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  1. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    HI Everyone, I am going ok, slowly but good, have lost 16.1Kgs since the Op. Had a App this arvo where i thought i would get more fill but DR is happy with where i am at! I have 5.5Mls and losing 1kg a week sometimes 1.5kg. I am starting to notice changes in my face, and had a new bra fitted today, (The boobies getting smaller LOL) Has anyone else noticed changes??
  2. Craftybandit

    Any one changed Lap band Dr after procedure

    My Surgeon was Hannes Basson, and cant fault him one bit! OP was easy with no complications and recoverey was to a T. I now see Anton Kruger at the BMI centre in Joondalup and cant reccomend him enough!!! HTH
  3. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    Hi everyone. Im going ok, i have had 4 fills now too Kylie, had the 4th yest and have 5.5mls. I can still eat all foods, just not alot of them. I am the same Kylie weight loss is slow, but its going
  4. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    Well Done Meandband I had 3rd fill yest, now have 4.8mls in the band. Been loosing a kg a week so happy with that, need to get my butt into gear and do more exercise
  5. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    Well Done
  6. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    Your not alone, i can still eat any type of food, though i am only eating a small amount of it I feel "Normal" but dont feel "normal" for a bander as in "normal" for a bander most cant eat bread, steak etc Guess its still only early days, i have 3.8mils in (Over 2 fills) and was banded 1st Dec, not sure what size band i have, guess i should ask next app!!! Felt so guily last night, had my first ice cream in i dont know how long, since before banding! Was so hot in Perth and that time of month and needed one and then felt so bad LOL
  7. Craftybandit

    BMI Centre Joondalup

    Im going great thanks, have lost 10kg since banding
  8. Craftybandit

    do u regrett it?

    The only time i regretted it was right after surgery when i was thinking "What have i done" Now 7weeks on and 10kgs lighter, can only see the postivites
  9. Craftybandit

    Dr David Yong

    Dont quote me on this but Dr Young and Dr Basson all run under the same centre so i presume would be the same costs. I have a friend being banded by Young in March and Yes she has had to pay the $1250
  10. Craftybandit

    BMI Centre Joondalup

    I was banded by Basson 1st Dec, Paid for intial app with him which was $100 and something and got back $70ish from medicare, then $200 Phyc, and now have a bill for $128 for blood tests i had before hand. I have been to the BMI centre twice and saw Len and have been bulked billed both times....
  11. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    Hi All Been going well here! Had 2nd fill today, have 3.8 total, had 2.8 and then 1ml today. Have lost another 2.5kg since the 5th Jan, and 10kg in total People have started noticing in my face which is great Chat soon x
  12. Craftybandit

    Going public in a BIG way...

    How Exciting! Kate told me about it the other day! Cant wait to see it
  13. Craftybandit

    Here's what I'm gonna do when I reach goal!

    OOOh Yes, this is something id like to do too! Would really like to renew vouls and have a big party and wear a WHITE dress, when i got married i HATED the way i looked in all the white dresses i tried on, so i wore hot pink!! LOL
  14. Craftybandit

    December Bandits 2011

    Wonder what his reason is for it? Everyone is so different! I went for my first fill today just over 4 weeks post op. Said i had alot of air in there, so took it all out and but 2.8Mils in, and wants me to go back in 2 weeks. Fingers X as i can eat everything and anything!!!