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  1. Hi all, I've had my band for a while but recently got it filled again (3.4 currently). I'm definitely not too tight - can eat more than is ideal with no stuck episodes but what's up with the night time reflux? (I wake up coughing from it at various times throughout the night). A recent barium swallow showed no pouch or any other placement issues. At this point, there's no way I could have the band tight enough for it to do its job. Any ideas?
  2. Keep in mind that it is still major surgery and your body is quite impacted afterwards. Apart from the usual pains etc, you body needs rest since it's basically been put through a fair amount of trauma. I wasn't really able to concentrate on much in the first few days so I definitely admire the people who can go back to work 3 days later...took me 7 days and I definitely wasn't 100% even then.
  3. cnr1983

    Not Losing Weight - Confused

    4.5 ml didn't do much for me, a bit over 5 ml is when I started to feel a real difference. That said, every body is different in terms of the rate of weight loss. I lost 13 kilos in the first year, which I thought was much too little for the amount I was eating. I honestly didn't understand what I was doing wrong. Then I dropped over 40 kilos in the second year without doing much differently. Even my doctor was surprised. I explain it like this. I was never a huge over-eater (I have thin friends who eat more than I ever did). I simply ate too much for my body time and level of activity but still not enough to explain reaching 138 kilos. Some years ago, my housemate and I went on the exact same time diet program. She lost 15 kilos, I lost 6. I don't want to use the metabolism excuse but I honestly think my body was particularly good at storing and not letting go. Eventually, it had no choice but to start letting go and well, I definitely caught up...it was just slow to begin with. Your efforts will be rewarded eventually, it's just a matter of perseverance.
  4. cnr1983

    Hello everybody

    Surgery is not an 'easy' way out, it's a life changing process that requires dedication and perseverance. It's not liposuction but people who aren't in this situation seem to think it requires the same amount of effort. Incorrect. What's the shame in recognising you need help to achieve long term weight loss? Most of us have tried (and tried) to do it without surgery and have failed time and time again. Eventually, you start to see the patterns and realise that this might be how it is for the rest of your life. I've lost 55 kilos with the band. Where would I be without the it? Probably miserably jumping from one diet to the next. My only regret is that I didn't get it done sooner.
  5. cnr1983

    Wil I be OK alone after surgery?

    I would recommend a stronger pain killer than just aspirin. I was actually given Tramadol which was brilliant in terms of pain relief...only needed it for the first 3 days. I was lucky in that I had someone with me but I definitely wouldn't want to be alone and in pain. It's major surgery and Panadol/Aspirin didn't cut it (for me anyway)
  6. cnr1983

    Protein and Iron Issues

    I became iron deficiency anemic also (considerably so) and have discovered that despite the iron and b12 injections etc, it's very hard to build back up (I was still under according to the latest blood test despite months of injections). So, I basically started eating meat or liver every day of the week. Even if it's just mince. I've been sick constantly this year (tonsillitis 5 times) plus the flu, colds, chest infections, lung infections...the lot. My advice would be to start including protein and iron in every meal; I make spinach and eggs, mince with vegetables, pan fried liver and so forth. If you really can't eat enough of these things, it's worthwhile looking into injectables/transfusions as like I mentioned before, once the stores are depleted it's a pain getting them restored (can take 6-12 months).
  7. cnr1983

    For Those At Goal

    I reached my goal weight a few months ago; oddly enough I wasn't as 'happy' as I thought I'd be because I still saw myself as 'larger'. Anyway, I dropped a few kilos under my goal weight in the weeks that followed and my lap-band doctor insisted on an un-fill (to help my iron deficiency also). I still don't feel the need or desire to eat a lot, my meals are still pretty small and for the most part, healthy but I am beginning to eat more meat etc. My goal weight was 80 and I'm now 78 - being tall, I've discovered that I'm beginning to look rather scrawny so I'm going to see a dietician to help me with the 'maintenance' thing since I really have no idea.
  8. Yes, in particular, my best friend, now my ex best friend. I regret telling her but really, it doesn't change much. I lost the weight and lost a jealous cow in the process
  9. cnr1983


    Hi Sam, When I told my band doctor about the nocturnal acid reflux, she unfilled me by a certain amount straight away, without debate. She said it was usually a sure sign of band slippage or the band being too tight. It improved straight away
  10. cnr1983


    Hi All, A bit of background: I'm just under 2 years post op, have lost 50 kilos and all is well in the weight loss department (only 3 or so kilos to go until 'ideal' weight is reached but I'm not too concerned with that). I did become anemic a few months ago (possibly for a while before diagnosis tpp) but my GP and I have addressed it with weekly iron and B12 injections. About a month ago I began getting nocturnal acid reflux; I'd awaken in the middle of the night choking. I had a barrum swallow and all seemed well with the positioning of the band. However, I woke up at around 4 am on Tuesday morning with the worst nausea I have ever experienced. No other symptoms typical of food poisoning or anything like that, just intense and unrelenting nausea for 1.5 days, accompanied by fatigue and some body aches. Has anyone else experienced this? I've never had sudden onset nausea to this extent, seemingly out of the blue and read that it is a symptom of band slippage.