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  1. Shazza1960

    Pain in shoulder after eating

    Hi all, I did not get any gas pain after surgery at all but then 2 weeks postop I started getting shoulder pain in the evenings and it would be gone the next morning to be back again the next evening. I came to realise that as my main meal (being the largest of the day) is in the evening it may be related to food and not the "gas pain" at all. I am currently 7 weeks postop (banded 24th November) and find that the pain is definately related to what I eat, how fast I eat and how much I eat. I now split my evening meal into 2 (about 1.5hours apart) and find that helps. Believe me, when I say the meal is split into 2 it is only like 3-4 mouthfuls so really not much and although I am still hungry I stop eating because I definately don't want that shoulder pain - it is a killer!! My doctor says she has quite a few patients with this problem and it will go away with time but to be very careful about how much I eat and to make sure I do chew 20 times.... I hope it eventually does go cause it is a pain in the behind and I hate having to take panadol all the time - I must say that heatpacks work a treat as well. Sharon
  2. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi all, Went to CBS today for my 2nd checkup and fill. Discussed with the doctor my shoulder pain that is still with me and we decided it was more than likely NOT gas pain but more a nerve problem - great, just what I need!! I didn't start getting it until 2 weeks after surgery but thought it was still gas pain anyway. I usually have no pain during the day at all and found it starts after dinner. I starting thinking a couple of weeks ago that maybe it was related to the food I am eating and that maybe I am either eating too quickly or too much so made a diary of when I get it and what I have eaten. I can definately see a correlation between the amount that I eat and whether or not the shoulder pain starts. I know I do tend to eat more at the evening meal than the rest of the day so have been trying to cut that down. It has really started getting me down cause I (stupidly) read on some of the band forums that people 2-3 years out have still got shoulder pain!!! Anyway, I discussed it with the Doctor at CBS today (Caroline) and she said she has quite a few that get shoulder pain and it normally does eventually go, it can last longer on some than others and some don't get any at all. She also said it didn't sound like gas and it definately appears to be related to the food I eat and to make sure I don't have more than 1 cup, chew it well and wait between mouthfuls (I think I have been a bit slack on the waiting a minute between mouthfuls). She also said that sometimes the cord can flip in front of the stomach and press on a nerve so that when the pouch gets full it pulls on it and causes the pain. We are going to see how it goes over the following weeks/months. I told her I am going to Europe in March and the last thing I want is this damn shoulder pain. Anyway, she gave me a .5ml fill instead of her usual 1ml and said I have a total of 3.5mls in my 10ml band now. Well, that shocked me cause I have only had one fill of 2ml and told her that. She said that Dr Skinner put 1.5ml in my band in surgery to "prime it" (news to me!!) and then i said Dr Skinner said I had a 7ml band but she said I definately have a 10ml band (also news to me!!). Also good news is I have lost 2.2kg in the last 3 weeks since my last weighin for a total now of 12.2kgs (including the pre-op diet).. Can't complain... Anybody else have the shoulder pain start a week or 2 after surgery??? I'd be interested to know how rare it is. It's great to be on the "bandwagon" with all of you and although I am back at work now I try to log on at least once a week..... Sharon
  3. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi everyone, great to see everybody doing so well and found the christmas celebrations alot easier than any previous years!! I must say I ate much, much less than normal and used a bread and butter plate rather than the normal size. There definately still was the head hunger and I succumbed to very small servings of "the not so great choices" like pavlova and coffee cake - but it was christmas and if it was any previous year I would of gone back for 2nds and 3rds so all is good. My weighin day is Thursday so I will wait and see if it reflects on the scales. Oh and I did have a couple of glasses of wine but no fizzy drinks like I would normally have like coke, fanta, mixed drinks etc. Twinmum: I think you are too hard on yourself. You are definately going through some major life changes at the moment so I wouldn't worry too much about the smoking - if you have stopped once then you can do it again!! Go see your phsychologist and hopefully things can start looking up again. I can't say I have had any emotional upheavels like you have since being banded. Good luck with your return to work Shelle: Your stuck episode sounded like a nightmare. Touch wood, I have had none to date but I only have 2ml in my band at this stage so I am presuming there really isn't much restriction and anything goes through (which it