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    Work, Study, family. I love to scrapbook and have just started becoming interested in photography - although I havent a decent camera yet! I am also an avid reader and when I was young and fit and healthy, was sports mad.....
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  1. ladyanni

    fill, vomiting, band to sleeve requirements

    Thanks for the info ladies! Ok, He does do band to sleeve, I heard his receptionist talking to another patient about it today. He also takes the band out, no gap - so yeah, essentially free. I will go back in the morning and get some fill taken out. I am sooo thirsty. Are barium swallows expensive or time consuming?
  2. Hi everyone, I had my fill taken out about 5 weeks ago after weeks of vomiting, my band felt way to tight and I had a heap of stress going on. Anyway, I gained a bucket load of weight (now I am angry at me). I went back in today and my Dr put 5.5 ml back in - I was previously at 6.5ml. The vomiting has started again. I got home, drank some water and holy cow, up it came. I waited a few hours and just now I tried some miso soup, but it has come up also - so its back to my doctor in the morning. I havent had a barium swallow yet, I wonder if he will do this now. Im also concerned that I may have a slippage, but really dont know what the symptoms of slippage are. I also have a question - when going from the band to the sleeve, is there still the requirement to be overweight/obese or, if you are having trouble with the band, is it no problem to get the sleeve done? Also - what is the health funds view? Anyone know? I paid for the band myself, but have had private health for 2 years now, so am curious if the health fund will still kick in for the sleeve - which may be the place I end up if I continue to have problems. I have been really good friends with my band, until now, and I would, ideally, like the relationship to continue! Any advice or info is very welcome. Ladyanni.
  3. ladyanni

    Fresh start to the band

    Well, I shall keep everyone posted. I go back on 14 November I think, so will discuss it with my Doc
  4. ladyanni


    Sorry girls - I have been on a number of selection panels and yep, we do read them! I fully agree though, they are frustrating to write...!
  5. So, I had all of my fill out today - after 11 months, my band all of a sudden got tight tight tight and I couldnt keep anything down, not even water. My doctor is going to wait a month and then start again. My question is - will it be like it was when I first got my band, with lots of small fills, slowly working up to the green zone again? Can anyone tell me please - I forgot to ask him. I was too excited by being able to drink water (its the simple things in life!!!)

  7. ladyanni

    Vomiting - Advice needed

    Had all of my fill out and feel amazing. He doesnt think I have a slip because of my symptomology, he just thinks that it 'got tight', well, just because I have had so much stuff go on this last couple of months, the combination of stress etc has probably all contributed. Anyway, I have drunk about 4 litres of fluid since he took the fill out and I feel fantastic. I go back in a month and we start with fills again. Next question - when the fills start again, is it like when you first get fills? ie, when I first got fills, I got bits of restriction then slowly worked up to the green zone. Does that happen again? I found out I had 6.5ml in my band.
  8. ladyanni

    Hens night for those that wanted to see!

    Kylie, you are SUCH a hottie Sexy girl!
  9. ladyanni

    Shaking it by choice!

    JouJou, how do you make protein bars? Can you share the recipe?
  10. ladyanni

    Its been a while

    It has been over a year since I have blogged. I just read my last blog - wow, I was in a terrible place! Thankfully, I did come out the other side. Also, the lady who asked me to lie for her daughter so she could defraud the government - daughter lost her job, mother is on her way out also and the pig-boss has been demoted. He is still illiterate and does not cope with me - but now, I get a sick sense of pleasure from lumbering issues on him that he has to deal with. I send him emails, with 'big' words, which frustrates the crap out of him and makes me laugh. My weight loss has been slow but very steady. I am down to around 64, tomorrow, I hope to be 63. I do have some trouble though - loads of vomiting, so am off to my doc tomorrow to see if my band has slipped or if it has just suddenly gotten tight, for some strange reason. I have had heaps of stress in the last six weeks so I am praying that that is the cause. I must admit though, I am totally looking forward to getting a bit of fill out - I really want to drink some cold water without vomiting it back up! Cheers, stay safe Ladyanni
  11. ladyanni

    Vomiting - Advice needed

    Finally got hold of my doctors rooms and have an appointment tomorrow at 3pm. I am looking forward to it, but scared also. What if my band has slipped and I have to have it out? I am so fearful of going back to where I was. Given my symptoms, I guess he will remove my fill, and I expect a barium swallow. Can anyone who has had one tell me what its all about?
  12. ladyanni

    Vomiting - Advice needed

    WOW Kylie - thats great news about the wedding - congratulations!! I called my Doctors surgery a dozen times today. I left three messages and an email....still no call back. Feeling a bit desperate.....
  13. ladyanni

    Vomiting - Advice needed

    Kylie - going really well apart from this stuff at the moment - you??
  14. ladyanni

    Vomiting - Advice needed

    Fresh Basil - this is exactly what is happening to me!! I called my doctor about a gazillion times today - answering service. He seriously needs a second receptionist! I will keep trying tomorrow and see if I can get in this week some time. Thanks everyone.
  15. ladyanni

    Vomiting - Advice needed

    Hi Jules, No I didnt go to fluids. Should I now or is it probably too late?