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  1. tuffy

    An article I saw in Mamamia today.

    Okay, she has said this on her FB page; so I wasn't the only one! I've been wading through emails and comments on articles written about the photographs related to my weight-loss and I just want to clarify something: I DID NOT HAVE weight-loss surgery! The horizontal scars you see on my skin (in "Casing No. 1" and "Casing No.3," from my series 'Half') are as a result of laproscopic gallbladder surgery. I had my gallbladder removed in June of 2010 after having suffered several "attacks.
  2. tuffy

    An article I saw in Mamamia today.

    I can't find the other post either, so thanks 103! I just looks at the gallery - was she a bandit? Thought it looked like banding scars on image 15 on the mammamia site?
  3. tuffy

    Funny PB foods

    Lettuce. Lettuce of all bloody things!! Drives me crazy, but gets me everytime!!!
  4. goes to bootcamp...strains leg muscle getting out of car!! epic fail!!

  5. tuffy

    Protein breaky to keep full

    I'm lucky freshstart, I work in a healthfood shop so am surrounded by them! Wish me luck, could still be an epic disaster even with the right ingredients!!
  6. tuffy

    Protein breaky to keep full

    Freshstart they look delicious! Might try with my almond & Chia butter - YUM!
  7. tuffy

    Protein breaky to keep full

    Hi Kristy, I add a scoop of whey protein to my Greek yoghurt - works a treat! About to try making protein powder blueberry muffins, if it works I'll share the recipe! x
  8. tuffy

    NO weight loss 4 days post op

    Don't put too much pressure on yourself - you just had surgery! Focus on recovering before focusing on the numbers droppinh, that will come!
  9. tuffy

    Waking Up Tired

    Hi Chantilly, Most Multis are going to make you feel gross if you don't have a bit of food in your tummy so definitely try to take them with food! If your Dr is doing full screening bloods too I'd be really surprised if they weren't checking standards like D3 and Iron, but maybe just double check next time as it's worth knowing! I personally take Fusion Multi & Mineral - it's a big tablet (easy to split though), but it doesn't have any binders or fillers in it - it's just vitamins & herbs - some of the bigger companies have lovely easy to swallow tablets, but things like talc are the reason they are so lovely and smooth! The Fusion Multi is the only one I've ever taken where I've really felt a difference! (They have an energy multi also, but I find the standard is enough for me ) Tuffy x
  10. tuffy

    Waking Up Tired

    Hi Chantilly, Like the other guys I'd recommend having blood tests done. Being cold all the time can also indicate poor circulation, do you mind if I ask which Multi you take? I work in a Health Food store and they are not all made equal! (despite one a day claims) have you ever had your Vitamin D levels tested? Tuffy
  11. tuffy

    Eating Out after Lap Band

    ljh - I am EXACTLY the same when it comes to the in-laws! how funny! They are huge eaters who put a massive lazy susan in the middle of the table and I see them just watch my plate which in turn sends me into stress out overdrive (I'm a secret bandit) and I push my food around, chew really well and still it will just. bloody. sit. there. It never goes through at their house! Oh I hate eating with them! Eating with friends who are too busy gas bagging to care about what I eat though, all is perfect!
  12. I'm officially overweight! Farewell Obese! Conflicted emotions, so happy to be here, so disappointed I was there, but at the very least I know I'll NEVER go back!

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    2. Veggo Mumma

      Veggo Mumma

      Well done, tuffy! That's excellent news :)

    3. Sara M

      Sara M

      Good feeling hey

    4. tuffy


      Thanks ladies! xx

  13. tuffy

    Tassie Bandits - Is Stephen Wilkinson your surgeon?

    Hey VM, Yes it's hard to adapt isn't it. I absolutley HATED stopping "just because" I wasn't hungry, but since I stuck to it I've really moved the numbers along (I was banded Nov 11 so I'm averaging about 500g p/w). I also found even if I took it slowly, I was one of the lucky ones who gets shoulder tip pain - it's a very weird sensation, but I'm glad it happens because it reminds you why we have surgery in the first place! I tend to make sure I'm doing something else when I'm having dinner so I destract myself from the serving size - that's been a good way too for me to 'listen' to my hunger. I guess we all have to figure out what works for us! (not sure where you can hire a companion! haha!) Shellyintas it's funny he's been adament about that with you - he has never said anything like that to me! tuffy xx
  14. tuffy

    Tassie Bandits - Is Stephen Wilkinson your surgeon?

    Hi VM, Dr Pat is my surgeon and he is wonderful in terms of answering question/concerns. I guess in order to do a barium swallow they'd need to really feel it was warranted? On your eating big portions, it's hard but do you stop eating once you no longer feel hunger (as opposed to hunting for that full feeling)? If I took it really slowly, I too could eat for an hour but I follow the 8 golden rules (though Dr Pat doesn't think it's necessary, I like rules & guidelines) Hope I'm helping, not ranting! Tuffy x
  15. tuffy


    HI Cath1304, I am exactly the same as Judy8888 - I enjoyed a few stress relief reds pre-band but just don't feel like it anymore - I might have 1 or 2 on a Friday night That said, If I'm catching up with girlfriends, I have no issue having a few more!!