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  1. readytomakeachange

    Band themed tattoos

    I love hearing all your stories bandits! I've had a think about it again and think I am going to go for a circle on the reverse of my finger so the inside. I want the circle to remind me of the band so that is why I chose that design. BUT - I am a secret bandit and not sure I want to have to explain it to people . . . .ho hum, think I've got a bit more to think about. SuzyK - your daffodil sounds like a very special piece to you. I love it. Juststarting - totally agree that having it done in NYC will be special - I'm going with my brother and some others and they are getting some pieces done too Freshstart2 - the white tattoos sound interesting - what design are you thinking? Nessa - sounds like a great idea!! Your journey has been amazing. Great idea
  2. readytomakeachange

    Band themed tattoos

    Thanks guys! I think I'm going to go for it. I like the circle because it represents the band and on my wrist it will be a constant reminder of how far I've come.
  3. I can eat popcorn for hours! I love the stuff. Chips too - but the last 6 months I made a rule to not even eat one because the packet is not safe around me! ha ha. Cruskits - so so so delicious with butter or margarine on them (again, something I've banned from my life) The band is such a peculiar little thing isn't it? Some things I can eat and eat and eat, then sometimes a tiny piece of chicken will get stuck. -e
  4. readytomakeachange

    Band themed tattoos

    Afternoon All I have wanted to get a tattoo for a long time (years) but never found anything that I was 100% sold on - until I saw the one attached. I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks and if I get down to 83 (my mini goal) I'm going to get it. Couple of things I wanted to ask fellow bandits: Have you got any tattoos to mark a goal in your weight loss? What do you think of the circle and the position on the arm/wrist? Does anyone have tattoo regret? I'm a little nervous about it all and worried I will regret it - but I know I want to get it - aaarrrrhh so much confusion! Thanks Guys E
  5. readytomakeachange

    drinking wine will never be the same

    To be honest, that has been the one thing that has slowed down my weight loss. I drink far too much alcohol to lose a lot of weight. So this weekend, I am of the booze to kick start it all. I am going to NYC in a few months and I will hate myself if I get there and can't take advantage of all the clothes over there. I do love a Shiraz and some cheese. Deeeeeelish
  6. That pic is INSANE - your photographer is amazing!
  7. readytomakeachange

    I can't feel my port

    I could feel it very easily before it flipped - after I got it fixed he positioned it a lot deeper I think. I can feel it now if I really prod around. NB - Dont' worry about port flipping - that op is a walk in the park compared to the first one. I closed my eyes and when I woke up I was in recovery. I did spend a few days in hospital but that was because it was too tight (as I asked him to pump it up - but it was too much) Port area then too sensitive - anyway it is a long and boring story - my point being - no need to stress :-)
  8. readytomakeachange

    Let's celebrate!

    What a fabulous idea Kate! I am definitely keen to join in a celebration of any type! Please let me know if I can lend a hand with organising or anything like that. Love this sort of stuff! I did not see the post about getting to goal by the end of the year but it sounds like the bl00dy push I need! Sara - you are an inspiration to us all and I would love to acknowledge what you have been through and pay tribute to your amazing fighting spirit - Erin
  9. readytomakeachange

    How to convince your doctor to help you get lap banding?

    My GP actually suggested it to me, I was in denial how big I had become. I agree with other posters - find another Dr who will give you a referral. You and your surgeon are the only ones who can decide. Best thing I ever did. Good luck with everything :-)
  10. readytomakeachange

    Lamb Chops and other delights

    Steak is going to be my next project Kazbo!! ha ha @NicoleA - Spaghetti will be okay I think - not sure about the sausages - I have tried a couple of times but not much success. I think I also get nervous though in anticipation
  11. readytomakeachange

    Lamb Chops and other delights

    Well a funny thing happened to me last night - Went over to a friends place for a BBQ and usually in those instances I stick to a chicken kebab and some salad - but there was no chicken available only Lamb Cutlets and Sausages - this made me panic! I used to LOVE Lamb Chops but always avoided them since banding as was terrified they would get stuck - until last night I decided to give them a go and can I just say - DEEEELISH. These babies are back on the menu after 20 months banded! I had 1 x cutlet and about a cup of this Asian Style Salad and it was amazing. Is there anything you have all been scared to eat again but found that it was not that drama filled after all?
  12. readytomakeachange

    Abdo pain

    It is more port pain and also near belly button - I too think it has something to do with over eating but I also think it might have something to do with some pants I have been wearing to work - they sit right on my port scar and just not sure if there is a connection. If I push around my port area it is quite tender, going to wear dresses to work for a week or so and see if it makes a difference. Keep me updated on how you go and I'll do the same.
  13. readytomakeachange

    Awesome dinner with ToqayKate, EvilJoy & Beth

    Looking gorgeous Ladies!!!
  14. readytomakeachange

    Abdo pain

    Hi Kristy - I have been getting some pain lately - very strange. I've got an appt booked with my surgeon to discuss in a week or so. Need a little top up too.
  15. readytomakeachange

    Meet Up?

    Would love to meet some bandits! I've missed the last few hopefully can make this one. I'm in St Kilda