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  1. Junior

    Advice for Going O/S

    I know this was posted ages ago but thanks. I'm heading off to Canada and Alaska in August and I'm just researching travel insurance now. Last year I went to Europe and went with Allianz but they want to charge more to go to the US! So far insure and go are the cheapest - although they want an extra $54 for declaring my band. Others ask for $100 - $150 Thanks again
  2. Junior

    Starting weight - Current weight

    Banded 25.11.11 Starting weight: 109.5kg Current weight: 69.5kg Goal: 63kg
  3. Junior

    Not too good

    Yes it will get better. When we do Opti it changes our metabolism. We go into a state of ketosis where the body burns fat for energy rather than getting it from our food. For me it passed after Day 4. Hopefully it will for you too.
  4. Junior

    New hobby

    Uh huh.. you are smaller so you've moved to smaller cars eh? O.............k Only kidding. Glad you are enjoying it
  5. Junior

    Time for a Smile...

    I love the last one! Thanks for sharing
  6. Junior

    Feeling sick on optifast

    It has to do with the way Opti alters your metabolism. Instead of burning carbs for energy, you start burning fat. It usually settles after a few days. It's also good to add Benefibre while on Opti because with no real carbs, it's hard to keep things regular.
  7. Junior

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I was out looking at clothes today and I just can't get my head around the fact that I am now a size 14. I keep taking 16s into the dressing room
  8. Junior

    Not sure if I should be happy

    Why would you be embarrassed? Never mind anyone else's journey. This is yours and it is going well. Be happy
  9. Junior

    Hardest thing to adapt to

    Agree with those said the small bites and making sure everything is chewed, chewed, chewed Oh and waiting in between bites. I always pay if I forget!
  10. Junior

    Missed meals

    Forget to eat?
  11. Junior

    Tonights Dinner..

    Nothing romantic for Valentine's Day (although hubby DID leave me a bunch of flowers this morning ) but spagetti bolognaise with a bok choy for a green vegie.
  12. Junior

    November Bandits 2011

    Ahhh chocolate. I'm hopeless with that
  13. Junior

    Red zone

    ^^ what she said. I hope you changed doctors.