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  1. JAG

    February Bandits 2012

    Hey, thought I better check in as well. My Baniversary tomorrow. Yes feeling flat flat flat and was hoping to be at least in the 20's by the time I got to 12mths banded. To date lost 17kg. I know not too bad and stoked about that, but I've been stuck on same weight for about 3mths. Some days I need to purge after about 3 bites, other times i can eat a plate and go back for seconds. Its been a tough year for us and I know the stress plays a bit part. but I think time to go and get some more fill put in and maybe even a chat with the dietician. Get back to the basics. This site keeps me going. hope everyone else ok. xx
  2. JAG

    February 2012 Bandits

    Thanks guys, just going to continue to put one foot in front of the other at the moment. Main focus is to get through the silly season for now and go from there. thanks Sara as well, I've gone and joined Feb bandits and hopefully will get some more inspiration from others there as well.
  3. JAG

    February Bandits 2012

    Hey guys, Haven't really used this site much. But I was banded in Februaray 2012 a slow journey but getting there. Just wanted to jump on board and go with the flow of the other Feb bandits. Great to see all the support from everyone out there. I started at 127kg and then was banded on 8 Feb at 124kg. Currently sitting at 112kg. Been a tough year personally, but trying to jump back on board and get started again. Hope everyone is going great still as well. Been lacking a lot of motivation lately but hopefully with this support and starting to use this site more often, I will get there
  4. I went through Dr George Hopkins at Chermside and he is great from the very begining to the end. Private hospital, but the dietician and everyone is fabulous.
  5. JAG

    February 2012 Bandits

    Hey guys, Ive been avoiding this site for a while as I feel guilty just as to where I've come since banded. I was banded 8 February 2012 in Brisbane at 124kg, and everything went fantastic. Since then its probably been a shocking year. In March my mother-in-law passed away and we were all very close, Id only been banded for a few weeks and of course my depression eating kicked in. Since then my husband has had time off work and since changed jobs and one stress of finances and grieving after another. To date Im now sitting around 112kg. So basically its been nearly 9mths since I was banded and I've only lost 12kg. I've had heaps of adjustments, sometimes too tight and have had removed twice because of something stuck. So its been a super super slow process. I sometimes get really disheartened which is partly the reason why I sometimes avoid this site even though I love it so much. My biggest thrill is seeing before and after photos and seeing where people havve come but it also puts me into a depression and think that I've gone through all this surgery and recover etc, and still not really gotten anywhere. I know its been a tough and bad year for our family, but I really thought I would have lost more weight by now. Back to the drawing board and I suppose nealy the end of the year and time to put this year behind me and start again. I just wanted to touch base with the other February 2012 bandits and see how they are progressing. Might spur me on and give me a bit more drive to get back on the wagon so to speak Thanks guys and so proud of everyone for what they are doing.
  6. Im a bit naughty and eat everything in moderation, but generally have a good diet. The bad part is that I still enjoy my wines. But yes I now have half wine and half soda water and even top it up with ice. I agree, this way feels like i'm still having a full glass, but only half the empty calories. Getting there slowly
  7. JAG

    before and after 60 kilos loss

    Wow, way to go, you must be super stoked with that. Your looking great. So proud to see its totally worked for you.
  8. JAG


    Thanks heaps guys. Only just had a chance to log back on. I've been back to the doctor and only just had 1ml put in she said to just take it slowly. But I'm seeing the Dietician next Monday, so hopefully that will at least keep me in touch with myself. When i'm left to my own devices for too long its not a pretty thing. I agree with you Suzyk. I think its going to be a very slow and long journey for me, but I need to start to slowly change my mindset, which I think is slowly starting, just going to take a lot to change years of bad habits. But I need to stay positive and know I'll get there. Little changes. thanks guys....
  9. JAG


    I'm feeling like i'm sabotaging myself and that I need to get back on board. I was banded on 8th Feb, so just over 4 weeks ago, originally weighin in at 127kg at my initial appointment and the first week after surgery I got down to 118kg. Since then I haven't lost any more weight and Ive had a fill done. I don't feel any restrictions and I feel like I'm just normal and don't have any band at all. I know I need to get the time to go and get more fill in, but I'm starting to slip back into my old habbits as I can eat whatever I like. I need to come back to reality and I don't want all of this to be a waste of time. Its like every other diet, that whenever I get close to 10kg mark, I self sabatoge. Ready to get back on board and back into reality. I'm still 118kg and I'm still wearing size 24 clothes. So no super model here. Just need to refocus. I think by writing these things down and posting on this forum, I'm hoping that I'm making myself more accountable to everyone out there and the internet. Ready to start again.
  10. JAG

    February Bandits 2012

    Yeh the Feb bandits. I just got done on 8th February. Still feeling sore and in pain, but hoping that things settle down. I can't figure out how to do the ticket thing yet. But will try. Otherwise great to keep in touch with everyone. I started around 127kg and I'm sitting around `119kg, thats with optifast and the after surgery adjustments. But its going to be a long road but I'm so ready for it. Definately bring on 2012
  11. I'm 5 days post bandit as well and this morning I rolled over in bed and felt something click or sort of change lodgements. Is really hard to explain but I'm hoping madly that it hasn't turned over or something. It was sort of like when you click you knee or shoulder and you feel that lodgement go back in, sort of like that moving where the port is. I'm due to see the Dr in 2 weeks so hoping that it hasn't turned, or is that something that anyone else has noticed. But since this morning, I don't know if its from the clicking, or if my stomach swelling is starting to go down, but I can feel a hard lump now. I''m glad you posted this as I was starting to worry myself a little bit.
  12. JAG

    Surgery finally done

    Well I finally had my surgery on Wednesday 8 Feb 2012. All went textbook apparently. Went to Holy Spirit Hospital in Brisbane and everyone was absolutely amazing. But still feeling the pain. Really really sore and had boughts of feeling nauseated. Apparently is because my liver has issues breaking down the anesetic and all the drugs I was given. Woke up this morning for day 3 and sort of feeling ok. Managed to even get kids brekky. I've stopped taking the codine tablets as they send me off my head and not a good feeling. I don't regret anything at all, but didn't think I'd still be in pain and walking like 90 yr old. I got on the scales this morning and i've already lost 3.9kg in the last 4 days since the morning or the surgery, but I'd say that would be the fluids and water etc as I probably haven't had my full rations of liquids due to being in so much pain and being nauseated. Heres hoping that the next few days improve. i'm back to work on Tuesday and don't know if can handle going if still in this much pain. Surely another 3 days I will improve. I knew it would hurt, but didn't think it would take this long. Just got to keep chin up and keep plodding for now. I will post photos soon and keep records of the journey.
  13. JAG

    week one down of optifast~~not a good week

    I know what you mean. I stuffed up Australia day as well. But mine was with alcohol. Ended up having a few wines, with soda water still, but temptation got the better of me. Otherwise food wise I have been ok. Been very hard, now only 10 days before surgery. I hope that my liver will be ok by then. Back into it now.