does!!). At least your family christmas meal turned out fine without any further episodes. I will be going on my first restaurant meal out on the 30th Dec (with people who do not know I have a band), so sort of a bit nervous about that. I shall just eat slow, only order an entree and hopefully should be fine . Melband: Welcome to the November bandits forum. I was banded at The Avenue also by Dr Stewart Skinner (from CBS) and have had my first fill on the 20th Dec (2ml) which he did. Where abouts do you go to see Dr Nottle? It sounds like a good idea putting a permanent mark where your port is for future fills. My port is like 8cm away from the port incision so hoping the next fill goes smoothly as I will be seeing another Dr. Let me know how you go on the 29th - not long to go.... and congratulations on your 15kg loss, that is great!!! Junior: Congrats on your 9kg so far!! I shall cross my fingers for you that you get under your 100kg by the new year - what a great achievement. I still have 10kgs to go before I can get under the 100kg mark, but at least I am confident this time I will actually make it!! When do you have your next appointment with Dr Skinner - I have an appt with another doctor at CBS on the 11th Jan as I couldn't get in for 6 weeks to see him. Hopefully I won't have any issues with her finding the port. Good luck to everybody on this journey of ours and remember "slow and steady wins the race" :)
  4. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi everyone, Had my first post-op appointment with Dr Skinner at CBS today. I asked him what size band he put in and he said it holds 7ml (not sure if that means it is a 7cc size band???). He said he put a "couple of mls in" so I am presuming that is 2ml though I have read your post Junior (who also has Dr Skinner and the same size band) and he put 3ml in yours. I had a drink of water while I was there and it went down fine. He said I may or may not feel any restriction with this fill as most people need to come back a few times and usually need 5-6mls before they get to the green zone. He also wanted to see me in 2 weeks but do you reckon I could get an appointment!! I couldn't even get one for 5 weeks (that is at CBS in Glen Iris). Dr Skinner did say if I had issues seeing him I could see Caroline (one of the doctors at CBS) as she can do fills as well. So I ended up making an appointment with her in 3 weeks (didn't really want to have to wait 6 weeks). He also said I didn't need to stay on liquids and just to watch what I eat - ie stay away from meat, fresh bread and rice for a few days, though the nurse I saw beforehand said I should stick to liquids (especially as they will be closed from tomorrow until the 4th Jan). Shall now go have some tomato soup and then possibley have a proper meal tonight. Oh, and I was shocked to find out where he put the needle in - it is 8cm down from my port incision and just to the right of it - that seems a tad far to me!! Sharon
  5. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    I am with Junior on the water thing. The Centre of Bariatric Surgery which is headed by Professor Paul O'Brien who is the person who brought out the lapbanding to Australia (I think 2001) has now advised that although they initially had the rule about not drinking for 10mins before and at least 30mins after new evidence has shown this is not necessary. He has explained in his dvd given to me on the information night that drinking with meals is okay, as long as you wait the full minute for the food to go through the band it is fine and will not effect anything. He also says that a glass of wine a day is also fine and this was initially a no no. There is also a few US forums where this new information is talked about. I have had a couple of wines with dinner on the weekend and it definately makes you feel a bit more normal when you are able to do this. I must admit it is very frustrating when there is contradictary information being given. BTW, as I am going on an overseas trip next March, I thought I had better start shopping around for travel insurance and found it completely surprising that the first 5 (yes 5!) insurance companies I rang did not cover the gastric band at all - not even as a pre-existing condition. Luckily, I checked this forum out and searched for "travel insurance" and was given advice to try Southern Cross Travel Insurance and not only were they 40% cheaper than all of the others they also accepted gastric banding as a pre-existing condition. So once again, thankyou bandingtogether.com.au!!! Sharon
  6. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    mmm chocolate....................I'm just dreaming These last few days I have been really really hungry and nothing seems to fill me up. I have been having my usual mushy food but it just aint touching the sides so I end up back in the kitchen looking for something more substantial. I opened a small can of baked beans and ate that out of the can just after lunch and then I rolled up a cheese slice with a slice of ham and munched on that (very small bites and chewed and chewed) and I was still hungry. Aaaaargghhhh, I still have another 10 days before I get my first fill.........
  7. Shazza1960

