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  1. cairns

    Has anyone had the same experience

    Hi Denise I feel so much better after having some taken out - Dr Clapham's office office referred me to two different doctors that do adjustments one is Dr Turner at Raintreens Medical Centre and the other was Dr Haugh at McCleod Medical Centre - I went to Dr Haugh he was really sweet he could find my porthole at first but we got there. I was really nervous about going to another docotor as I feel the same how dare Clapham go away! but now i feel great knowing that there is a back up. yeah that would be great I have to admit I have been keeping to myself since my banding however after the last few weeks I was so confused thats when I found this website and have to say I have learned more in the last week reading everyones comments.
  2. cairns

    Has anyone had the same experience

    A question for anyone - what has been your average weight loss per month?
  3. cairns

    Has anyone had the same experience

    Just been to the dr's and had .50 taken out which were my last to fills so hopefully will all be ok now - thanks!
  4. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am wondering if my band is too tight? I have been experiencing reflux and vomitting although not all the time! I recently had an adjustment which brings my fluid up to 6ml. The Dr suggested I add more as I had one month where I did not lose any weight and up until then I have been averaging about 3.5 kilos per month since I was banded about 5months ago - however I have read that poor weight loss can also come from your band being too tight along with the discomfort etc. I am confused as I am not sure if its me or the band? I have got to the point after my last two adjustments where I am scared to eat certain things as i do not want to vomit. I am losing weight again however just not as happy as I was 2 adjustments ago. Clapham is away so I have to either wait for him to get back or go to Dr Turner at Raintrees medical centre who apprantely does adjustments.