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    Hello Tasmanians!

    yeah Claire thats what I like about it too, you can talk freely about issues you may have lapband wise without worrying about anyone reading it. I have only told a handful of people, some are extremely supportive and others not so much
  2. courts

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Hope you enjoy the group girls, I have found them very supportive etc. Seven it is a secret group, if you would like to join just add me as a friend on facebook and I will add you to the group.
  3. courts

    Hello Tasmanians!

    I must have my security settings too harsh lol I tried looking for you but it doesn't bring up any matches either. I will open up my page for you.
  4. courts

    What foods do you miss?

    Thats my Doc's rules I went in for my follow up yesterday and he asked if I had tried solids yet and I was quite taken aback, then we worked out that his computer said I had the op last month....I got so excited that maybe I was wrong about the four weeks lol but no...still another 2 and half weeks to go. The idea of it is starting to do my head in a little, but this time I am determined to follow dr's orders and do things completely by the book....even if my jaw feels like it has gone into an eternal sleep
  5. courts

    Hello Tasmanians!

    I too have facebook, but hardly any of my family or friends know yet so I dont talk about it on there. I am sure once the weight starts coming off and people ask me how etc I will be happy to let them know, I just don't plan on broadcasting yet lol I am a member of a great facebook group for tassie lapbanders so if anyone wants me to add them to the group feel free to send me a friend request Courtney Lemm. Cheers Courts
  6. courts

    What foods do you miss?

    I am 9 days into my 4 week liquid post op diet and I am missing everything....or more specifically anything solid that I can chew
  7. Hey, I am now 1 week 2 days post op. Here are my honest answers: I am a patient of Dr Wilkinsons I chose him because I know quite a few people who have gone through him and their results have been fantastic and they provided great reccommendations. His bedside manner leaves alot to be desired. I am a real information seeker, and I feel he is not an information giver (if that makes sense). i feel like you have to ask the specific questions, the information isn't just given. He is very straight to the point and matter of fact about everything. i have my follow up this afternoon so I will see what the aftercare side of things is like. Nothing expected prior to surgery, no optifast or anything. I had a very short time between consult and op, perhaps it would have been different with a bigger gap???? I am on 4 weeks liquid post-op, then it is a 3-4 week transition period back into solids gradually. No complications yet (touch wood lol) Healing great and i feel fantastic now, have lost 5.3 since banding, and dispite liquid diet i couldn't be happier. Both surgeons are very very good at what they do, it really will come down to personal choice of yours. Good luck with your journey, so far it's been worth every minute. courts xx
  8. courts

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Hi Tuffy, it must be so frustrating for you to be putting on weight, I am sure it is probably just fluid relating to TTOM!! Don't let it get to you, you need to be postive leading in to this fantastic change thats about to happen Basically I am following the rule of "suck through a straw" lol. I actually have no appetite before lunch time so at about 1 ish I will have a few mouthfuls of a smoothie (store bought or homemade) and then I will have some soup for dinner. The other day I only had a mouthful of drinking yogurt for lunch and about 3 tablespoons of soup for dinner. I was shocked, the previous me would have died surviving on that lol Hope everyone is well courts xx
  9. courts

    One week post op

    Hi Penny, I was banded last Tuesday too! You must be with Dr Pat are you? I am with Dr Wilk and he has 4 weeks liquid only, I would love to be starting on mashies next week but unfortunately I have another 3 weeks to go How are you feeling, is your recovery going well? I was probably just going to eat lots of soft mash vegies, maybe casserole type things that have been cooked for along time and have a nice gravy type sauce to help ease them down. I promised myself that I wasn't going to weight myself every day....but I couldn't help myself, although I have no appetite and think i have done good one day the scales don't really reflect it at the time. I have lost about 5.3 which I am really happy about. Will be great to compare stories and recipies etc with you Courts
  10. courts

    Hello Tasmanians!

    Hi all, So sorry for not posting for a while I hope you are all well. Any luck getting in for an earlier fill with Tony Claire? Your not being too depressing at all, this is a great place to vent and get things of your chest!! Its what we are here for. I am a whole 1 week post op today, and I can't believe how fast its actually gone, these first 4 weeks on fluids might not be so bad after all if all the weeks go this fast. Travelling ok, still a bit of wound pain, but it certainly gets better every day. Tuffy I am certainly enjoying the cuddles with Molly, it was nice to have those few days on my own to recover but boy I missed her so much I was glad to have her home. A catch up coffee would be a great idea Katherine, next time your down Claire we should arrange it. Anyway, hope you are all enjoying this sunny day! Courts xx
  11. courts

    Finally gettin the hang o' this thang!! (Week 7)

    17kgs is fantastic! I am only 1 week post op, I think you have a very healthy attitude towards it all. If we stop and think about it before we do it, it shows that we are aware which is the biggest thing...i think. Well done!!
  12. courts

