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  1. littlekat


    Hey everyone I know its been a while but hoping everyone is good. I have had ups and downs but getting back on track. Can anyone tell me is thete anywhere else you can get fills in Canberra other then going to Deakin?
  2. littlekat

    Canberra meet up

    Hi guys my shift for work got changed so won't be able to make it. Def next time
  3. littlekat

    Canberra meet up

    Hey guys I'll be there it will be good for a catch up.
  4. Hi to all Bandits and hope you all are well. I went to get a ill this morning and saw a little card for The Perfect Palate, I tried to get on the website but I just got an error message. I was interested in getting some of the food, does anyone have a number or know if they ae still doing the food. Thanks Guys Littlekat
  5. littlekat

    help needed

    Hi everyone. I have had my band about a year and a half. I do love my band but when my grandmother died I just did not care about my health and was getting liquid calories. I have not lost any weight since my last fill I decided to get myself back on track and made a appt to get another fill. I am so worried about what the doctor is going to say I know I did not do anything to help myself and o did bring this on myself. Is there anyone who has home through something the same. Also looking for contacts in Canberra to keep on contact with fellow bandits.