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  1. socks

    I can't do it

    Thankyou so much for your kind words and wishes, I just cant bring myself to commit to this, So once again I will jump on the diet bandwagon and do it the old fashioned way. Actually I like the opitfast, so maybe this will work for me ... Shelli- I will look into my gurgleing tummy, but, after I posted this morning it all stopped go figure! I appreciate your honesty everyone, in that I'm not alone making this decision and that you have all struggled in some way also, Thanks again Di x
  2. socks

    I can't do it

    Hi! I'm currently booked in for the 25th of October... But I will have to cancel my surgery as I dont think I'm ready The thought of having a plastic band inside my body forever freaks me out... My head says " Yeah this is the answer to all my problems", I was even considering a sleeve instead. but ... Ever since my first visit, my stomach has been gurgling and feels like a pit of boiling acid... I have been feeling panic and anxiety ,not sleeping, waking through the night with severe stomach cramps... I'm sorry to put this on you all... but... Hubby is doing his best to ignore the whole experience, So you are my best outlet.. Sadly I feel like a failure, I havn't even started the journey and i'm jumping ship already... Hope I didnt bring you all down Good luck to everyone with your journeys!!! Maybe in twelve months I'll be more prepared who knows Thanks for listening xoxo This is how I feel and is not meant to influence anybody else's decision
  3. socks

    Five years of umm and ahh and finally a choice!

    Yeah!... I hear you... Making the DECISION is as tough as yo -yo dieting, Sorry I dont have any advice to offer as I dont get done till the end of the month, However I do offer positive thoughts... Good luck with the payment plan... ((hugs))
  4. socks

    October Bandits 2011

    Good luck Julz, I have just been given my date 25th October... whoo hoo!!! yippy ki yay!!! bring it on...!!! I know we we all a little nervous ... but thats a natural reaction as someone once said nothing feels as good as being thin feels ((HUGS)) to all We can do this... Di,
  5. socks

    Controlling our fills?

    Hi Helen I am not yet banded, but have been reading the forum If you go to Frequently asked Questions 8 Golden rules of lap banding by prof O'Brian and watch this link to you tube... it will explain all... Good Luck!
  6. socks


    wow 27 kilos thats great, to bad about your clothes... guess you'll just have to by new ones... lol Janine how are you feeling?
  7. socks


    Glygocen sounds much better than fat... ha ha ha ! Cheers! (excuse the pun)
  8. socks


    Wow that was awesome... Fantastic tip! I have just had a cat scan on my liver as it apparently inflamed, and is not functioning properly... and i also have some sort of spot? I dont have my results yet so ... I just have to wait till the doctors ring me... No I'm not a big drinker. However all that you wrote is very enlightening thanks... I may have a build up of glygocen that needs to be shifted... Thanks
  9. socks

    Hearing the words your quiet tiny

    OOHHHH! I am soooo looking forward to hearing that..... clearly you deserve it well done
  10. socks

    Here I go ........

    So how did it all go? I have been waiting for your next post... I hope all went well, congratulations on the new you... ha ha ha !
  11. socks

    Today is the first day

    relax and stay calm, sweet dreams!
  12. socks


    Congratulations Dorrie, I think its great that you were confident enough to do this, no offence, Its just that I know how it has been playing with my head... an operation is nothing to take lightly... I know I'm ready now... ((Hugs))
  13. socks

    just starting - am i prepared??

    Good luck Janine, I'm sure all will be well. keep us posted
  14. socks


    Hi! Di again, WOW!!! Everyone is soooo! positive... and not ,no offence, as young as I had imagined. You guys have totally changed my mind set... Bring it on...! I'm ready. Thanks Torquaykate, you amaze me, if the band can do that much for you there is no reason why it wont work for me. yippikiyay
  15. socks


    Thanks for all the promt replies It makes me feel a lot better, I was wondering if I was a bit old to do this this will be the begining of a new chapter. I am sooo! excited, and sooo! terrified about the whole experience. Thanks everyone. ((hugs))