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  1. aus6andit

    One whole year

    congratulations.....you look amazing your hard work has paid off
  2. aus6andit

    Plastic surgery update

    Hi Kazbo I have just read your story I hope your recovery is on track and you will soon be feeling and seeing the benefits of your surgery. Believe me it is worth it and just shows again how strong we have become taking these journeys
  3. aus6andit


    Very happy and healthy is what you look, well done what an amazing effort the hard work shows
  4. Congratulations you look amazing...hard work pays off
  5. aus6andit

    2005 vs 2015

    i can see a little difference.....lol, you have smashed it
  6. aus6andit

    6 months post op - 41kgs down

    you are doing a great job...go girl, smash it
  7. aus6andit

    Banded in 2011!

    smile says it all
  8. aus6andit


    Ahhhh....go crazy girl. Fun is what it is about
  9. aus6andit

    Found my before pics today

    You have lost years as well as your weight, great work looking great
  10. aus6andit

    Bikini in public

    Go girl you did it.....YEAH
  11. aus6andit

    Only Comparison I have

    congratulations you look great
  12. aus6andit

    3 years ago today

    Congratulations Neesa you have worked so hard and the results are shinning through. You look amazing a so happy...
  13. aus6andit

    Celebrating reaching 100% goal

    Congratulations....thank you for sharing the new you with us. Some many years ahead of smiles good health and not to mention fun clothes
  14. aus6andit

    3 months post-op, 50% to goal

    Amazing changes great work, keep focused you will be there before you know it