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  1. buckets3eyedfish

    2014 Sleevers

    Well it has been quite some time since I was last on this forum, and 1st time in the sleeve section. Kasbo, I see you are still treading the posting boards nicely . For those of you who do not know me, I was banded in Oct 11 and had good success. My weigh in at surgery was 153kg with a BMI of 56 (no lightweight). Over the course of the next 15 months I shed 56kg and was feeling pretty darn good about myself. Then it came to a grinding halt, I moved away from Perth to the country for a new job. The stress increased and therefore the inability to consume solid food quickly took over my life. I had developed a medical induced bulimia and then lived off high calorie sliders for the next 9 months before I could get back to see my surgeon. I put on 8 kg in this time and my surgeon did not hesitate for a band removal and to wait 3 months for the sleeve. So I had my band out in Sept 13 and a sleeve date for Jan 17, 2014. I become a one woman eating machine once my band removal had healed and stacked on another 15kg in this time, bringing my weigh in at surgery to 123kg - a figure I swore I would never go back to. Fast forward - I am now 9 days post op, 7 kg lighter (lost nothing pre op) and feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest I know these are gas pains and this will ease. Anyway thanks for reading this and wishing you all the very best on your journey.
  2. buckets3eyedfish

    Band to sleeve - questions for those who have done it

    Sorry to hijack your thread Kazbo... It has been quite a while since I have been on this site.. Like more and more 'bandits' I too am revising to the sleeve. I saw the original surgeon this week and told him I want it out and want the sleeve. The band stopped working for me around 6 months ago due to a number of factors, along with the inability to be able to get to a band doctor (live 3 hours away) it was deemed that this is my best course of action to take. I had lost 56kg in the 2 years with the band and have gained 8kg back over the last 7 months I am booked in on sept 20 to have the band out (10 days shy of my 2 year bandiversary) and the cost is ZERO. I am booked in to have the sleeve in January and the cost will be $3000 out of pocket. I was shocked when they told me 3k, but after reading what you are being quoted I am counting my lucky stars that it is only 3k. Perhaps you should come over to Perth and have it done
  3. buckets3eyedfish

    I still feel fat

    Gato sums it up perfectly.. Until you are in the 'healthy weight range' you are still fat - gosh I love your honesty I still have a long way to go before I might be able to see a difference - even with a 44kg loss I can't see it. I figure another 27-30kg to lose then I might be able to notice a change but until then I am like you - just can't see it. As for 'feeling' it - yeah I too have those days where I feel 'thin' but then I look in the mirror and reality sets in ..
  4. one year down and 44kg gone forever.... looking fwd to the next year

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    2. Sara M

      Sara M

      Congratulations :)

    3. BackinBlack


      Excellent work! Congrats!

    4. buckets3eyedfish


      thanks ladies... yeah I have been a little 'aloof' the last few months and not been on here much and to be honest it will probably be like that until the other side of Christmas.. I just have so much going on at the moment (a good thing though). I promise we shall catch up in the new year xo

  5. I am no longer morbidly obese - I never thought I would be so happy to say I am obese

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    2. Miche11e


      WoooHooo! Congrats on obesity xx

    3. DaveTownsend
    4. buckets3eyedfish


      thanks ladies and gentlemen for all your congrats msg's

  6. buckets3eyedfish

    unhappy with my weight (loss).

    I understand how you feel LousieP.. but seriously did it take you 3 months to put on 22kg? You should be over the moon and very proud at what you have done so far, but the reality of it is - that it will only slow down from here so don't be discouraged as Rome was not built in one day ! Hang in there and be realistic with your goals - set yourself a 'real' time frame with small targets (eg 2-3 kg a month) and stop looking at the overall picture. good luck
  7. buckets3eyedfish

    Halfway and stagnant :(

    I am in the self sabotaging stage.. have hit the halfway mark and it has come to a grinding halt I know my problem though - I am in the wrong head space (just had 1st pysch app yesterday) from a couple of personal setbacks in June and have not had the desire to continue with anything. I am making some very poor food choices where I am back on the cakes and chocolate again - double :angry: . My portion sizes have increased and I have lost the ability to say STOP enough is enough and throw the rest in the bin. and finally my hunger is increasing where I have started to introduce a 3rd meal of the day. Having said that I am still optimistic this will work for me as I know and admit my failings. I just need to get my shit together and get back on track - hopefully another fill next week will curb the appetite and the pysch visits will help me come up with some strategies to make healthier choices.. AAAH sounds wonderful in theory So Kirsty my dear girl - you are not alone
  8. buckets3eyedfish

    adjustments while overseas

    oops sorry got a bit slack on updating... things settled down quite nicely a day after my last post in this thread.. I did find somewhere but was not really that interested in pursuing it as i was coming good.. perhaps all this flying finally caught up with me
  9. buckets3eyedfish

    adjustments while overseas

    thanks ladies.. its not as bad as it 1st sounds.. i can keep fluids down and am drinking heaps of water. I am sticking to safe 'slider' foods from now on.
  10. buckets3eyedfish

    adjustments while overseas

    anyone know of where I can get some fill taken out in Hong kong ? Am having a devil of a time keeping anything solid down
  11. buckets3eyedfish

    Mumma's progress....

    MILF !!
  12. buckets3eyedfish

    Paying for your Op with your Private Health

    Hey Melandy... have you rung the surgeons office to get the item #'s and your health fund to find out what your out of pocket expenses are? - interested to know what you are going to be slogged..
  13. buckets3eyedfish

    No more fat man shops for me!

    what an amazing feeling that must have been for you Dave. I am in the same boat from you - I even had to buy from the (sshhhh mens dept for tops) I can now buy sz 22- 24 from the womens YAY.. I too am nearly out of the morbidly obese stage and was just talking to my mother the other week how excited I am going to be when I just become Obese and perhaps one day in the not too distant future be able to buy a sz 18 off the rack somewhere instead of the deep and dark corners of the 'plus size area' Well done