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  1. On my way to Hawaii for a month from Darwin via Brisbane. Dont usually have an issue with my band and flying but this time is a doozy and I don't want trouble while I'm away. Can anyone recommend anyone, who I could get in to see today? Thanks in advance
  2. Nicolalia

    Feedback on new site

    I'm finding this text color difficult to read. I feel like my eyes are straining to read it I find the black on white much easier. It's only a tiny difference though Anyone else notice this? Also the double spacing is making posts take up a lot more space.
  3. Nicolalia

    Tight Band

    Mine is usually tighter in the mornings and relaxes around lunch time/ mid afternoon The other day I was tight in the evening after a decent nap!
  4. Nicolalia


    Currently smoking but going to quit. My friends and I are quitting together - figure there is no point 1 trying to quit while the others are smoking around them. I'm going to go to the doc for some help It's bad for me, it costs soo much now (nearly $25 a pack!) and also there is a guy who i really like who really doesn't like smoking which is going to help motivate me.
  5. Nicolalia

    Should I start over?

    maybe think about seeing a different Dr if you're not comfortable with yours?
  6. Nicolalia

    Very tight band last few days

    This happened to me a couple weeks ago - after not having an adjustment for 8months. I was getting my period so slightly tighter then usual and what I think happened was I got a piece of tomato skin caught in my band which irritated it and caused a little more swelling, then over the next 4 days every time i tried to eat something it irritated it a little more..... ended up in ER, 7hrs, kidney function test, an xray and a couple bags of fluid and an unfill and I was right. I did gain the ability to eat anything and everything and gained 5kgs in 3 weeks before I was topped up again. Dr wanted me to wait 3-4 weeks to let everything settle down again. So my suggestion, along with seeking advice from your Dr is stick to liquids if you can and try not to irritate any swelling that might be there. Good luck!
  7. Nicolalia

    Gastro/food poisoning

    I've always gone straight to Dr or ER at the slightest hint of gastro. I now keep a small supply of zofran ondansetron wafers in my medicine kit. They are a little wafer you pop on your tongue and pretty quickly you are feeling better. Also you don't have to worry about trying to keep down a tablet. They aren't cheap but they have been my lifesaver a couple of times.
  8. Nicolalia

    What does being "stuck" feel like?

    for me it's more like someone reaching their hand into my chest and squeezing where I imagine my band actually sits - while being kicked in the chest at the same time! The first couple of times it was a real shock! But know the warning signs now and don't have as many problems.
  9. Nicolalia

    Food fantasies

    oh sushi!!!! hmmm sushi train before friday....
  10. Nicolalia

    Food fantasies

    I don't usually have food fantasies...... BUT since having bandy loosened 12 days ago and able to eat anything and everything, I have been thinking (and eating) everything I can think of that I can't when banded. There has been a lot of fresh bread, tonight I had a sausage in bread! And steak and steamed pork buns and all sorts of terrible things I don't even usually give a second though!!! Very much have a last supper mentality 3kg gain in 12 days... hmmm 7 days to go, have a big box of Kicstart shakes ready to go to get this weight back off.
  11. Nicolalia

    Have I gone too far?

    From a personal recent experience - I was getting my period so band a bit tighter but ate something too challenging and brought it back up. This must have caused a little more swelling as I had progressively more and more trouble over the next 4 days and eventually not even able to keep down water. Which ended up with a 7hr stay in the ER to have some fill removed. My suggestion would be, if your still having PB moments, stick to fluids for a day or two and if at any time you're having trouble keeping water down and staying hydrated - go see your dr. I didn't want to be any trouble and kept thinking to myself 'well if it's not better tomorrow i'll do something' which nearly saw me passing out in the reception area in the ER
  12. Nicolalia

    Advice .......

    I was one of the ones who had fair amount of pain and really struggled with getting in and out of bed. I asked to see a physio who taught me the best way to get up and about. Degas tablets! Lots of degas tablets!!
  13. Nicolalia

    I must be getting too judgemental...

    I have gone out with friends before to a 'banquet' dinner that cost a bundle! i can't remember just how much it was but I knew that I wasn't happy to pay that much! I still went but I didn't eat anything. I told the staff I wasn't eating and asked them to take away my setting. At first the others thought it was a bit odd and kept trying to offer me food, but I'd eaten before hand and just enjoyed a glass or two of wine. I didn't feel left out, still enjoyed the company and conversation - and I was the only one not complaining about feeling too full and uncomfortable afterwards!
  14. Nicolalia

    Bad banded day

    I am also guilty of smashing out a whole block of chocolate and then some but my sister said something to me once when i was having a bad eating day - just because you drop your phone, you don't smash it with a hammer. You just pick it up and keep going. I need to remember this one more often.
  15. Nicolalia

    Worried My Band Isn't Hardly Working

    The band really only starts working once it's adjusted properly. This takes longer for some then others but stick with it, work with your Dr and you will get there. Good on you for sticking with healthy diet and exercise - it's a life change and sounds like you've got your head in the right place (most of the time when you're not feeling down about it)