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  1. Poppy

    September 2012.

    You are an inspiration JaimM, How did you do it????? WOW!!! Such willpower!!! In the year that I have been banded, I have only lost 14 kilos, but I am having more important issues with feeling nauseous for the past week whenever I drink or eat. I am hoping when I see the doc next Tuesday that it only will be a loosening of the band. I do hope your band has been treating you nice.
  2. Poppy


    Hi Eggzy, Have not gone to doc yet, as he can't see me till Tuesday morning. I've hardly eaten today, so I am slowly eating some yoghurt for protein. I also have nibbled on some Be vita biscuits ( I think thats what they're called). I had a bit of Protin shake at lunch and was not able to burp and felt nauseous again. I tried water later on after one hour and it felt that when I tried to burp, some water would come up. I hope when I do see the doctor, all he will need to do is loosen the band so I can feel better again. This is the first time in the whole year that I have had this awful feeling. As soon as I start walking around, I feel yuccky. When I lie down, I am fine. I also get some chills and flushes now and then, especially when I drink water. I wanted to go to the gym, but hesitate, thinking that the nausea will start again, when I start walking or weights or an aerobic class. I'll certainly let you know what the doc will say.
  3. Hello, I was banded a year ago and just this week, after I pb'ed (eating too quickly absentmindedly) I have not been able to enjoy food or drink, withut feeling nauseous. No vomiting, but nausea, from drinking a bit of water. I burp, even after such little water. Oh, when I lie down at night to sleep, I don't feel nauseous, and I don't have reflux either. I have made an appointment to see my doctor, but in the meantime, has anyone else experienced this and what treatment was done to resolve this nauseous feeling. Cheers Poppy
  4. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Hi Beck. You sure are doing better than me. I went for my second fill two weeks ago, after hesitating in going to see the Dr. after a few months, and he put in a 1.5 ml, and I have seen the difference already. So, don't give up, people around you might not like the change in their lives with you getting healthier and more beautiful. Don't give up.
  5. Poppy

    virgin active gym norwest

    Hi dragonflyblue, I use the gym and have been for a while. I love it! The price is reasonable with all the facilities you get with the price. The pool is nice to swim in, none of that chlorine smell. It also has a sauna and hot spa which I use from time to time If you haven't joined yet, then please do, you'll enjoy it.
  6. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Jason! Wow! Wow! Wow! OMG, you look fantastic and so fit! What did you do foodwise, besides your exercising? Also, there is no loose skin, lucky you. WOW!
  7. Poppy

    September 2012.

    KJay, sorry to hear about the loss of your FIL. I have had my dad sick in hospital the past weeks, but he is better. You don't realise how much our parents are part of our life. It certainly changed my way of thinking. Keep the weight loss going. I have started eating lots of veggies and adding enough protein to keep my going, but NO FAT. I have stopped adding olive oil! Even though its a great source of fat, its helping me lose my weight. I do believe my plateau I have been having was contributed to fat added in my foods. Oh, and exercise is helping. In a week, I have already seen a difference. Keep it up! Cheers
  8. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Good on you Maxie, you are inspiring me. I do have 3mL in my band and feel great, but weight loss is slow. I started to eat less fat as from today and eating more veggies for bulk, so I won't go for the 'comfort foods'. I will let all know of my progress as soon as I see the kilos drop. I still have a way to go, but, like you, I am optomostic.
  9. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Thank you for the support CsM82, I seem to on a plateau, but geez those pb's are awful! I am scared to fill more than the three mL. I don't want to end up eating only soft foods, because I am pbing with certain foods already, so I keep away from those types of foods. The exercise seems to be toning me, but no weight loss. My clothes are getting bigger, so there is a plus there. Maybe my problem is that I am eating food that has a bit too much fat? If I do decide to go back to the doc, I will ask for only a 1mL fill and see how this goes. In the meantime, I'll just do the best I can. Poppy
  10. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Hello fellow Sept bandits, I have been off the radar, trying to concentrate on my slooooooow weight loss. I am stuck on 90.8 kilos and have not been able to budge, but the positive side is that I am able to maintain it. I have 3mls and I am too scared to make it any more, as I have had a few stuck moments and a throw episode that I have not forgotten. What I have done though, is, I have increased my exercising and I can see and feel the difference. Tracking my food through My Fitness Pal has helped too. So, I hope I will lose a kilo this week as I have really controlled my eating and exercise. Has anyone else had this situation where weight loss has been slow?
  11. Hello Banders, I have been banded for the past 2 months and today I am having a really funny pain that comes and goes around the band area. The pain is between a throbbing / stabbing pain. It is not 'over the top pain', but it is something that I have not had before post band. I did have a stuck moment for the first time on Tuesday, but it finally went don and I felt better again. Another thing I have noticed that if I eat, there is a slight pain near the band area. I don't have any other symptoms, I burp all good and everything else. Any ideas?
  12. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Good morning team Sep bandits, Well, what can I say. Its been a whirlwind few months and I have l been keeping low from the radar. Recovery was ok. I had alot of pain, which has now subsided...yay! I went straight to work a week after and now that my contract work is winding down, I am able to relax a bit and update my lovely bandits with my progress. I got 3ml put in my band 2 weeks ago. The surgeon weighed me and said that since my op, I was 'neither here nor there' with my weight loss. His scales show different to mine, so I will go with mine. His weight loss says that I lost only 3.5 kilos, but I know I lost more. I am getting disenchanted with my weight loss progress since the fill. I have not lost ANY weight! So, my next target I suppose would be to join a gym. Foodwise, I am getting hungry most of the time. I am following a lap band regime lifestyle plan and that works for most of the day and at night, I am struggling. Maybe O am not motivated as I was a month ago, maybe I am scared that I am not getting the amount of nutrients I should be. Any motivation out there for me? Oh and finally...I had my first stuck moment on Melbourne Cup day at the pub....oh dear....how embarrassing. but the ladies room was right next door, so I was there for a while. I think what happened was that I got too excited with the day and took a larger bite of my food than usual. A lesson for me. I am hoping now that work is winding down I am able to become more of a contributer than the past few months on this forum. Till next time, I'm signing off, because I have to get ready for work.
  13. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Hi Cark, I got banded on the 26th sep and I have a burning port site pain which is less painful with each new day, but feels it hurts when I try to get out of bed or drive my car to work. Tonight we went out and I was finding it difficult to sit up straight in my chair. Cark, I don't get any clicking flicking but I reckon a phonecall to your surgeon would be recommended.
  14. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Thanks Maxie, Thank goodness I brought my pain killers with me at work as emergency. How r u going with your recovery? I did no lose weight today, a bit disappointed, but at the same time feeling ok about it, because losing too much weight too quickly is not healthy.
  15. Poppy

    September 2012.

    Good morning bandies, I was wondering if someone can describe what shoulder tip pain is? I am not sure if I have pulled a back muscle or its the start if shoulder tip pain. If so, what's the best way to relive it? I'm not having a good start to the day, my port site is still having this burning and stabbing pain.