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  1. katygotmad

    Any insight

    Sorry I can't help but I hate to see no replies. Hopefully someone else can help soon.
  2. katygotmad

    Completely off topic! Life as a psychic-medium

    I love this too kazbo. I have been told that I am also destined for this area,but I don't see things I just know them. I'll occasionally get an earache if I dont "listen" to what I've been told. I have predicted a couple of things and did some off the cuff tarot readings which apparently were very good, but like most I don't trust myself enough with it. I keep thinking Its just coincidence. I'm getting a feeling at the moment about something for me. I've read 2 books, randomly picked up, which both have the storyline of retrograde amnesia. So I'm thinking there is a message in their somewhere for me, but im having difficulty deciphering it right now. This is often how I get told things, through random coincidences. I think it may be about that I have just had the op and that the real me has been " sleeping " for the last 15 years, now I'm awake and my real life will begin. It's scary though because hubby is an absolute gem, most of the time, but I don't know how he is going to cope with the new me. He gets very jealous even now, so god help us when and if I end up small and sexy lol. Good for you for going with your gift and having the strength of mind to follow it. You are braver than I am..
  3. I just posted in a couple of places, my blog on here and a few facebook pages, but all good. I will admit I have kept on top of pain meds for the journey home and will now start to ease off them and work out if this was actually sore or I'm just a sook. I think it's the latter. I feel 100 % better than after having my band taken out, never mind put in so we will see how it goes. Turns out the anxiety head games are worse than any operation and I'll just need to monitor my fluid intake as I've had a headache since, but fear its nerves and tension rather than pain and dehydration. Anyone about to have it, it's a doddle. I can't remember what hungry feels like right now, lol.
  4. katygotmad

    Home again after sleeve, 1 week down

    Just an update. Sleeved on Friday just gone. Finally home. I completed the marathon trip. Out of hospital Monday morning. I had a bit of a freak out on Sunday morning and didn't want to leave hospital. I have anxiety issues and quite honestly didn't realise how bad they are. But I survived. Poor dr liew was a bit bemused I think. He just said stay as long as you want..lol. So stayed in a motel Monday night on the GC. Awesome place. Cheap as too. Hubby drove me to kempsey, 5 hrs, and we stayed with friends there Tuesday night. And have just got home after another 7 hr drive today. All up feeling great. My lower abdo is just starting to hurt, might be gas, sitting for so long or the dreaded TMI, constipation. But now that I'm home I will get onto that and stop the painkillers and see how I go. Not at all hungry, and have watched hubby eat pizza and steak and salad and bacon and egg rolls for the last 3 days and it hasn't phased me at all, so here's hoping. I am tentatively optimistic and looking forward to a new journey. Thank you for all your wishes and kindness so far. 😃😘😘
  5. katygotmad

    Day 3 of optifast

    Thank you guys. I'm getting excited but did wake up this morning and my first conscious thought was, I'm going to die. Oops.lol.
  6. katygotmad

    Sleeving time

    I'm being sleeved on Friday. I am scared and after reading my blog posts, even more so. I want it to work, but I am beyond sceptical, the only difference is this can't be reversed, so one way or another I'm stuffed or fixed, only time will tell which. I am not going to wish it will work and I'll get to 59kgs as I just feel stupid now after last time. I am at heart a pessimist and whilst hanging my 16 year old daughters size 8 pants on the line, I cannot see my size 26 arse ever getting anywhere near that tiny pair of pants, if only......if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. I must have some optimism in me as I am going through it all again. I can but try.
  7. katygotmad

    Here we go again

    I tried that angel, he said no, so I'm off to have it done with victor on friday
  8. katygotmad

    Day 3 of optifast

    I've been on opti for 10 days now. 2 nd time around, band failed, I'm due to be sleeved Friday. I haven't lost much at all this time. Only 2 kgs in 10 days. I lost 7 kgs in 3 weeks last time. I'm wondering if I'm failing somehow already. I'm doing the right thing I'm sure and following dietitian's guidelines, but it just isn't working this time around.
  9. katygotmad

