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    Band to bypass

    Hi, Seeking advice from anyone who has undergone gastric bypass. I'm approaching seven years with a gastric band, and I'm 7kgs away from a healthy BMI. I visited my gastric band surgeon yesterday and was discussing the ongoing issues I have with my band such as stuck moments and anxiety with it comes to eating food out in public. He suggested seeing the dietitian first to refresh my knowledge etc. But did mention if I'm still not happy to convert to a bypass. I have few questions: 1. Side effects of the bypass? 2. Long-term effects? I'm currently 36 3. Is it worth undergoing such an operation for 7kgs? All feedback welcome.
  2. Startingover14

    Too much weight loss

    Posting on a friends behalf, A friend of mine converts from band to bypass in May. She has lost 37 kilos and is still losing. She met her goal but is still slowly dropping weight. She wants to know if her body will slow down the weight loss? And how can she stop losing weight?
  3. Startingover14

    Band to bypass

    Thanks for your feedback. I don't have any fill in my band. I haven't had any for the past three years. However, my band works super well. So I am still unable to eat red meats and breads etc. However, I don't know any different as it's been like that since day 1. It's something I need to think about seriously. It's such a big operation.
  4. Startingover14

    Where to from here for Banding Together?

    Completely agree. I feel like I’m an outcast now, has I haven’t jumped on the sleeve band wagon. Also whenever I have post a question, NO ONE responses. Almost feels like I’m banging my head against a brick wall.
  5. Startingover14

    Lap band and reflux

    Sorry, no one has responded to your post. I rarely visit the site anymore. As it appears no one has a band anymore or no one responds. yes, to answer your question. I had my band placed in September 2011 and also have had a child since then. To control my reflex, I have done a complete change in my diet. I have also seen a natural path who has also helped. If you have any questions please feel free to PM
  6. Startingover14

    Fabulous Update

    @denzel do you know why the gastricsleevesupport.com site was shut down?
  7. Startingover14

    TV SHOW: The Obesity Myth

    My surgeon Dr Aly who is the head of surgery at the Austin Hospital is the name doctor featured throughout the documentary.
  8. Startingover14

    Call out to Melbourne Sleevers

    Dr Aly, performed my lapband surgery 5 years ago and I always have my follow-up appointments at Essendon Private. I too live in the western suburbs, so this could be an option for you.
  9. Startingover14

    New diet - new life - turning vegetarian

    Vegetarian here, not because of my band but I can't tolerate animals anymore since losing my Gall bladder.
  10. Hi Kat, my surgeon was Dr Aly, who works with Dr Mitchell out at Essendon. I had my band surgery at Essendon private and I went through the MIOS clinic. I am very happy with the aftercare I have received. Good luck, pm if you have any other questions to ask.
  11. Startingover14

    Tummy tuck recovery

    Morning, I have a question for anyone who is a tummy tuck recipient. How long did your drains stay in? I'm currently 9 days post surgery, I left hospital at day 4 with two drains. On Monday (day 7) I had my first check-up, where one of the two drains was removed. I need to go back this afternoon for another check-up and to re-evaluate. I understand everyone's recovery is different, but I just want to know if im 'normal' kind regards, Startingover
  12. Startingover14

    Tummy tuck recovery

    I'm feeling fine. There is not point to panic, I just been to continue with my recovery.
  13. Startingover14

    Tummy tuck recovery

    Thanks Leya for your response. Unfortunately there was a blockage in my drain tube, the surgeon tried to remove the clot but was unsuccessful. So now the next course of action is to monitor, aspirated the fluid out and ensure I wear my binder. My surgeon and his nursing staff aren't concerned, it's managed and very common amongst people who receive tummy tucks.
  14. Startingover14

    Tummy tuck recovery

    Thanks Denzel, my surgeon was not concerned at all, sometimes people recover at a slower rate. Reading online, drains can stay in from 3 to 15 days. It just depends. I understand there are number of different factors. I am a non-smoker and a large amount of fat was liposuctioned out. In regards to a blog, I have been keeping a paper vision of my events. Thanks
  15. Startingover14

    Melbourne Group

  16. Startingover14

    Melbourne Group

    Hi Kellieb, Thats so exciting 26 days will go past very quickly. PM me if you care to chat. Startingover
  17. Startingover14

    Melbourne Group

    Hi Bree, unfortunately, I don't live in your local area. However, I would like to meet up and make friends with other women. I live in hoppers crossing and I'm 33 years of age. Regards, startingover
  18. Startingover14

    Carb Counting on the Banting diet

    There is other sugars not just glucose and fructose. Other sugars include: sucrose, galactose which is the monomer to lactose. Our own DNA and RNA backbones are made from a sugar backbone. In regards to cultures or certain people it involves things more then just food types. It involves many things in particular epigenetics inheritance that you have no control over. In regards to scientific evidence I only trust articles that have been peer rrviewed and have an impact factor greater then 10. I will trust articles published in nature genetics, nature medicine, cell and other quality publications.
  19. Startingover14

    Carb Counting on the Banting diet

    Carbs have been shown to be important and need to be consumed. The problem isn't carbs themselves but the amount of carbs-(in the form of simple sugars) people consume. Carbs, simple or complex are required in order for our cells to preform the basic of tasks. Please, please remember that all food groups need to be consumed and carbs are not evil. So stop bringing them down!
  20. Startingover14

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    Evening, just wanted to let everyone know that there are changes being made to the Medicare contribution and tummy tucks. As of 1st November 2015, the Medicare item number for tummy tucks has been cancelled. Therefore, tummy tucks will no longer be covered by Medicare and/ or private health funds. I was informed by my plastic surgeon this afternoon to either bring forward my surgery or I will need to pay addition 10K on top of the out of pocket expense. Thanks, startingover14
  21. Startingover14

    follow up surgerys

    I have had three surgeries in 4 years.
  22. Startingover14

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    correct @Boganlicious tummy tucks are now going to be seen as cosmetic surgery. I too asked about a breast lift and unfortunately I price I was quoted makes it cost prohibitive for me.
  23. Startingover14

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    well, as I said earlier my plastic surgeon rang me and gave me two choices 1. Change my surgery date and it will be covered my Medicare or 2. Pay the addition $10k required for theatre time and hospital stay. This decision has nothing to do with plastic surgeons. It's a way for the federal government to save money overall. tummy tucks will still be covered if there is a medical need for it. I.e it will need to be approved by Medicare doctors. Many changes are going to introduced to the Medicare system comes November 1st.
  24. Startingover14

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    No, 1st of November is the deadline, as this is when the Medicare index takes place. As my surgery date was originally for the 4th of November. Now it's on the 19th of October ( 2 weeks earlier)
  25. Startingover14

    Medicare and tummy tucks

    I'm not too sure. Best to talk to your surgeon next week.