    Ouch - pain out of nowhere

    Hi fattyboomsticks, I am 13 days post-op (2 week anniversary tomorrow) and I went backwards painwise around day 10. Prior to that I had no gas pain in the shoulder and very slight pain at my port site. Come day 10 I started with the shoulder pain, in fact so bad I had to go get painkillers. I haven't needed painkillers since day 2 so wondered why all of a sudden this would start happening. I also started getting sharp pains at my port site (just above belly button on left side) and it felt like I had done something to it as well. I also thought I may have done something while sleeping cause I like to also sleep on my side. These sharp pains seem to have gone though not completely. It is just strange that it is happening now when I was starting to feel back to normal . Somebody said that you can get gas pains up to 3 weeks post-op so maybe it is related to that??? Not sure. Anyway, I have not had a fever or anything but if you have then I would definately go straight to the doc's to check it out. Sharon
  8. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Kandergirl - bet you are wondering whether or not that potato gem passed my lips - well, not only one but TWO!! Not in the same mouthful mind you but gee they tasted nice. So what did you end up having for dinner - or was it just the yoghurt and potato gem (only the 1). I just loved that full feeling I had for the first 12 days, that is what we all need to remember cause that is what the green zone feels like. Aussie Witch - good luck with your fill on the 13th and I am crossing my fingers for you that this time you will get into the right restriction to start losing the weight (that is what we have our bands for afterall). Eviljoy - did you know that you already had 1ml in your band? Maybe I do too??? Who knows? Good on you for turning down that cup cake. Isn't it great to not to have the desire cause you are not in the least bit hungry. Mind you, before the band it wouldn't have bothered me whether I was hungry or not - it would have been eaten . Congrats on your 1.9kgs as well - good work. Junior - you had the same surgeon as me, do you know what size band you have and whether any fill was placed at the time of surgery? I have absolutely no idea, forgot to ask him. I shall find out on the 20th no doubt when I go for my 1st appointment.
  9. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi Eviljoy, just wondering if you feel any different with your 2mls in? I suppose you won't be able to tell until you get back to normal foods. Do you know what size band you have? I know the allergan one's are usually either 10mls or 14mls. I have no idea what I have but will ask when I go for my first fill on 20th December. Hi everyone, I am now up to day 12 post-op and still on the mushies. I think today is the first day that I am actually going looking for food instead of just getting something because it's lunchtime or dinnertime. I even had some yoghurt and crushed pineapple for arvo tea cause I couldn't wait till 6pm for dinner! That is the first time this has happened to me so it looks like my slight restriction from inflammation has passed. I now will have to wait for my fill in another 2 weeks. The gas pain in my shoulder is managable with a panadol and heatpack at night when I go to bed and it seems to be getting less everyday. I went for a walk with my husband last night around my neighbourhood which is quite hilly for 45mins. I plan to do that every night (we also take our dog). I am currently cooking the family some flathead tails with potato gems and salad and let me tell you (again the first time this has happened since the band) I am going to have to use all my willpower not to chuck one of those potato gems in my gob . It's great to see everybody is doing really well and going along nicely.
  10. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi guys, I have to tell you I have had been so close to putting food in my mouth without thinking while making dinner or like tonight making my son's lunch for work tomorrow (yeh he's 21 and you'd think I'd tell him to do it himself by now!!) I nearly had a bite of the bread then I quickly chucked it in the sink. It just shows how habits die hard and we do things mindlessly. I am too damn scared to do something to the band at this stage to put anything other than liquid or mushies in my gob but when I am on normal foods I think that will be the hard part. Would you believe after 10 days I have started getting left shoulder pain and it actually now hurts on that side when I take a deep breath. I haven't had this issue up to this stage. Could it be gas at this late stage even if I didn't get any gas pain at the start?
  11. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Yes I totally understand Kandergirl when you say you are addicted to this site! If you are on facebook you should check out the lapbanders on there - also totally addictive reading and very informative. I had no idea how big this lapband community is - both here and in the US. Had my week 1 weighin this morning and lost 3kg which I aint complaining about. Wow, I haven't lost that much in a week EVER!! Still having my liquids. My surgeon crossed out all the information I got from the hospital saying that I need to stay on liquids for 2 weeks and changed it to 1 week, which is up today. I shall start the mushy stage tomorrow but still have an optifast shake in the morning I think for the protein. Looking forward to that and lots of recipes available in the Knife, Fork and Band cookbook to keep me going. Hunger still in check but expecting that not to last much longer. Shaz
  12. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi everyone, Shazza here! Thank god the site is back up - figures it started the morning after my surgery when I wanted to do a post at 4am in the hospital cause I couldn't sleep. Thought it was my iphone stuffing up but when I got home I also couldn't log on from my lap top. Anyway, I am now banded - woohoo. My cold only lasted a couple of days so I was well and truly over it by the time my surgery came around. So, here I am 4 days post-op (or 5 if you count the day of surgery). Still on my liquids, having optifast, up n go, smoothies and runny soups (like pumpkin, tomato etc but homemade from my Knife, Fork and Band cookbook). My surgeon Dr Skinner said just to follow the info on liquid diets in the Lap Band Solution book and said although the hospital information says 2 weeks I only need to do the liquid stage for 1. I am definately not hungry, such a great feeling. The Knife Fork and Band book has you having liquids like 6 times a day and there is no way I could do that. It definately has some great soup and smoothie recipes though and I have been counted the calories and been only at 500 per day. I have even been cooking the family dinners and it has not tempted me in the least. I know it isn't going to last but while I am in this stage I shall savour it. Junior - you are also banded, day after me. Did you go to The Avenue or I vaguely remember you saying a hospital in Frankston. How did you find Dr Skinner. I only saw him fleetingly just before surgery, he came up to me while I was waiting to go in to see how I was feeling and to say everything would be okay. Never saw him again though. I did get a note in the mail giving me my next visit to see him (it's the 20th Dec - just in time for christmas). All the nurses were lovely and I can't say anything about the food cause I think I only had like 2 half cups of apple juice and water. Painwise, I feel (and felt) pretty good, no gas pain in the shoulder. My incision sites are a tad sore though but nothing that a bit of panadol hasn't been able to help with. In fact, I am no longer having any pain killers. Been on a couple of walks around the shops - pretty slowly may I add. I saw your post regarding your weightloss - did you have your scales on pounds instead of kilos?? I haven't weighed myself since the morning of surgery (I had lost 5.6kg up to that date) as I want to only weigh weekly and shall wait till Thursday. How is everybody else going? Hard to believe only a few days left of November and all us November bandits shall be on the path forward at last. Seems to have taken so long but most of us are on the other side now and post-op. One question though - I have been having great difficulty uploading a photo to my profile. I have photos in my pictures on my computer (either from my iphone or camera) and none of them will load. Is there something special I need to do with them first? Are they too large? I have never had issues uploading photos to facebook or similar so not sure what the problem seems to be here. I have looked up in the technical issues on this forum but they are mainly dealing with issues in the Gallery rather than profile photos. Good luck to us all and may all our weightloss dreams come true in the year to come
  13. im a november bandit too....I had mine a few weeks ago now..let us know how you go RE the cold and surgery....:)

