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  1. I just rang HCF as I am having revision surgery once my 12 month wait finishes which would be around 17th of June, which only gives me around 13 days to have the op before its no longer covered, they advised me to upgrade to top hospital cover by 30th June and I would still be covered, if I drop the extras it will cost me around $14 a month more. I'm so glad I read this post as I haven't received any emails or anything from HCF and wouldn't have known.
  2. nikki67

    Would you do it again?

    I have had nothing but trouble with my band and have been in pain with reflux for about 18 months now, averaging about 3 hours sleep a night because of being unable to sleep flat without vomiting, am living on Sustagen at the moment waiting for PHI to kick in so I can get revision, although am seriously thing of just going public and getting the damn thing out
  3. nikki67

    Jason Winnett

    Would advise you to join up Health Insurance in case you need revision surgery down the track. I fell into the trap of not having insurance and he quoted me $18000 to fix my band. Unfortunatly they don't tell you these things when you sign up, I had no idea that he would charge me if something went wrong.
  4. nikki67

    Ok, Be Honest

    I haven't had any joy from my band since I've had it apart from losing 45kg, I haven't been able to enjoy the new skinnier me due to reflux and heart burn every single night and now not being able to keep weight on because I cant eat anything I look like a junkie
  5. nikki67

    Would you do it again?

    Absolutly NOT in a million years!
  6. nikki67

    Jason Winnett

    until something goes wrong
  7. nikki67

    Jason Winnett

    Hi Kg have sent you a message in your inbox
  8. nikki67

    Gone off Fizzy Drinks

    I dont enjoy any type of food anymore, only force myself to eat because I have to
  9. nikki67

    My lapband Sucks.

    Not everyone that has problems with the band have done the wrong thing! I did everything by the books and it still went pear shaped.
  10. nikki67

    My lapband Sucks.

    I know exactly how you feel, I cant eat anything without feeling terrible! I have had no fluid in my band for about 4 months now and I still get foods stuck and vomit on a regular basis. The only option for me now if I keep losing weight is to have the band removed, if that happens i'm going to be fat and $16000 poorer.....fantastic!!!!
  11. nikki67

    Goal Weight - Now What?

    I have the opposite problem now i'm at goal, I have to stop losing weight as I have no fill in my band and cant tolerate it. Doc says if I lose too much more band may have to come out as they have no where to go as far as unfilling....he did give me the green light to eat chocolate
  12. nikki67

    Staying with the in laws

    Defiantly go with the gastro excuse. My hubby told his mother about my operation after I specifically asked him not to as I didn't want the world knowing....guess what? The world now knows......grrrrrrrr!!!!!
  13. nikki67

    Living with my bandit

    I wish my hubby was supportive, he told me I was obsessed with the band the other day....ummmmm I probably am at the moment as ím having heaps of trouble with pain, reflux and no sleep
  14. nikki67

    THIS is the reason I got a band

    The photo that made me get the band was one of me riding an elephant in Thailand, I felt sorry for the poor elephant
  15. Thanks so much for the info Chantilly, if this keeps up I might have to bite the bullet and talk about revision, there is no way they are taking it out though id rather live with the reflux than carry all the weight again