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  1. 89.9 today....can't believe i am back in the 80's - just :) haven't been here in quite a while

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    2. -kirsty-


      YAY! I got there yesterday, it's a truly awesome feeling.

    3. ljh


      Doc tells me 89kg by the end of Jan but i am hoping sooner. Now just under 91kg. Well done and inspirational.

    4. courts


      thanks everyone, it is such a great feeling.

  2. 4 weeks down = 10.2kg gone forevr! so happy to reach the 10 kg mark, now to focus on next 10

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    2. Mum of 2 Merry Men

      Mum of 2 Merry Men

      Well Done!! Fantastic first goal to achieve.

    3. courts


      thx girls, feeling great

    4. Tamara


      Awesome...... Keep up the hard work :)

  3. well...day 4 post op and feeling quite good, still got a fair amount of wound pain but its getting better. I couldn't help myself this morning, out of curiousity I jumped on the scales and was shocked to see that I have lost nearly 4 kilos!! i know that it's probably all fluid but was so nice to see the scale down for a change instead of up.

    1. tuffy


      OMG!! You're on your way already!! :D have you had soluble panadol for your pain? Hope you're going well, how is the walking? x

    2. courts


      I know, I can't believe it really. I have been having the soluble panadol, but I really don't think I need it anymore. the walking is good, certainly helps me feel a bit more normal :)