  14. Shazza1960

    November Bandits 2011

    Hi everyone, Shazza here. Still on my optifast and less than a week till my op (24th). Does anybody know if they will still operate if I have a cold. I started with a sore throat yesterday with a runny nose and today I have a massive headache to go with it. I have started everything I can think of to get rid of it quickly - vit c (magadose of 500g x 6 a day), echinacea and garlic tabs (3 a day), hot lemon with honey, lemsip, vicks on my chest - you name it I am trying it. My mum told me that I should stop the garlic tabs as they thin your blood and it is bad before surgery (?????). I also (on the same day) got my period after 4 months of nothing (menopausal). All I can think is thank god none of this is happening next week and at least I have time to get back to normal before Thursday. Today I have decided to just stick to fresh juices (no optifast/vegies). I made a juice this morning with carrot, lemon, garlic, ginger, parsley and apple and sipped on that. I am hoping to give my body a chance to kill this damn code Anyway, I heard from the hospital yesterday (The Avenue, Windsor) welcoming me and also had a printed out map of where all the parking is and how many hours are available - which is quite handy. Great to see so many have now been banded and going well. Can't believe I will be one of you soon. I booked more than 2 months ago and it has seemed to take forever. Only 2 days left of work and then I don't go back until after Christmas so really looking forward to the break. Has anybody checked You Tube out for their lap band vlogs (video blogs) - I am definately addicted and have subscribed to quite a few "vloggers". It has been very informative watching everybodies videos from pre-op to 2 years post-op and all the bits inbetween. I can definately recommend you check them out. I am going to spend the weekend resting in the hope to get rid of this horrible cold as the last thing I want now is for them to cancel my surgery . My husband is currently doing all of the housework while I am on the couch with my laptop - he insists that I rest so that is exactly what I am doing. Sharon
  15. UPLOAD PHOTO TO PROFILE I am trying to add a photo to my profile so it is shown when I post though it keeps saying my files are too big. I have noticed it cannot be more than 70kb but all of my photos on my laptop at more than 1mb. How do I take a photo that is less than 70kb??? Is it from a digital camera? Is it something I am doing wrong? HELP Shazza