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  1. dafleece

    major leg surgery

    Ouch! Thanks for the pictures Rachel, that's some nice hardware you have. Best of luck with your recovery x
  2. dafleece

    Greg's pics

    You look amazing and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us all!
  3. dafleece

    Opinions on my dress?

    Its beautiful!
  4. dafleece

    6 months banded 26kg gone :)

    You look wonderful Trina, Congrats!!!!
  5. dafleece

    Moral Dilemma

    Maybe you could tell her general info just like to cut down her portion sizes, eat off bread and butter plates, cutting off sugar in her diet. Its hard but like you I am a secret bandit and when people ask me what I do I just tell them that and it helps.
  6. dafleece

    Only 3kg to go till I reach my goal weight!

    You look amazing and younger! Congrats!!
  7. dafleece

    Opinions? (Not band related)

    They look brillant, go for it
  8. dafleece

    Start 149kg - Today 66kg

    Please don't be embarrassed, you are a true inspiration to all of us. You look stunning and so happy -- Congratulations!
  9. dafleece

    Jaykay28's Gallery

    Congrats, your doing an amazing job!
  10. dafleece

    Chicken Lasagne

    Looks great, thank you for posting!
  11. dafleece


    Baylee is also called Boo and Bays and Baylee Aragorn (full name) when is is naughty and little s**t when is very naughty!
  12. dafleece

    Feeling Blah

    You wouldn't think so without a fill, but I'm not sure. Sorry I can't be more help.
  13. dafleece

    Feeling Blah

    Hi Julie, if I couldn't keep anything down except soft food/liquids I would go back to the surgeon as you might be in the red zone and need an unfill. Hope you feel better soon x
  14. dafleece


    Everybodies furbabies are soooo cute!!!!! I have a poodle called Baylee - he just turned 6. He is really cheeky and smart and cons me all the time!
  15. You've done amazing Elly, congrats!