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  1. Thanks DavidR and ilikewinter, It is good to hear that people are happy with their choice and can live reflux free. I work with a lady (only contact is via phone) who regrets her sleeve and considers it a failure, but gets too emotional talking about it and won't go in to details about why. I think it is important to hear lots of different people's experiences, so I can make an imformed choice.
  2. I am pleased to hear that your reflux isn't causing an issue. That is a positive thing.
  3. I want to hear from long term sleevers about the day to day reality of having a sleeve. I want to hear the things you struggle with and the things you wish you had fully comprehended. I have a band and I am thinking of undergoing further surgery to switch to a sleeve. I am still considered a banding success even though I am ready to have it removed. I found this site very supportive when I had my intial surgery. My only complaint was that most of the post were from prospective bandits or people who were in the initial stages of their band journey. I could have used the insight of people who had lived with the band long term. I guess my main concerns and fears are about the potential for reflux, which is the main reason I am having the band removed. I also struggled with the difficulties of eating some food on the band and want to hear how people manage. I personally never had an issue with eating the small meals, in fact I loved that. I only struggled with the difficulty in eating some days. Anyway, I would love to hear from anyone.
  4. eviljoy

    How long did you stick with the band?

    Ilikewinter, Are you happy with the sleeve? It must have been a difficult decision to go ahead with a second form of bariatric surgery when the first kind went so catastrophically wrong.
  5. I know sometimes when I see a GP or my surgeon I have certain questions I want answered, but in the moment I get flustered or I forget. Maybe write down specific questions and don't leave until you are satisfied with the answer. Ask if there are other tests and make sure they justify their answers rather than just brushing you off. Maybe consider taking in a friend or loved one who can remain level headed sometimes a second set of ears helps.
  6. eviljoy

    How long did you stick with the band?

    Thank you for sharing your experience Ness. My two main fears are reflux and finding out there is too much scaring and I am not suitable for the sleeve. The bypass scares the bejebus out of me because my mother had MAJOR bowel issues and I just don't want to go there. I am wondering if i just stick it out a little longer, because I am not ready to make the decision.
  7. eviljoy

    How long did you stick with the band?

    There seems to be a lot of people going through the process now.
  8. eviljoy

    How long did you stick with the band?

    Hi Jemabell, Thanks for your response. Is reflux a particular problem with the sleeve? I was well researched when I had the band, but I know very little about the sleeve. I am not informed enough to make any decisions.
  9. I was just curious how long people had their band before having it removed? With the supplementary question, did you have a sleeve or bypass done (or perhaps you decided against further WLS)?
  10. eviljoy

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi guys, Are any of you still out there? I admit that I very rarely come on to the site now, but I still like to check in occasionally. I had .5ml out in April (my last post) and it was such a relief to not have the reflux and night coughing. It did mean that I was able to eat a bit more and I put on a couple of kilos. I wasn't too concerned at first, but after a few months of freedom I went back and had .2ml put back in. That seems to be my sweet spot. I can eat with ease, but don't get reflux or night coughs (as long as I wait half an hour after eating before lying down). I have lost the weight I put on and I have finally, as of yesterday, cracked the 'healthy' BMI range. I hope you are all well and are having some measure of success. Shelle
  11. eviljoy

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    I am now OFFICIALLY in the 'healthy' weight range for BMI.
  12. eviljoy

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Wanted to buy a belt today from Sportscraft, they come in two sizes. Tried the normal one and it was way too big. Tried the small one and it was still too big. Didn't end up buying a belt.
  13. Kazoo. Hello my Dear. It has been such a very long time since we last spoke. I am so excited to hear that you are finally getting things sorted. How long after getting the band out before you can get the sleeve done? Other than this major news, I hope all is well with your life. Take care and I hope we get the chance for a proper catch up soon. Shelle.
  14. eviljoy

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    Congratulations. I ran the 1/2 Marathon in Brisbane today too. Any plans to do another one? The Sunshine Coast Marathon (and 1/2 and 10km) is coming up in a few weeks. Also the Bay Twilight Run is next month. That one is along the Wynnum foreshore. You should consider it. This running thing is addictive.
  15. eviljoy

    Non Scale Victories (NSVs)

    thanks Kay. I would never have imagined it possible.