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  1. nat073

    Dr M A Memon

    Hi everyone. I would just like to add some additional comments to bring you up to date. I have now been banded for over 4 years and operation and aftercare has always been by Prof Memon. Prof Memon has also assisted me with some other small surgical procedures and I have always found him to be fantastic and put you absolutely at ease. As for the band journey, and it is a journey Prof Memon has become more than just my surgeon. I visit regularly and Prof Memon and his staff are always caring and obliging in assisting with my weight loss endeavor. Honestly I can not recommend Prof Memon and his team highly enough. If you are considering a band you need to think carefully who you will partner with for the aftercare journey and I think it would be hard to find someone who will care for you better than Prof Memon. Good luck to you all.
  2. nat073

    op day was 16/10

    Hi There I am no expert, but as no one else has responded, I think you are reacting to your body enduring a trauma. Remeber a band operation is the start of a journey, a bit like the drive when going on holidays. Not always enjoyable until you reach a cetain point and you can visualise the goal, almost smell the sea. Dont be too hard on yourself and use the time to relax and recover. Dont stress the small stuff. I am sure all will be well in the next few days and the ecitment about the beginning of your new venture will build. One foot in front of the other!!!
  3. nat073

    New Month Goals, July 2012

    Hi All My goals for July 1) Give up alcohol !!! You have been my freind for many years, but now its time we split!!! 2) Ecercise more 3) eat consistantly. Some good, some bad. Moderation. 4) Be under 90Kgs by end July IE losse 6 kgs Non scale goal. Fit comfortably into my new jeans. A little tight at present. I might have been a bit ambiscious???? See you all at the end of the month Nathan
  4. nat073

    Dr M A Memon

    Hi All I was banded by Dr Memon 5th August 2011. He is a great surgeon and gives fantastic after care. He does not charge for fill appointments and looks after you very caringly and personally. His staff are fantastic and all specialists in this field. You will not be dissapointed.
  5. nat073

    Not loosing

    Hello again all I visited my surgeon yesterday and he has put another 0.3mls in bringing my total fill to 3.6mls. Lets see how that goes??? Thanks all for your responses and advice. It is nice to know I am not alone in my plight!!
  6. nat073

    Not loosing

    Thanks for the advice. I have an appointment next week with my surgeaon and I feel certain he will add another 0.25mls so a while away from 5ml area, anyway I will make a concerted effort to avoid the alocohol and stay hungry a bit longer. Hopefully I can find this mystical green zone !!!!
  7. nat073

    Not loosing

    Hi All I have been banded since 05/08/2011 and have only lost a few Kgs. So feel like a bit of a failure really !! My sugeon is very cautious and so far my fills( Many) have only totaled 3.3 mls. I try very hard to stick to 1 cup max, but I am starving. Additionally because I am unsatisfied I have returned to my old ways of alcohol consumption. I am currently starting to regret the whole thing. Any help/advise would be gladly accepted Nathan
  8. nat073


    Hi All I was banded 05/08/2011. No burping, but I have never farted so much in my life. Like above no foul smell, but not always nice when you have to hold in???
  9. nat073

    Banding in 2 days

    Hi I was banded Friday 05/08/2011 and went home from Hospital Saturday morning 06/08/2011. Little bit of pain but nothing panadol could nt handle. My biggest memory was a bloated feeling for about three days after operation in liver area. May have been gas. This was uncomfortable but definitly not painfull. You will be fine. Remember to keep your fluids up and try and rest. My biggest mistake was I returned to work the Monday after operation and by end of the day I was exhausted. All the best Nathan
  10. nat073

    Still haven't lost any weight

    Hi<div><br></div><div>I hear your pain. I am 6 weeks post op and had no fills. I am trying hard to stick to portion control, but it hard. My dietician gets up me cause I haven't lost a lot of weight. If it was that easy I wouldn't need the bloody band. I only seem to have issues in the evening when I usually have a false start every dinner time. Have a vomit and then I am OK. Not sure what this means. Hopefully getting fill this week so see what happens. I really need this to work! I am sick of being the fat guy. Trying hard to keep my head in the right place, but its a bit shaky at present.</div><div><br></div><div>Nathan</div>
  11. nat073

    3 weeks post-op

    Hi Noelene I was banded 05/08/2011 also. I was done in Ipswich with Dr Memon. I am just starting to feel normal again and looking forward to my first fill as hunger has come back with a vengance. I too have had some negative comments but hay its my life and my choice. I am sick of always being the fat guy !!!! Hope all goes well for you with fill. Will keep an eye out for your comments as I am not quit sure what to expect for first fill Nathan
  12. Hi All I was banded on 5th August and am doing OK. Have had few ups and downs as expected. Before banding I was a regular exerciser and wondering when I can get back to doing such exercises as sit ups & pull ups etc. Also in the last week I am feeling quite hungry. Is this normal? I have not had any fill yet.. Any advise greatly appreciated. Nathan
  13. nat073

    New and scared

    Hi All I get banded 05/08/2011. I am quit scared as never had a big operation, but quit optimistic as I am setting out on a new phase of my life. Always been the fat kid/guy. I am reasonably fit and just finished my first half marathon, but still carry the weight. Started optifast today. My dietician is happy if I have one protein meal a day with allowed vegies but doctor want three optifasts per day only. Not sure how thats going to go just yet. Nervously excited.
  14. Hi All Im in Ipswich and booked in for my band 05/08/2011 so just started Optifast today. Also very nervous as never had a big operation before.
  15. nat073

    My POV about my banding

    Thanks. I am two weeks till surgery and never having had a large operation before I am very scared of the pain. I need to do this for myself and am determined to go through with the op however it is nice to hear some positive feedback