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  1. Julieanne added a post in a topic: Confessions of a secret eater!   

    I am glad I came across this post. I have been banded about 6months and I started off really well lost 20kg in the first 3 months. Then I had a stuck moment and ended up at the hospital. Since then Ive been bad and eating chocolate because it goes down easily I am haveing trouble with alot of foods now. Nearly every time I eat something it hurts...but that said I've been eating way to much and finding it so hard to get back on the wagon! I feel very hopless like Im never going to beat this eating disorder!

    finding it really hard Julie
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  2. Julieanne added a post in a topic: What to tell people   

    I think everyone is different. I was very proud that I had faced up to my demons and had done something about it. If people want to judge me so be it. I do think it is important that someone at work is aware so if something happens at work like me getting food stuck they understand and can help! Good luck and remember its a descision only you can make!
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  3. Julieanne added a post in a topic: Food Stuck   

    I had the most horrible experience yesturday I was eating lunch very soft pasta and I had chewed it well but it got stuck. Ive had it happen before just feels a bit uncomfortable. I couldnt shift it I tried stretching walking around warm water and it just got worse and worse. I couldn't vomit it up all that was coming up was flem! It was so painful words can not explain. Fortunately I was at work and I was organised to go to the hospital. The staff there were very helpful and tried to remove some fluid from my band but didnt have a long enough needle, luckly the problem did start to resolve itself and after some IV fluids I felt much better. It has really knocked me around and scared me! Dr Leong saw me this morning and removed 0.3mls of fluid, so hopefully I will be ok now. Please becareful everyone this was a really distressing experience.

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  4. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    Hi fellow October Bandits,
    I am going pretty well have has my second fill, I now have 6.5mls in an 11ml band and I am feeling the restriction. I have to remember not to eat to fast have had a few ouchy moments. I am loving the weight loss as it has helped with my health. I have been pretty good but I will have a chocolate if I want one. This is for life so have to have a treat everynow and then. I have lost a bit over 20kg. I do feel a bit tired at times but thats probaly just life stress!
    I hope everyones enjoying there weight loss!

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  5. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    I have found that Im getting really hungry and thats when I want to eat and I dont have much restriction. I think I have about 5mls in 11ml band. I am getting another fill 4th January. I am hoping it will slow me down again. My weight loss has slowed right down but I have been a bit naughty with all the Christmas parties. Im being sensible I know this is for life.....so soilder on!

    Hope everyone is doing well
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  6. Julieanne added a post in a topic: APRA Approval!!!   

    Well done...I am still waiting for my application to go through APRA I first applied in September and I am still having problems with them. My Surgeon wrote a letter for me and they didnt except it! He writes a generic letter for everyone but this time they decided it wasnt good enough. MY GP had to write 5 letters I had to pay for 2 consults to get the letters. I am still waiting after putting the additional information in. They are power hungry and they dont care when you phone them. The stress has been terrible. Im am lucky my mum lent me the money which I still need to pay back
    Sorry to go on but I truely understand how you feel.

    Good luck with your surgery it is so worth it!
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  7. Julieanne added a post in a topic: Wil I be OK alone after surgery?   

    I was home alone after surgery and I coped ok. Make sure you have plenty of liquids to drink, fruit juice, Up&go's, diet cordial, broth, cup a soup. de-gas can help. I wouldnt take asprin as you have just have surgery and it can thin the blood. You should be supplied with some pain relief from hospital if not take panadol. I survied with proping myself up in bed to sleep , helped with the gas. You cant bend down and youll be a bit sore but all in all its not to bad.

    hope this helps Julie
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  8. Julieanne added a post in a topic: Flipped Port Again!!!   

    You poor thing, have they tried with xrays? When putting in fill they should know that its filling up as the draw back the saline that is already in there so they know they are in the right spot. I would think you are so unlucky to have it flip twice! When I had my fill I could feel it going in and tightning around the stomach. Please dont give up its great when it works. Is there someone else you could go to maybe?
    Good luck and let us know how you get on!
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  9. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    My port is on the left hand side and its about 2cm below my scar which is about 12cm under my boob. Hope that makes sense.
    I feel awaful for people who have flipped ports it must be terrible.
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  10. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    Had my six week visit to the surgeon today and had my first fill. What an interesting experience....not sure I liked it lol. Luckly he got it first go I dontt hink I could of coped with several stabbings. I am so weak gutted when it comes to needles. Well now I have 5mls in an 11ml band and have to go back in 2 months. I am very lucky everything is going well.

    I hope everyone else is doing ok...

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  11. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    Glad you figured it out ok...well done!
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  12. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    I will try to explain it for you:
    Go to : http://lilyslim.com/

    CREATE : a weightloss slider

    When you have made your slider you need to open up the bandit site and go to EDIT -PROFILE - YOUR SIGNATURE- open up the edit.

    Then go back to your slider site

    you will see all different options, go to FORUM SIGNATURES: and copy "UBBcode BB Code"

    then go back to your open signature edit. you should have an empty white box where you can enter text. At the top are some small icons, go to the one that looks like a small picture. Then "PASTE" the link into there and your slider should come up.

    I hope this is easy to follow if you get stuck let me know!

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  13. Julieanne added a post in a topic: What Did You Eat Today?   

    For Breakfast I had an Up and Go

    Lunch: 2 scambled eggs

    Dinner: 3/4 cup Potato, sweet potato, cauliflower mashed with phillidelphia cooking cream 60% less fat I spoonful

    Desert: weight watchers ice cream 1/2 cup

    My Dietishion and surgeon advises liquids for 4 weeks and now Im on mushies for 2 weeks.
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  14. Julieanne added a post in a topic: November Bandits 2011   

  15. Julieanne added a post in a topic: October Bandits 2011   

    Iam nearly 4 weeks post op and have only just started feeling hungry. I have just started mushies as my surgeon prefers you stay on liquids for 4 weeks I have am 11ml band which has some fill in it that was done at the time of surgery. I have no idea how much fill! I have only lost 7 kg thought I might of lost some more!

    The great thing is not feeling hungry it helps so much. I had some scrambled eggs! Who Knew eggs could be so good!

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

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