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  1. Had a couple of small surgeries lately. Had to have fill out both times. . It is the anaesthetists decision. Hopefully you won't need to.
  2. shelleyintas

    anyone else cold?

    Absolutely! Loving the thermals. Really not looking forward to winter
  3. shelleyintas

    Weight gain

    Nearly 3 years in - serious head hunger every day, a battle every day. But think I am slowly winning . I too have gained and lost the kilos. Grazing all day does it for me. My new rule is no snacking at all, have a drink, walk, clean my teeth (find that works well). I also get bad shoulder pain if i overeat. The main thing i tell myself is this is not a diet, this is the rest of my life - and its pretty good - Best Wishes
  4. shelleyintas

    Gas pain

    Had heaps of gas pain, found the only thing that worked for me was lots of walking. Best wishes
  5. shelleyintas

    what happens when your at your ideal weight

    My first meeting with Dr about band. I asked about band removal - he said almost 100% off patients who have there band removed will gain all if not more of their weight loss. Which to me makes sense as we have all lost and gained weight pre band. Two years in - want to loose another 6-7kgs, pretty sure my band can stay as is when I get there, but can always do a little tweaking if necessary - Best wishes
  6. shelleyintas

    6 meals aday

    I do 2 a day. Cannot do brekkie, just coffee or two till lunch!
  7. shelleyintas

    Easter Eggs...why are you so tempting?

    Missy-Belle Same here. Not a single egg. So far so good - that includes a visit to the Cadbury Factory last week
  8. shelleyintas

    Do u feel hungry all the time?

    Absolutely - but most of the time its my head that is hungry!
  9. If my willpower was that good i wouldn't have a problem. I am definitely an all or nothing person. Nothing is working just fine .
  10. shelleyintas

    One Month Post Op - Normal Food Woo Hoo

    Sadly no bread, muffins, crumpets etc In the words of my Dr "no one should eat bread" - HA! Dream of a salad sandwich.
  11. Sadly I am unable to have just one - so it is none for me
  12. shelleyintas

    Advice .......

    Also found walking worked much better for me than degas etc. Best wishes
  13. shelleyintas

    Any Tasmanians out there!?

    I saw Dr P on the friday, and had my surgery on the following Tuesday - Best wishes
  14. shelleyintas

    Breakfast - Who has it?

    Agree - Band very tight in the morning and loosens during the day. For me a coffee (or two) is usually enough most mornings.