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  1. sarah wants banding

    Weight Loss Ticker Updating

    I've created a weight loss ticker for my signature. I was wondering when you update your weight loss on the ticker do you have to remake a new one or can you update and existing one?
  2. sarah wants banding

    WANTED: free optifast products, Please.

    Hi everyone, Big ask ... I'm on a very tight budget at the moment and was wondering if anyone has any free optifast products (especially the shakes) they might want to pass on? Happy to pay for postage or even local pickup (around Gawler 5371 South Australia) Thank you in advance to everyone who may reply Sarah.
  3. sarah wants banding

    Wanted OPTIFAST Products ~ PLEASE ~

    Hi Jellybelly89, I've sent you a private message
  4. Hi everyone, Big ask ... I'm on a very tight budget at the moment and was wondering if anyone has any free optifast products (especially the shakes) they might want to pass on? Happy to pay for postage or even local pickup (around Gawler 5371 South Australia) Thank you in advance to everyone who may reply Sarah.
  5. sarah wants banding

    non codein painkiller

    Ibuprofen for me helped as it's an anti-inflamatory and helped reduce the swelling. But as others have stated, ask your doc- just to be sure
  6. sarah wants banding

    Best Frozen Meals?

    I've heard the frozen meals can contain a high amount of sodium. Once a fortnight I have a baking day and divide batches of meals up and freeze them. That way you know what you put into it and you make is according to your tastes.
  7. sarah wants banding

    Shoulder tip pain 5+months

    I'm 10 months banded and I still suffer from shoulder tip pain. I never had any issue after the operation until about 3+months in. It usually occurs when I eat too much or have foods/drinks that make me burp (especially soft drink). I've spoken to my doctor and advised me it's because the nerves that sorround the band lead up to the arm. Hope this helps
  8. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has spare/unwanted Optifast products hanging around at home that they'd like to get rid of. I'm mainly looking for the bars and Coffee + Strawberry drinks. Please let me know what you have and we can make arrangements Thanks, Sarah.
  9. sarah wants banding

    claiming medical thru tax

    Hi, I'm in SA & as far as I'm aware, you can only start claiming out of pocket medical expenses through your tax when you have reached the Medicare safety net ($2,500 OR $3,000 cant remember). Hope this helps a little bit
  10. sarah wants banding

    Young Bandits

    Hi, I'm turning 22 next month Glad to be a bandit and prouder to be a young one!
  11. sarah wants banding

    Donating Blood

    I have recently done my first blood donation and everything went well. The only issue now is I recently received my post banding blood test results and I'm severly anemic. So hopefully by then end of the year I can start donating again.
  12. sarah wants banding

    Have you lost any weight?

    Not to worry, I'm in the same situation as you. I've lost around 18kgs now and my dad will come out with comments like that too. I think theyre just jelous .... and male !! Keep up the great work, your doing great!
  13. sarah wants banding

    1/2 a cup or 1 cup... That is the question!

    My doc & dietician both said tea plate. I still manage to loose weight every week
  14. sarah wants banding

    Dr Justin Bessell: Adelaide Obesity Surgery

    Hi everyone. I've been booked in to see the dietician, exercise physiologist and psychologist at adelaide obesity surgery on 9/9/11. I'm quite excited and nervous, as most people would be about having this life-changing surgery. I have health insurance with Health Partners and am a little concerend about the out of pocket expenses.. The paper work sent through to me stated $2,500 once off cost. I was wondering if there is anyone who has had the pleasure of using Dr Justin Bessell's as their surgeon and how did they find him and the out of pocket costs.
  15. sarah wants banding

    GP recommendations in South Adelaide

    I skipped my local GP and went straight to Adelaide Obesity Surgery (Wakefield street). I saw Dr Helen Patroney who is their GP and got to all clear from her to contiune to process. It was convenient as I didn't need a referal to see the surgeon plus I arranged the other health professional (dietician,psycologist) appointments all on the same day.
  16. All day fishing charter today and found out i get sea sick :( PB'd 4 times and panicked slightly due to the fact of all the horor stories you hear about band slippages etc. Anyway, things settled down and with that, my anxiety levels too. Been a great day! and have some yummy SA King George Whiting for future lunches and dinners

  17. sarah wants banding

    Left shoulder tip pain after eating

    Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. It's great to know others have experienced the same Thanks
  18. Just wondering if anyone else gets severe pain in their left shoulder after eating a meal? I get quite bad pain in my shoulder, radiating down to my elbow and it also affects the left mid-gastric region.
  19. sarah wants banding

    Where to start???

    Im in Adelaide and I was quoted between $8k - $15k. And that didnt even include the anaesthetist, medications, follow up appointments etc. I opted to get private health and wait the year. It may sound like a long time away and yes- everyone is impatient BUT it will go alot quicker than you think
  20. sarah wants banding

    Water retention

    Also, your sodium intake will affect how much fluid you retain. If your intake is above the daily average that could be contributing to the fluid build up. By lessening your intake you can get rid of the excess salt and also take the water with it! ... So youll be less swollen and loose weight too. Consult your doctor as he/she could put you onto duretics such as Lasix
  21. sarah wants banding

    Do you have a problem with medications?

    Just a word of warning about cutting/crushing/chewing tablets. It can be quite dangerous to be cutting some tablets into pieces. Tablets can come in a sustained release form meaning, your body receives a metered dosage every hour after swallowing a whole tablet. If you cut and swallow a tablet which is supposed to be a sustained release tablet you are running the risk of administering a bolus dose of that medication. It might be a good idea to seek further medical advise if your having trouble swallowing tablets.
  22. sarah wants banding


    No you wont need a catheter, not for this surgery
  23. sarah wants banding

    Adelaide fills????

    It might also be handy to know that if you are a nurse you may possably get his surgeon fees cut in half I wouldn't assume every nurse gets it, so it might pay to occupation drop
  24. sarah wants banding

    Adelaide fills????

    Hi, I had my banding done by Dr Bessell on 7th December (awsome doctor by the way!) I found out he puts 3ml in whilst in surgery but that doesn't give you any restriction, it's just mainly to give the band its shape and allow it to fit properly around the stomach
  25. sarah wants banding

    Account/User specific text?

    Sorry Gato, it is a bit small wasn't it Hope this is better.