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  1. ljh

    I said YES!!!!!!

    Congratulations on your engagement. Your story is very inspiring. I have missed seeing your bubbly posts and hope that you will continue to inspire us with your journey with the band. All the best and will look forward to seeing some more posts of your journey. Lyn
  2. ljh

    I am alive!! :)

    Well done. Glad that your operation was a good experience. Enjoy your time with your hubby having time off work.
  3. ljh

    Count down to Sleeve day

    Good luck with your sleeve. Thinking of you at this time.
  4. Finally broken the 80kg mark. 79kgs and going down. Hooray

    1. AppleMartini


      It's a great feeling. Congratulations!

  5. ljh

    Finally made to under 100KG!!

    The plateaus are the pits. I am having trouble getting past 80 at the moment. I have lost 23kgs total but am very frustrated at the moment. See Dr Dolan on the 11th Dept so hope that I can get some more fill in then. All the best with your journey.
  6. I generally do not have a problem eating out and just eat smaller meals. The other day while eating out the only thing on the menu that I thought I could eat was slow cooked lamb shanks with potato mash. Whether it was the fact that i was with the inlaws who make me nervous or the fact that the lamb shank was a bit gluey I had to find the bathroom real fast. (I did chew really well as well) Have never had a problem with anything else though and enjou eating out.
  7. ljh

    Number 2's post op (sorry!!)

    The thread is really well worth a look. It is really funny and may get you going with all the giggles that you will have. I think that we have all had this problem post op so you are not alone. Good luck and enjoy the thread, it is hilarious but very informative as well. Best wishes Lyn
  8. ljh

    What are your hobbies?

    I quilt and also make lots of preserves from our garden produce. I find that if the hungries are getting too much I sit down and do some sewing with a cup of tea and they tend to go away. Keeping my hands occupied in front of the TV at night prevents me nodding off too.
  9. ljh


    Thanks JaimeM. My GP didn't seem concerned about anything like that last time I consulted him about this problem only my weight. If the snoring doesn't improve I will go and visit him again and explore those possibilities. Does anyone else have any other suggestions that could help me as well? many thanks Lyn
  10. ljh


    Even though I have lost 22kgs (down to 82kg's) my husband tells me that I still snore. He says that he doesn't know how I snore whilst I lie on my side. Does anyone alse have this problem. My GP said that if I lost weight my snoring issue should sort itself out but it seems worse at the moment. Your thoughts and help on this matter would be appreciated. Many thanks lyn
  11. ljh

    First day back at work...

    I had 1.5mls out totake me to 4mls before I travelled. Lost 1kg while I was away but did not have any food problems which was great.
  12. ljh


    I know that it sounds awful but if you mix a teaspoon of butter with some sugar and put it in the back of your mouth and let is slowly melt it will coat your throat and stop your cough. I was given this remedy over 30 years ago whilst on holiday in NZ and if I have a really bad cough that nothing else seems to work with this does. Good luck with overcoming your cough.
  13. Very proud that after having 1.5mls out for 5 weeks do that I could go on holidays I have come back and lost 1 kg. Fill back in now and back to 5.5mls which is my green zone so very happy. Doc hopes that I will be at goal by Christmas. i hope so too.

    1. Mum of 2 Merry Men

      Mum of 2 Merry Men

      Welcome back Lyn. Hope you had a great time away!

    2. bikiechick


      wow that is great we are very lucky to have the flexibility to adjust as we go along. Do you work for L J Hooker? i do only asked because of your sign in name.

    3. ljh


      Hi bikiechick. No I do not work for LJ Hooker. My sign in name are just initials.

  14. Two weeks into my holiday and i haven't put on any weight even though I am down to 4mls fill now. Hope i can maintain it now until I get back in 3 weeks time.

    1. buckets3eyedfish


      well done.. hope you are hainvg a great time

  15. ljh

    Wedding Pictures

    You look absolutely gorgeous Kelly. My daughter had the same bridesmaid dresses and they were beautiful. Congratulations on a beautiful album and your inspirational weight loss. Would love to have seen a photo of you alone with your dress showing off your lovely figure now. Congratlations. Lyn