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  1. Clevagal depending when you are thinking of doing it I may be.. I work 7 days and travel alot with my job thats the only prob.. :) should be up in Rocky / Mackay and Emerald before xmas.. yet.

  2. SheN I put out a post about having a coffee morning in Maryborough under the Queensland section of the forum...thought you may be interested?

  3. thanks for the msg cevaga.. thats great your in the same ara :)

  4. Hey SheN! Im in Maryborough tooooo!

  5. SheN

    One lucky girl!

    Im like you.. my parents have been Brilliant.. initally my Mum was trying to talk me out of it but saying she supported it as well. .she didnt realise what she was saying.. ultimately she was just trying to say she was worried for me having surgery.. but she fully supported anything I wanted to do as she knows I dont do things without over analysing everything ! i get that from her. My husband has been great.. as he too knows i dont make rash decisions and knows im head strong so if i say im going to do something I will.. I have told any other family.. but I am seeing my brother who I am close too.. next week for the first time.. he saw me just after surgery and didnt know I had anything happen.. he was trying to wrestle me off the bed and I had to stop him as I said I have a sore tummy.. but he didnt ask anymore questions.. nice to know he is 41 and i am nearly 38 and we still muck around like that.. However he will be seeing me on Monday and I dont think I will be able to get away with not saying anything after that.. as its nearly 27kgs and there is a big difference.. Im stoked for everyone whos family have been supportive.. and sometimes when their not.. its their own fears or their own inability to not be scared for you.. that causes their bad reactions. Good luck and keep us updated with your progress pls. S
  6. SheN

    What can you DEFINITELY not eat?

    I am having trouble with salad too I love chicken cesar and garden or greek salad but since having my fill i have trouble with the lettuce and tomato now.. I too have just a few things on a plate and eat them like a bit of cheese, cucumber, capscium etc. I'm having trouble with bread and anything that is dryish in texture. I only tried a pepsi max once, I was ok to sip it then I had a bit of a dinner roll, just a tiny bit and then another sip of pepsi max and my head and throat nearly gave the space shuttle a run for its money .. it nearly flew off my shoulders.. and it was at a public formal dinner.. so NEVER again will I do that. I havent been trying fast food at all.. so im not sure with that.. Im giving most things a go that we cook at home and we do eat a variety of meals.. its seriously forever changing.. one week I can eat something the next I cant.. but the results are worth it for me.. Good luck everyone. S
  7. SheN


    I purchased a little soufle bowl that measured half a cup under the lip and I eat everything out of that if I go over the lip I know it will only hold a maximum of 3/4 cup. I have half cup toasted museli made from knife/fork/band book and 1/2 cup milk for breakfast, a few strawberries for MT, lunch varies but only half a cup and always home made food, and home made dinner .. usually my lunch is left overs from last nights dinner.. which can be things like, pasta sauce no pasta, impossible pie with no crust heaps of vegies and egg, chicken or turkey with veg etc.. I try and eat healthy food. I have hardly put a carb in my mouth in the 3 months since banding and have lost just shy of 27kg... I dont have time to do much exercise as I work 7 days and have a baby.. but I do make sure I go for a walk around the street on Sat and Sunday morning. I drink 1.5l of water a day without fail and try to do 2l's. I dont have coffee and dont do much tea drinking. We have our own chooks and we have been making pav out of egg whites with limited sugar and making them small, where as once it was one pav that we would demolish in one seating it now makes 15 individual ones and we have that with fresh fruit and a little cream with nothing added a couple times a week as a treat.. which I thoroughly look forward too but a little bit can satisfy me.. whereas previously i could nearly eat it all myself.. My Dr said you could surivive on 1/2 a cup of a food a day and not to eat until you were hungry.. initially I went 8 days with no food or anything literally except water.. and was rining his office a bit concerned as no weight was moving.. I did find my having 3 x 1/2 a day tho it moved.. Hope this helps somehow.. Good luck ! S x
  8. Ive had some shocking stuck moments since I my first fill in.. Ive been driving and having probs wanting to throw up.. Ive had to pull into a branch of my workplace that I wasnt meant to be at that day and race through to the toilets and throw up.. I havent been able to move the blockages with water it makes it worse.. ive tried tea and everything ppl have spoken about.. ive even tried flapping my arms around like a chicken .. I read that here once.. and I looked like a complete twit at the table but everyone at home just goes with it.. they worry about me as its horrible but they are supportive. My biggest thing is, I have a baby and I get caught up in what she is doing and whilst I know I have to chew chew chew and I do do do .. sometimes I swallow too quickly before finishing the chew.. and whamo ! Or the ph rings and swallow ! Ive been caught a few times at work now.. which is horrible as I'm in a professional job and im in a glass walled office.. and been hidding under desk throwing up.. how horrible. Last week was the worst.. I had a client coming in.. and I took a bigger then usual mouthful of my lunch which I eat bits and peices of between clients.. and swallowed and I knew i was in trouble.. I started sipping water as it was blocked and I had to run out of the Branch up a street up an alleyway and into some toilets that were locked with a key and the bloody key got jammed and wouldnt open, ppl were walkign down the alley looking at me.. I finally got in.. and barf !!!! I washed mouth out and ran back to work.. the client arrived.. I started going their their life plans and then I couldnt talk.. I had to leave the room run back to toilets and do it again.. how EMBARRASSING !!! it was a nightmare.. I was so shocked and upset for the rest of the day.. I apologised profusely to the client and just said I had had some stomach surgery recently and my stomach is still settling down.. luckily she was ok with it.. but in no way am I and whilst it was last Wed.. I'm still upset that it happened.. Unfortunately it can get you when you least expect it.. Good luck to you for not having any more S
  9. SheN

    Floating on air

    what an awesome thing to happen..not only getting the job BUT then seeing your commitment to loosing your weight as such a positive.. we all know losing weight is hard.. but good on you !!!
  10. SheN

    Today is the first day

    good luck with everything
  11. SheN

    Has hell frozen over??

    I have followed the tv interviews and magazine articles on your brother.. it was amazing what he did for his wife and his love for his family.. its a shame that you have had to deal with that growing up. I also was the only overweight one in my family and we were all athletes but I still carried the weight.. I use to get called all sorts of things .. and as young adults my sister put on weight after he modelling career and now cant shift it .. she's had that on for 20 years now.. My brother puts on a couple of kilo's and its like hes the fattest person around and he has to shift it immediately.. he wont ever carry weight.. but he always use to say to me, if only we could mix our weight together and halve it.. we would both be perfect ! which was nice.. I'm glad you brother has done that to you.. as it would of been something he has been thinking about now for some time, or at least since his weight gain.. and it would of been hard to back down after a lifetime of critisism.. I think you look gorgeous and as for lables not signing you because of weight thats just BS.. people want real ppl.. it wouldnt worry me what the person looks like.. its their music and their sound that i connect with. Lets see you on Aust Idol or Aust got Talent or XFactor Your story above was very emotional.. hugs.. S xxx
  12. SheN

    Has anyone seen this retreat!!!

    grinning chook, where was the one in Qld ???
  13. SheN

    About Time I Said Hello!!

    WOW 60KG's thats FANTASTIC well done !! inspirational plus !! cant wait to hear of more
  14. SheN

    First fill??

    i have a 10 ml band and Dr didnt give me any fill the first time he said I had lost too much.. 2nd time he was tossing up if to do it or not and i said lets just gett it over with.. so we did it.. ive just had the one fill so far.