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  1. LuluB added a post in a topic: 2 weeks post op - and now I'm too scared to eat!!!   

    Thanks Guys!

    It's actually not the food or the chewing I'm scared of! But actually eating it in case it comes back up. I have been following the 'chew chew chew chew and then chew some more rule' - this is more of a psychological thing I think. I'm scared to put anything in my mouth because I'll fail or put on weight again. I've not felt like vomiting, but know when I've had enough liquids... so I guess I'm on the 'sorta' right track. I had 4 mouthfulls of some semi solid (mushy) food today... before I couldn't eat anymore due to feeling anxious about eating too much & it was also mushy curry, so it was too spicey! ha ha.

    I'm sure I'll get there - I have my first fill next week. I'm really looking forward to it!

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  2. LuluB added a post in a topic: 2 weeks post op - and now I'm too scared to eat!!!   

    Thanks. I'm trying to stay focused on the goal of being healthy and losing weight - but have found that everyone wants to put in 2 cents about my weight - and it's been hard to move on from that!

    I've tried a few mushies from this site, but like I said, only take a few mouthfuls and then I can't eat anymore!

    I've got my first appointment with my dietician, this Saturday so I guess I'll speak with her about it.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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  3. LuluB added a post in a topic: 2 weeks post op - and now I'm too scared to eat!!!   

    Was anyone else too scared to eat coming off liquids? I've lost 9kgs in the last two weeks, which I was happy with (though I can't notice at ALL that I've lost anything) - but now I can start eating semi-solid food (like vita-brits etc) I'm too scared to!

    I have tried a few little things, but end up only taking a mouthful or two before I decide I can't eat anymore in case I vomit! Prior to my operation, all I got was negativity and 'I know so and so who had it and it failed' (from people who don't know anything about banding) and from 'bandits' I got 'spew' stories.... so now I live in a constant state of anxiety about what I'm putting in my mouth incase I vomit / put on weight...

    Any words of wisdom would be apprecaited!


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  4. LuluB added a post in a topic: Psych SOR?   

    Hey Kirsty,

    Where abouts SOR? I have a wonderful Psych (male) who is in Nedlands (I live NOR in Quinns and travel to see him I like him that much!) - he's a bit expensive, but I find it really worth it going to see him.

    If you'd like his details drop me a line

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