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  1. grinningchook

    Post Body Lift, Breast, Arm and Thigh Lifts (71kg Loss)

    Fantastic weight loss, and you look fantastic CONGRATULATIONS !!
  2. grinningchook

    9 months post op! 28kg down :)

    Congratulations that is a great weight loss, keep up the good work
  3. grinningchook

    New 'diet' food company that delivers

    One of the guys I work with who is into body building has been buying this, I will have to ask him what it is like. Price is not too bad, best would be to order the large box and then halve it so you get 2 meals out of it.
  4. grinningchook

    Perth doctor recommendations

    I am the opposite, I find Dolan is fantastic with fills. I lay on the bed without having to lift anything and within 2 seconds its all over, no pain no fiddling no problems. I was surprised the first time i went how quick and simple it was.
  5. grinningchook

    Dental phobia

    I have a real phobia, I get ill just ringing up to make the appointment. My dentist used to give me diazapam before I went, I got up to taking 4 before I went and he still had to chat to me and calm me down and explain everything he was going to do to me. I sometimes refuse to open my mouth and have been known to grab his arm to stop him sometimes. (Told you I was bad) Last time I went I was living in the city and got them to knock me out completely, it was so nice anaethetist came in and stuck the drip in my arm, I remember saying " I don't think it is working" and the next thing I knew was they were shaking me to wake me up and tell me all finished. It was the nicest experience ever. They could also work on me a lot longer therefore fixed several teeth at the same time.
  6. grinningchook

    11.11.12 Wedding Pics!

    Beautiful photos Beth and you looked radiant <3
  7. grinningchook

    Freaking out a little

    Good luck Beth, I am sure you will be fantastic I have a job interview tomorrow fingers crossed.
  8. grinningchook

    Sleeve in Perth

    I thought Kruger only did sleeves now? My friend just had it done with him.
  9. grinningchook

    need help, regarding vomiting

    When I am stressed I tend to have more stuck moments. My only suggestion is to try and relax more and ignore the kids
  10. grinningchook

    C, C, C, Cellulite! Still got much??

    The best thing is massage. Most creams that are advertised for cellulite tell you that you need to massage them in several times a day for a certain time. I think if you massage anything in for the same amount of time it would help break it up. In otherwords it is the massage part that does more good than the cream.
  11. If you have stitches that you can see they will need removing but if they look good, not red or pussy they will be ok for a while longer or you can take them out yourself If you can't see the stitches they will be internal and disolve themselves, so maybe the nurse is just going to check it looks ok not festery.
  12. grinningchook

    Belly button hernia

    My girlfriend needs to have one but they want her to lose a bit more weight first. My grandaughter had a normal hernia opwhen she was 6 and she was bouncing around the next day and her little sister was jumping all over her.
  13. grinningchook

    C, C, C, Cellulite! Still got much??

    Celulite is just a flash name for fat
  14. grinningchook

    How much sick leave after banding?

    op Friday evening back to work Tues so 3 days all up... I sit at a desk all day and also suffered no wind or pain after the op
  15. HCF cost me around $1500 all up. My Dr does it no gap and just charges $1,000 administration fee. HCF covered all the hospital apart from $250 It depends on how much your Dr charges over the recommended fee as to how much you will pay.