    Here we go again

    Well I'm back. I had the band out, can't remember if I blogged that bit. Dr liew removed it and after much 'you aren't big enough' said he could sleeve me. Go away for 3 months then we can talk. In the meantime I moved AGAIN, so no sick leave or holiday leave. So my 3 months became 5. I booked in to have it done with dr liew again on 10 October. Now it's 2 weeks away and I can't afford it. Grrr. So I put it off again until nov 7. In the meantime I have been seeing a local surgeon to get it done closer to home, and maybe quicker. Am I mad. Yes. I will need to access my super in order to pay the gap and saw him yesterday at which point he said about 6 weeks. On the forums they are telling me that super access is taking 12 weeks at present, so not happy. I am still unsure which way to go. I'm leaning towards victor today only because I'm sick of waiting. And because of some underlying money issues, super accessing may be a problem in the long run. I have 3 pay days until 7 nov so surely I can save enough for the anaesthetist gap and a weeks accom on the GC as that's all I need as victor does no gap. The only worry is if there are problems I'm still going to need to be seen locally and also the 10 hour drive back is going to be hell after the surgery. But it will be at least 5 days post op and I've got 6 weeks between now and then to get healthier. This also gives me 3 more days annual leave to take when I am off.
  10. katygotmad

    2014 Sleevers

    Thanks guys. The cost is probably not that different as I will be using super to pay it anyway and after taking into account travel costs etc, especially if I need to stay a week.....well. I might just see if I can make an appointment with the local guy and see how it pans out. I just really didn't want to start all over again, but if it's for the best long term I might just have to bite the bullet
  11. katygotmad

    2014 Sleevers

    Hi guys, serial stalker back again. I'm sure you all know my story so won't go into it again. Suffice to say band sucks, band out now waiting for sleeve on 10/10. I've moved again, last time for a while I hope. Now the doc that took my band out is on the Gold Coast, he is very anti sleeving me as I 'only' have 30 odd kilos to lose. Having been trying to lose those same 30 kilos for 20 years I think I am entitled to a little help. Under duress he has agreed to do it, but wants to talk to me again about how big a deal it is etc etc. I know, I get it. But if he keeps going it undermines me and coupled with the same worries everyone on here has about dying on the table, leaks etc it feels a bit unfair. Because I have moved I am now close to a dr that apparently specialises in revisions. Seeing as how I had such a mess with the band, mostly I think because I chose a surgeon miles away from where I lived, I am seriously considering just going to see this local guy and see if he can help. Problem is he is about $5000 dearer, which I can probably get out of super but...more hoops to jump through, when my surgery is already scheduled and set up in qld. So couple of questions what does everyone think about options? And how hard will it be to have surgery so far away and then have to travel home afterwards, either a 3 hour flight or a ten hour drive?
  12. katygotmad

    Sleever's Pre & Post Op Pics

    Great work everyone. Clumsy robots I'm going to use yours as inspiration for hubby. I am waiting to be sleeved and I reckon hubby should do it too, but he is put off by the 'restrictions' he says like not drinking and eating together. He is 117kgs I think at present and has really bad knees. Doc won't operate until he is under 90kgs, but he enjoys his beer and so doesn't seem able or willing to do anything other than talk about losing weight. I might just keep an eye on your progress if you don't mind.
  13. katygotmad

    Step one- done. Now what though?

    Oh he said he would do it, but couldn't understand why I would want it. I actually didn't have a proper consult with him, so I think that's in order. It is only a week out since band removal and I went to work today. I was up to 9 nurofen plus by the time 5 o'clock came, but I managed it. I am enjoying eating again, but the band has left its mark and I can't eat much yet, which is great. Kazbo, good to see you are still going down. Sounds like it's working for you. I think I will just see how I go in the next 2 months and sign up for the sleeve if need be. I am already sick to death of my weight again and wondering what diet I can do next. Nothing fits and I hate myself.just feeling sad and sorry for myself as it's winter and I have no money again and my work sucks. I really need to shake myself and just get on with it. Sorry for the whinge
  14. katygotmad

    Step one- done. Now what though?

    Yes, might have to look into it