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  1. Bec Can Do It

    What did you do for exercise today ?

    I ran for 5min - not bad for someone who never ran before (or since primary school at least) - 8km/hr @ 4% incline 45min walkies, crunches, pushups and weights and a 10sec plank on toes. After having 12 weeks off due to 2 operations (a removal then a replacement) it felt good to get back into it.
  2. Bec Can Do It

    has Anyone had a second band?

    After having a band in for 4.5yrs I had a slippage and had mine removed in August 2011 but it was replaced in Sep 2011. As I haven't had it in for very long I can't give you any anecdotal for it but I have lost 8kg since it was put back in so am happy in that regards.
  3. I had slippage due to gastro. Signs of slippage came about 3 weeks later after the gastro, not sure why Couldn't keep food or water down during the day. Constantly wanted to throw up. At night I could eat but I would wake up about 1-2am in the morning vomiting (sometime didn't wake up and hubby had to wake me) The contents looked like tar. By the time I saw the surgeon I had lost my voice from all the vomiting. Severe dehydration is a pretty good sign too.
  4. Bec Can Do It


    I can tell you it's not weird. When I was originally banded back in 2006 I ate all sorts of savory foods and didn't really care much for chocolate and ice-cream and then once the band was in all I craved was chocolate and ice-cream. When I had the slip and the band was removed for 5 weeks I craved all those savory foods again. Band is back in and the savory cravings are gone again. Love to know if there has been any research done on this.
  5. Bec Can Do It

    fill when surgery done?

    I believe that is the case, if the band fits around the stomach without fluid during surgery then there will be no fluid added, but if the band is loose they will add fluid until it fits snuggly. I was advised that I was going to have fluid in during the op due to having a new band put in but I don't know how much yet, will find out when I go in for my first post op appointment next wed. Also, it's funny how these days a small band is considered 7ml. My previous band was definitely a small band, it was 4ml, they don't use that one anymore.
  6. Can I ask why you have to do liquids for 3 weeks? seems a long time. I only had to do liquids for 2 weeks and I had a band replaced due to slippage. I know all docs are different, but that;s cruel
  7. Bec Can Do It

    Your Ideal Size ??

    I used to say I would be happy being a size 16. How wrong am I. I am still 116kg but have about 15kg of excess skin and so lots of squishiness (especially in the boob area - padded bra anyone?) At my heaviest (190kg) I was in 28+ (because at that time the biggest size I could get was a 28 (I am sure I was bigger than that but I always chose clothes made out of the stretchy fabric) at one stage my hips were the same as my height 168cm. I can fit anywhere from a size 14 to a size 18 depending upon the style and the store I bought it from. I'm a 14 at stores like Autograph, can fit a 16 from places like Target and BigW and am an 18 in places like JacquiE. If I go to City Chic I am an XS. If I go to Crossroads I am 16-18. THe clothing at My Size can often be too big which is strange (maybe their sizing is very generous) It's funny when I have told people my weight and they ask me what size is the dress I am wearing and I show them and they go how can it be, I weigh less than you but you are wearing a smaller clothing size from the same store. A couple of reason - I have squishy skin so I weigh more because of the skin but if I didn't have that skin I'd really be nearer to 100kg and not 116kg so I more likely to wear the same sizing as someone around the 100kg mark and sometimes it is because I am taller. One of my online friends commented to be me that they were wearing a size 18 autograph top that I also had the same top and mine was a 14 and she went but I weigh 98kg and you weigh 124kg (which I did at the time she mentioned this). What I had to point out to her was I am 5ft6 nearly 5ft7 and she was only 4ft10 of course there is going to be disparity. Anyways, suffice it to say, I can wear 16s now in some stores so my goal size is 12-14 from a store like Portmans, Country Road, Cue etc and that may even mean that I can wear loose style size 10s.
  8. Bec Can Do It

    Lap-banding is not cheating!

    Someone accused me of being a cheater today because I have a lap-band I wrote a blog post all about it http://beccandoit.blogspot.com/2011/10/i-am-no-cheater.html
  9. And I still have 37 to get to my dr set goal weight
  10. 73kg in 4.5yrs with 53 of them lost in the past 2 yrs ( had 2 yrs of no real weight loss kept gaining and losing the same 5kg)
  11. Bec Can Do It

    Recent unbanding due to slippage

    SO after gaining 8kg between surgeries, I am happy to report I have already lost 7kg since the band has been put back in. Even better, I don't seem to look bloated anymore (for some reason after surgery I looked bloated all the time - no idea why) Funny enough I am following the same post op method that I did 4.5yrs ago (wk1-broth, wk2-soups/shakes, tomorrow I move onto mushies) instead of the wk1-broth 2 days/rest of wk soups/shakes wk2-mushies that Watson has his patients doing. Maybe it's because I am so scared of another slip or the fact that I am hardly hungry? I have 37kg to go until goal weight by the time I get to goal weight I will have lost 110kg arrggghhh Bec
  12. Bec Can Do It

    newly banded

    heat pack, degas, fart, burp, that's all I can tell you (i'd say peppermint tea but it tastes gross) I still have the shoulder pain and I am coming up 2 weeks post op.
  13. Bec Can Do It

    Friendly Gyms in Perth

    I am a member of Genesis in Kelmscott and you can get a 7day free pass from their website
  14. Bec Can Do It

    No problems for 4 years now bang!

    DOesn't sound like a slip - take it from me who had one. Sounds like you might be too tight, get some fill taken out Bec
  15. Bec Can Do It

    What is Dr Watson's Post Op Regieme

    See I knew I had outdated information, but as the old method Watson used to prescribe was good for me I think I will stick with that, especially since I did have previous band slippage Good luck Simone - I hope CeeCee and Pashy answered your question. Bec