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  1. Tassie Mel

    Surgery in the south east??

    Hi, I have just moved to Mount gambier. i am 2 yrs banded and wonder what/where you ended up going?>
  2. Tassie Mel

    Hello Tasmanians!

    i had my band done by tony last june at hobart private. being from launnie too the drive back was crap! i wore a dress so there wasnt the band of pants rubbing on the drive home. happy to chat more if you want to pm me or chat on facebook:)
  3. I went for my appt on 2nd may 2011 and had surgery the 23rd june 2011. could have had the following week but i had to wait 6 weeks til my private health waiting period was up. cos i was insurance covered i didnt have to do the prep work (opti, psych, dietician etc) that public (and some other private patients) had to do.
  4. 15 months banded, 17 weeks pregnant, gained 2kg since being pregnant. i can live with that!

  5. Tassie Mel

    Back on track

    way to go hunni! we are all here to support you!!! xo
  6. Tassie Mel

    Lap banding in the public health system in Tasmania

    a friend of mine in Launceston has other medical problems(loopis however you spell it being one) and she waited 18 months. she had to see a dietician and have a full psych evaluation before the surgeon would do it. apparently thats the process when going witht he public system....but your gp is first port of call for a referal
  7. Tassie Mel

    a quck shout out

    Hi All i have set up a new web store...Two main aims 1. to provide everyone with the opportunity to purchase affordable fashion jewellery in a comfortable environment regardless of size, location or financial situation. 2. to be able to be home with my kids (aged 11, 8 and 19 months) after working full time for the last 6 years i realises i have missed too much. as if i didnt miss enough being overweight, unhappy and unfit! I know how looking good makes your feel good, i also know as a mum the budget is tight and we often go with out and put ourselves at the bottom of the list! http://www.time2shinejewellery.com I also have a facebook page Time 2 Shine Jewellery & Accessories please go their and like for product updates:) also i have a mailing list which enables me to send out occasional discount coupons and birthday treats so be sure to sign up and let me know your birthday (age isnt importan just the day:)) also know your email doesnt go any further than my address book! I wouldnt normally use such sites to promote my business but i think it will suit a lot of my fellow bandits xoxox Any questions please email me mel@time2shinejewellery.com cheers Mel ps 10 weeks post band lost 14.5kg
  8. Tassie Mel

    Got the band on Monday and miserable

    Keep your eye on the prize love x
  9. Tassie Mel

    would you consider me a candidate?

    i think the waiting time will help you prepare....i have private health.. $65 a month i think it is. i paid $2500 for surgeon and $375 for anaesetic (however you spell it) guy. got $820 back from medicare so bout 2k out of pocket. there is also the 20% back on medical expenses on anything over 2k with your tax....without private health the options were go on free list and wait up to 5yrs or pay $11k to $13k
  10. Tassie Mel

    would you consider me a candidate?

    hey hun have a friend who had it done at 18. she lost 60kg and has a whole new lease on life! i wish i had done it earlier. go for it. if you have private health i dont think the surgeons are too picky especially with a bmi like that. with me i walked into the initial consult and said i want it and he said yes. i am certainly not the largest person in the world. ...i think if you go thru the public system they are more umm well you have to do dietician and ppsych appts and so on.. just make an appt to see a surgeon you have nothing to lose. if you would like to chat some add me on facebook melnicholson@hotmail.com.au will find me. best of luck x
  11. 5 weeks post op...11kg lost and 9cm on hips and 13 on waist!!!!

  12. Tassie Mel

    Knew it was too good to be true...

    hugs! i am newly banded so dont have any answers but thought i would just give you a hug! oh there was another one!lol
  13. Tassie Mel

    a question...

    Thanks girls that's what I first thought x
  14. Tassie Mel

    Me and my work pass

    Well done!
  15. Tassie Mel

    Newbie from Tas

    Hey hun well done so far. i have sent you a pm. look forward to chatting x