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  1. Megan40


    Thanks guys...Im glad others are hungry! Im worried that Optifast will make me put on weight as will milky drinks. thats how I lost sooooooo much so quickly to start that i didnt have yogurts, milk drinks or the like. One surgeon has commented that I have been the fastest loser she has seen,,,,I comment that it was the band AND cancer (undiagnosed at that stage), cancer surgeon says it was the cancer, lapband surgeon says it was the band.....either way I lost it, now its back on due to a slack band and a slack constitution on my behalf. i want to know the best non fattening drink there is....and I will have that. Thanks sooooo much for your support. MEg
  2. Megan40


    OK so im going to have a whinge. Ive been banded for nearly two years. my weight has gone up and down for various reasons...I have hit my goal gone under and then way over....which is what I am now. My band was tightened about a week ago and I am nearly back to fluids depending on what time of day it is. What I cant get over this whole time is how freaking hungry I am ......I know it will ease, or does one just get used to being hungry? I know being hungry is what makes me lose weight but it is sooooooo hard. for example I just got out of bed and had a few almonds, chewed them all well and swallowed, the band hiccups now have me, I wont be able to lie back down or I will have to chuck it up, which is probably what I will do. I know I am just whinging on cos what I would really love to do is get up have a packet of crisps and go back to bed......no can do thank goodness. Is there anyone out there who has the answer to a quick snack. A coffee, or a cup a soup but is there anything else people on the liquid phase do to quell this hunger???? It is driving me crazy....again. thanks Hungry Meg
  3. Megan40

    1 week after surgery

    ok Im back to basically liquid stage. My band losens and tightens during the day and between days. I like it tight and after nearly two years should be used to this but Im not. Ive just had a handful of almonds and have the tight hiccups.......soooooo hungry should have eaten when I could. Hang in there with the first week cos it will continue but it will get better and you will see results. i hit my goal about a year ago but then was diagnosed with cancer and it has been up and down since then. At the moment I am up in weight and feeling like I have to start all over again so am a bit down in mood. i am actually wondering if I should go on optifast......didnt have to do that when I had the op. Hunger will be your friend.
  4. Megan40

    well this sucks

    ok Im nearly two years banded and I know once the band is tightened you have no option but to lose weight......mine tightens and losens during the day. At times I might as well have my lips stitched, things just wont go down. Hold on in there and try not to worry, a tight band means that you must live on healthy fluids and (with me) even chocolate wont go down, so overall you lose weight. I know time is a bugger but if you can handle it tight you will be ok. best of luck in your exams.
  5. Megan40

    Struggling with optifast

    Hi there.....sorry for sounding really dumb but what is the 'opti-fast' stage, vegys etc??? I was banded nearly two years ago and have never heard of this stuff. Does the Optifast really work to help you lose weight. If so is it beneficial after surgery to help you lose it better, faster? I have reached my goal weight previously but have bounced back up. Thanks for filling me in. Perhaps optifast may be a way to go at the moment to help kick start the losing again.
  6. Megan40

    is there a Tassie group?

    Hi ....Im trying to get a support group started up on the North west if you are in this area. I am nearly two years banded and there is a huge need for support. I suggest people start putting themself out there and telling which district they live so they can connect. I know also that there are many banders in the North west but aren't online.....Im about to post a community notice in the Advocate for a meeting. good idea hey? Meg
  7. Megan40

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Keep me in touch when you are out and about...would love to meet up. You have kids? I have 4 Perhaps if they are in the right age group at the Dport park. Meg Dont worry.......you wont undo the work if you cheat. I would do the 'taste test' put the food in , chew and then spit it out....gross I know but it satisfied the taste buds. Look whatever works for you. I agree with the thick soup. I also have lots of cups of tea.
  8. Megan40

    My Truth

    I have to say I think banding will make your bulemia worse.....over eating and then it is easier to vomit. I and my sister are banded. we have never been bulemic however have questioned that since the band. if the band is tight and you overeat in my experience, it is easier to vomit.....but.....it is not really vomit as the food hasnt been digested it is just food chewed, swallowed and then bought back up cos it wont go down. I dont worry about it nor does my sister we enjoy the eating feel, hate the ache of over eating and then relief when bought back up. Over time you will recognise when not to overeat cos that chest feeling is terrible. Congrats for telling your story. Meg
  9. Megan40

    Any North-West banders out there?

    Thats great....two of you getting together, thats exactly the sort of support you need. Im in Cooee which is prob a bit far for frequent get togethers but am here online. Karen you are at (what I remember) being my toughest time. I was soooooooo hungry after surgery and before being tightened. Lots of thick soup, and dip bread in it to make it mushy. I must admit I wasnt very good at this stage. After being tightened I was much better.......well sort of. I find the band works best for me being really tight and esp in these months where there is lots of comfort food. Devonport sounds like a good idea. lets keep in touch. I am sooooo tempted to make a bread and butter pudding today. Im not sure how a low fat one would go. Meg
  10. Hi Megan, I'd love some soup recipes although I'm on the last week of liquids so looking forward to mushies, any help there would be appreciated. hope to chat soon again, here's my email addy, just thought it might be easier than trying to find people on here, I'm having a bit of trouble atm lol, anyways, if you want to contact me away from here my addy is joannetz@yahoo.com.au ...

  11. Megan40

    another Tassie bandit

    Hi Joanne...which way out of Launceston is your 40 minutes.....we have contacted before I am in Burnie. You have just started your journey. I must say there were times when I believed it was equivelent to having your lips stitched...lol. Megan
  12. Hi Joanne

    hope you are surviving post opp...really hard when its sooooooo cold. If you are interested in any soup recipes I could help out. i am heading for my second winter. i am up on my goal weight due to ....lots of things. was recently tightened after gaining 10kg , it had to be losened due to change in medication (Ibelieve) . it really is an up and down process.

  13. Hi Meg, my surgeon and gp said to give it a bit of time for the swelling inside to go down, I have an appt with him on the 5th of august but not sure if I'll leave it that long though, how would I go about seeing an actual surgeon about it?? I'm in George Town but it's not that far from the north west, whereabouts are you? would love to keep in touch, thanks , Joanne

  14. Megan40

    fluid around port

    PS. Joanne....if you are on the North West....contact me....:)would love to hear from another bander up here. Meg
  15. Megan40

    fluid around port

    Hi Joanne...if you are worried (which I would be) I would get a surgeon, not your lapband surgeon, to look at it. I have had a band for nearly two years and havent had this sort of trouble, but have realised that the lapband surgeons dont always know every answer to banding issues........I know this sounds strange but just get it checked out by someone independent is all I am saying. best of luck. MEg