    All it took was 25kgs

    Well done, that is fantastic! Good luck with your assessment
  13. Hey all I am day 6 post op and all last night and today I keep getting this rising burning sensation up my chest but nothing comes out...not a burp or anything. Up until today I had been feeling the hunger but today the idea of eating does nothing for me. I am managing to keep up the water intake. I have never had heartburn or reflux or anything like that so I would have no idea what it feels like, is this it?? Since the op I have been feeling really good, wound pain but that was it. Would hate to think of having this the rest of my life have tried taking some quickeze but they did nothing. Any advice would be awesome Cheers Courts
  14. Well, I am sitting here a full 4 days after becoming an official bandit, and I still can't believe its true. The whole process for me was amazingly fast...from gp consult for referral to op was only between 3 and 4 weeks. My partner had taken our daughter to his parents farm for a few days for me to have full recovery time (without an 18 month old climbing up constantly lol) and I was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself, maybe it was the loneliness or the recovery process itself?? But today my girl came home... and I was just astounded at the way in which she made me forget all my troubles (the pain, the thought of a 4 week liquid diet etc lol) and for the first time in 4 days I laughed and smiled the way I had before the op. Now our children love us unconditionally, well I hope they do but I just can't wait for the day when I can give my little girl a better life by being the fun playful mum she deserves, and not the "sideline" mum who has no energy and has to miss out on the fun stuff. I am certainly ready for what I know is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. And I know at the end of it, when I can dance to a whole wiggles dvd without collapsing on the couch, that it will have all been worth it.
  15. courts

    Day 4 post op and unconditional love

    thanks Shorty, I sure hope so.
  16. courts

    pain relief

    Morning everyone, I am 4 days post op today and I was just wondering if anyone knows if we are allowed to take ibuprofen (nurofen specifically) for pain relief? Cheers Courts
  17. courts

    pain relief

    Thanks Shelle, I have been using the soluble panadol, and thought i might try crushing up the nurofen, but I don't think will now courts
  18. well...day 4 post op and feeling quite good, still got a fair amount of wound pain but its getting better. I couldn't help myself this morning, out of curiousity I jumped on the scales and was shocked to see that I have lost nearly 4 kilos!! i know that it's probably all fluid but was so nice to see the scale down for a change instead of up.

    1. tuffy


      OMG!! You're on your way already!! :D have you had soluble panadol for your pain? Hope you're going well, how is the walking? x

    2. courts


      I know, I can't believe it really. I have been having the soluble panadol, but I really don't think I need it anymore. the walking is good, certainly helps me feel a bit more normal :)

  19. Hi all, I am being banded tomorrow (arghhh the nerves are kicking in, but so is the excitement) and I was just wanting some advice on some of the things people found useful in those first couple of days after getting home, eg pain relief etc? I would like to get everything ready tonight so when I get home Wednesday I can focus on rest and recovery. Ta Courts
  20. courts

    October Bandits 2011

    Hi everyone, I am day 2 post op. Is it normal to not want to have anything to drink. The idea of soup or aything makes me feel sick at the moment. i am guessing once the swelling goes down my appetite will come back? I am trying to sip water every time i think of it to avoid dehydration, but even the smallest sip gives me a pain in my chest (that is quickly relieved by a big burp sorry TMI) Wishing all the new bandits a speedy recovery!! Courts xx
  21. courts

    essentials after banding

    Thanks Claire, I am just going to have a water bottle where i can see it and try to have a sip everytime I walk past. Woke up this morning a little light headed and a bit woosy, not sure if its just a side effect of surgery or the fact that i didn't haven't had anything in my tummy for a few days. I am sitting here sipping on an up and go as we speak....high protein high fibre....going down ok.
  22. courts

    essentials after banding

    Well i am officaially a bandit. Op was yesterday! So far so good, a fair bit of wound pain but other than that pretty ok...touch wood it stays that way. Just wondering how much people drank the day after op? I have only managed a few sips so far today, I just have no interest in it. I guess once the swelling goes down my thirst might come back.
  23. courts

    essentials after banding

    Thank you so much everyone, this forum is just so fantastic...well sorry I should say the people on this forum are fantastic!!! Good luck Charliesmum, I hope it all goes smoothly for you! Next time I write I will be a bandit....woohoo, bring on the new me! courts xx
  24. courts

    essentials after banding

    Thankyou so much everyone! I will be sure to get all those things xx
  25. courts

    Post Op Blues

    Hi Louise, I am sorry to hear your feeling so low. I am being banded tomorrow, so I don't have any advice on how to get rid of the gas but I have read alot of people talking about De-gas tablets, have you tried them? 8.5 kilos thats fantastic!!! Must make the pain a bit more bearable I hope today is a good day for you and you start feeling better soon! Courts