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  1. dingosrun

    BMI Centre Joondalup

    Anyone at bmi tomorrow
  2. dingosrun

    Hi :)

    Welcome as good luck with your journey
  3. dingosrun

    February Bandits 2012

    We need another feb meet up in perth
  4. dingosrun


    Add me Paul Southam
  5. If you try to eat and it gets stuck this upsets the band or more the stomach and then must swell a bit and then nothing is going thru that day Also stress ,sickness, most things effect the stomach and this plays with the band
  6. dingosrun

    Things that overweight people dread

    Work medicals
  7. dingosrun

    Things that overweight people dread

    Seating on a airplane and wondering is the belt going to do up
  8. dingosrun

    Starting my journey

    Hi Tanya my name is Paul was banded on February 2012 and best thing I have done You will enjoy what it gives you back I'm more active now I do personal training for other over weight people to help them out and I never regret having my band So good luck in your journey and here's to a new you
  9. dingosrun

    Whats the tastiest food you've ever eaten

    Oh I had the phish the other week so good and after it we met and chatted to micheal buble
  10. dingosrun

    February Bandits 2012

    Dam iphone correct how are all my fellow bandits going from 2012
  11. dingosrun

    February Bandits 2012

    How are ally fellow bankers going from 2012
  12. dingosrun

    Whats the tastiest food you've ever eaten

    Pho Bo Vietnamese soup
  13. dingosrun

    Whats the tastiest food you've ever eaten

    Nah over a week
  14. Having the band fr over two and a half years now the band makes you fill full I never get hungry my stomachs never rumbles But I fight head hunger all the time So yes the band is a tool and a tool that fights back If you upset your band in the morning it's going to get you back Every band is diffrent what u can eat one day you may not be able to eat the next What someone else with a band can et you may not be able to eat Do i regret having my band hell no I love it Do I fight with it yes I do just for fun But hey I learn to love with my band and it has given my life back so I can run and play with my kids and walk around with confidence So what I say is it was my best decision ever
  15. dingosrun

    Have started and hospital date booked

    You be ok surgery a easy one just rest up and normally after a week you be up and about I was back at work after two weeks