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  1. bexster

    negative responses??

    Be proud, stand up for wat u believe in Banding is not an easy way out thats for sure It is a push in the rite direction but not easy I have had no negative comments but I do find alot of jelousy going on around me, When people ask me how am i losing the weight i tell them" i have had lap band surgery and its pushed me in the rite direction to do the rite thing for ME and as u can c it works" Best thing i have eva done
  2. bexster

    2nd Fill

    Hi sandy My first fill was 2 weeks ago he put in 4.5 mls and i spose i feel fine i didnt think he would put in that much I find i am extra tight first thing in the morning even the mornin coffee goes down hard so about 1 hour after that i have a little cup of fruit in juice this does me till lunch Im only just geting use to foods now 2 weeks after the fill maybe u should give it a little bit more time If your not throwing everthing up i think give it a bit more time I am not a doctor ,i know how u feel but its gotten a bit better ova time Goodluck hun
  3. bexster


    Hi ya I eat the dark chocolate diet snacks found in yoghurt section at woolys YUMMY takes the chocy craving away
  4. bexster

    in Pain!!!!

    Hay hun sorry to hear u going through all this, i didnt get any sholder pain so spose i was lucky the wind was real bad but i had alot of burning pain just above my belly button and i couldnt do anything for bout a week after the op one bicky is not going to hurt u babe, dont feel bad, HANG IN THERE ok it will all pay of i found, if i wanted it i had it , chew and spit ( i know its gross but it takes the cravings away) lol Supporting hugs for u
  5. bexster

    having a bad day

    Hi ya all I am in a real bad mood and all i wanna do is eat yukky foods I am two and a half weeks bandid and im feeling real horible more poor husband and kids are coppn it, has anyone else felt like this if so plzzz help i am so aware of my mood but i cant help it
  6. bexster

    Coming up 48 hrs post op

    Hiya i found if u are craving salt try bonox its the best for the salt fix and u can have this morning t or afternoon t anytime really it is a clear fluid i craved savoury foods too BONOX did it everytime. Xx
  7. bexster


    And this sister i have ask tenchnical support the same question if anyone can help that will be lovley
  8. HI ya im feeling really good today,

    i am finally comfortable enough to kick a footy wif my kids they loved it, it was my oldest sons bday he had requested pizza and ice cream cake for tea and i didnt feel like i needed any. I stuck to my 7 to 9 month baby food and actually enjoyd it lol. i went for a walk this mornin lovn life

  9. not doing too bad today the last couple of days ive had my grumps on !!! Thats for sure My poor kids

  10. bexster

    17.4kgs gone pn opti :)

    Thats amazing well done hun good luck with everything for the future xxx
  11. Wow !! u have been through heaps wich surgen did u c in the first place i dont really understand why u have to go through all these tests sorry lol i had privite health insurence for 12 months hbf cost me 22 dollars a fortnight so when the 12 months were up i had lap band surgery. I had no extesive test and no dramas with anything 2 weeks later havnt looked back

  12. bexster

    wat have i done plzz help

    Thanks guys i was stressn i will keep an eye on things xxx
  13. bexster

    wat have i done plzz help

    I am 14 days banded have just swolled a chewy do i nees to stress plze help
  14. bexster

    im new need sum support

    Ohhh thanks steph wen can i start excersizn
  15. bexster

    im new need sum support

    Let me tell u about me i am 28 years old i have 4 kids two are my husbands i have draged them up since they were babys and two of my own i have struggled always wif my weight my heaviest was 120 killos. I enjoy life and love my family i love meetn new people. i booked into havn gastric sleeving on the 22 nd sept but the dr scared me i want to be around healthy enough to watch the kids grow up soooo i went for lapband man wat a life changing experience my husband works away and im feelin alone in my new life