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  1. Gato

    Driving home

    One of the unfortunate effects of some anaesthetics and pain killing drugs is that you feel confident that you're fine to drive when you're definitely a hazard on the road.
  2. Gato

    Was a secret, now it isn't

    I think it's inevitable. The only information that you can control is the information you don't share with anyone.
  3. Gato

    unbiased info??

    I imagine he's wanting to see scientific study results. That's the only unbiased way to assess results. This forum certainly isn't representative. Google will help you find, but here's the results of one long term study with a good number of participants (more participants = less chance of results bein skewed by 'unusual results'). http://www.obesitylapbandsurgery.com/statsub.html and here's a more recent trial, with variable opinions about it's usefullness. http://www.webmd.com/diet/weight-loss-surgery/news/20110321/study-poor-results-from-lap-band-surgery
  4. Kazbo, I would suggest that it is safer and that you are likely to get a better result if you go to a clinic like the O clinic where they do many surgeries of this kind every week than if you have in done in Wagga or Canberra. The more experience the surgeons have in adapting their sleeve surgery to account for the changes the band has made to your stomach, the better for you. And if have a letter from your surgeon saying the right things about your need for the early release of super to have surgury for a life threatening condition (or whatever criteria your super fund has for early release) then I can't see how your super fund can argue. ie, its the content of the letter that will swing the answer (as long as you don't have lots of money in your accounts etc). You can go to your super fund's website to find out the criteria for early release of super and then try to get a letter that uses similar words.
  5. Gato

    Would this be normal???

    Any unexplained vaginal bleeding should be investigated, but particularly if you're post menopausal. http://www.thewomens.org.au/Bleedingafterthemenopause
  6. Gato

    How far does the support go?

    Every surgeon/gp/consultant would refuse to give further fills at some point. It would be irresponsible to give fills to people who want to be unhealthily thin or who want to live in the 'red zone'. Perhaps your surgeon thinks 80kg is achievable for you and a good goal, but if 70-75 is within your healthy weight range, I imagine s/he'd support you to get there. That may not mean more and more fills though. You still have to be able to eat. It may mean you working harder and harder to get to your goal by exercising and eating correctly. On average, people with a band lose 50% of their excess weight.
  7. Gato


    This might be useful. http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=35501
  8. Gato

    potato chips, non-sliders

  9. I reckon give them a call as soon as you can, because eating the right things after sleeve surgery is really really important and it sounds like they forgot to give you the information. Until you can talk to someone, just have liquid food - soups without any chunks, up and go, etc. Anything that would go through a straw (not that you have to drink it that way).
  10. Here's some information about the 'starvation mode' that might be useful: http://www.weightwatchers.com.au/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=37261 Suggest you track everything single thing you eat for a fortnight to work out what's going on. And of course walking every day if you're not already - bodies can't work properly if they're not moving.
  11. Gato

    The drive home?

    If you have a seven hour drive home or even a three hour drive home, maybe its worth staying in a motel for a few days before you drive home. I was just thinking that apart from the discomfort of the trip, what would happen if you had a problem with stitches or you were worried about something and had to drive back the next day or the day after? Is your surgeon happy for you to have a long trip the next day?
  12. I think its important to understand all sorts of things about different kinds of food and exercise and retaining fluid and building muscle and lots of other things that affect our health and affect weight loss. Otherwise you're flying blind in my view. There are two answers that I can think of - you can do lots of reading and educate yourself, or you could decide to see a dietician for say half a dozen sessions and pick their brains mercilessly and listen to their advice. If your clinic can recommend a dietician that's 'band aware' thats even better.
  13. I think you'll have to go a lot further than 'not mentioning'. Him: I just saw your stomach when you took your jumper off - What on earth have you done to your belly - they look like cuts or scars or something - what happened? Have you had surgery? Him: I can feel a funny lump here (port) - what is it? Have you seen a doctor about it? Him: I'm really worried about you - you're losing weight, you hardly eat any more - and you eat so slowly these days, its driving me insane. What's wrong with you? Him: You've just got a bit of a tummy bug, not sure why you're panicking. Throwing up never hurt anyone...... Him: Oh for gods sake, will you stop with the chew chew chewing and just eat your bloody food before it goes cold. Him: I saw a documentary on weight loss surgery the other day - I think its a great idea for some people. I'm really proud of the way you've turned your life around without surgery - it just goes to show what willpower can achieve eh? Etc, etc etc. I think its important to clearly understand the reasons why you don't want him or anyone to know. ie, to know the deeper meaning behind the throwaway line of "I just want this to be for me". Eg: I'm afraid I may fail - if no-one knows it won't be so bad. or I want them all to be amazed at my transformation without thinking it was achieved by surgery because I think surgery is cheating. or Deep down I think needing this surgery means I'm a failure - I 'should' have been able to lose weight without it. or Your reasons. We don't need to know - as long as you do.
  14. Yes, there are some very creative people on facebook. I wish they'd learn to draw instead.
  15. Gato

    Advice on where to start?

    Maybe read up on the things that your super fund allows early release of your super for and work out if you qualify. It varies from fund to fund I think. And of course the money released is taxed, so don't forget to take account of that too. Since you've already been thinking about it for years, you could take out private health insurance and wait a bit longer rather than go for early super release.