher. If I am still having issues with eating I am going to have the band removed. It has been 2 days since I had the fill and I'm still struggling to keep liquids down. Very frustrating.