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  1. tasha80

    2nd fill with dr Dolan?

    hi i had my first fill last week but i didnt see Dr Dolan i saw another doctor in his office,,when i mentioned to this dr that it felt like i had no restrictions he said that was a gd fing cus it means that the swelling has gone down and that mayb i have lost fat tissue from around the band which could have loosen it,,my nxt fill is in 7 weeks due to this doctor going holidays,,prob hasnt helped ya much but i also wonder alot as to y i havnt got alot of restrictions
  2. tasha80

    first fill today :)

    I had my first fill today dunno y i was soo nervous.... the doctor was awesum sat me down asked how was the pain level and wot my diet is like gav me so extra pointers on my diet and then came the time to jump on those scales and do my surprise i am now down to 97kgs a lost of 11kgs,he filled my band by 2mls as he said i had already had 2mls in my band as thats wot was put in at surgery so i have a total of 4mls in my band now and back on fluids only for a day or so but wot made today so great is that this morning i fitted into a pair 3/4 demin pants that i have not worn in over a yr and they r slightly to BIG around my waist and they r a size 18!!!!!!!!!!!!! im now at my pre-preggers weight and really really happy
  3. tasha80

    Freaked Out Newbie

    hey Dr Dolans team r awesum and soo supportive u r in great hands i found the first nite really uncomfortable and painful but gradually it improves degas tablets helped me and nurofen during the day n pandiene forte at nite and heaps of rest and dnt rush fings just take time to get know ya band and how ur body is reacting to it gd luck!!!!!!!
  4. tasha80


    hey thanks for all the words of encouragement its really hard tryin to explain to ppl how ya feel n what ur goin thru if they havnt been banded,,my fiance is a great support but sumtimes he just doesnt understand so its nice to be able to vent and no that ur not the only one goin thru this stuff :)
  5. tasha80


    hi all I was banded on 16.6.2011 at joondalup hosiptal by Dr Dolan and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions,,after surgery i was starting to fink that i made a big mistake gettin it done was in so much pain from the gas and couldnt friguire out y i was having so much pain in my left shoulder started to panic finking there was somefing wrong with my heart n that i was goin to die but the nurses and surgery team at joondalup were awesome soo supportive,,about 2 weeks after the surgery i started to get alot of bubbling in my stomach kinda felt like my guts was farting all the time and then it felt as if i was preggers cus it felt like i had a baby inside that would all of sudden kick out,,but now i am a mnth banded and feeling great,,i go to the gym at least 4x a week 2 of those visits are with a personal trainer and my confidence and being happy within myself are returning and l love watching my body change and of course love watching those kilos coming off!!! I started my journey at 108kgs lost 2kgs on ta optifast diet before op and have gone on to loose another 6kgs... i have my first check up at joondalup hosiptal this thursday (21.7.2011) and come some1 tell me wot the docs do at this first app cheers